Story of 2018: Chapter Ten (Pages 288 - 294)

P A G E  288
I'm currently sweating my buns off at the gym, I take a sneak peek at my phone, well, just to have a quick scroll through Twitter, there's some news trending -

This has truly made my day and it's not even 9:00am yet! (I know, early gym-goer) I'm so pleased for Harry and Meghan, you can't beat Royal Baby news!
Ah, now it's time to leave the gym, the sweat is dripping off me, that's a sure sign I've done more than enough.
Ok, I said last week on Twitter that I felt like I needed to make a trip to Primark to buy a trench coat, well...
I told you I wanted a trench coat and I've finally got one! It only cost £15 - a bloody bargain in my book! Also I was desperate for slippers. My feet are starting to feel chilly in the evening.
I'm kind of in a grumpy mood at the moment, I just had a call from work saying they need me in tomorrow - there goes my three day week! Let's just think of the money - half term is approaching.

P A G E  289

I can guarantee I'll be thinking that it is Wednesday all day. I'll be wanting to change the date on the white board even though I'd be rubbing out the wrong date. Ah well, hopefully today will fly by and I won't refer to it being Wednesday.
Ok, my Mam has kind of surprised me with something, which may be a little early if you ask me -
I do like the traditional Advent calendars, chocolate calendars are too tempting to open every day. There's always a small bit of excitement when you reach day 24, not only because it's Christmas Eve, but day 24 is the biggest window on the calendar, it can't be just me who thinks the same?!

P A G E  290

A little bit of Wednesday Wisdom for you all to start the morning -
Trust that bitch! Keep that in mind on your Wednesday as you head off to work, the same as I will be!
Well, I kind of played hell with my guts today after my day in work, this next tweet completely sums up my day -
What gets into kids these days?! I had to do this literally before my lunch hour - not good for my appetite.
I'm having a bad day in regards to my body, I'm having one of those days where I hate it and wish I could surgically swap it with a slim size 6 body instead as I feel like the size of an elephant and - yes, I'll shut up now.
I'm sure I'll be fine tomorrow. I'm just having one of those days. Digging a water bottle out of the toilet at work today hasn't really helped my mood.

P A G E  291
I'm pondering going to the gym for the second time in a week - very unlike me. I think I'm just too tired from work - that's what it is, my brain isn't thinking straight. Well, it rarely does anyway. But maybe more so today. Ok, let's get to work before my brain turns to mush.
I didn't end up going to the gym, my brain finally clicked into gear and decided that I should go next week instead.
I'm cwtched up on the settee now, I can't wait for it to be the weekend now. I need Liverpool and sleep. Simple.
By the way - this tune is just gorge.

Seriously get this song on your play lists. If you feel down about yourself, it'll definitely make you 100 times better than you may be feeling right now.

P A G E  292
I've finished work for the week, I'm settled down with a bottle of wine and I'm kind of writing this half pissed as I've already drunk half of the bottle, but there's one thing that has truly made me day today! -

One of the reason is love my job is because if things like this. They really do make my day. Ok, I need to go to bed, I nearly fell asleep on my laptop just then.

P A G E  293
After falling asleep on my laptop, I lie in is just what I needed. I've woken up feeling refreshed and in a happy mood.

I cannot wait to watch my beloved Reds play later on. I've missed them too much over the last couple of weeks.
I've had a productive Saturday so far, I've exercised and cleaned the house, I've just dropped my Mam off at the hairdresser's, now it's time for a bit of me time for an hour or so -
Time doesn't half fly by. Time to pick my Mam up.
I've just been food shopping, I raced through the aisles like I was a contestant on Supermarket Sweep so I could get home in time for Liverpool playing. But I made it with 10 minutes to spare. A triumph.
*Update - a 1-0 win. Get in!
We didn't play well, but a win is a win. I'm happy! Time to celebrate with a glass or three of rose. Well, needs must and all that.

P A G E  294
So my last page ended with me saying that I was going to celebrate with a glass or three of rose? Well I did, but I have to confess, it was more than 3 glasses - oops. I went to bad slightly worse for wear and have woke up feeling bleh. Lesson learnt kids - don't drink alcohol. I have to try and be a role model to the modern youth. Ok, let's get on with Sunday otherwise I will never get out of bed.
I've just come out of Home Bargains with my Mam, we went to buy my cat Charlie a new cat bed for the winter (which I hope he bloody sleeps in now!) and this happens -

She was just sat there playing on her phone, whilst I'm struggling to try and open the door with just a half a foot gap to try and squeeze my body through to get to the steering wheel. Oh my days. That hurt.
Now, I've never watched any Doctor Who episode before, but for some reason I wanted to watch tonight's episode because it was set in a huge period in our history -
What a good episode that highlights what a true icon Rosa Parks was and what she did on this Earth. A great episode to educate children with.
Right, time for the Strictly results -
One of the best looking male professional dancers has been voted off and now I'm very sad. At least Alijaz is still in it though. Thank heavens.


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