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28 November 2018

Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - November 2018

Is it really that time of the month already? (no, I'm not talking periods). It's time to see my social media stats and just give a general round-up of November.

It's been a good month for me, I got a new car near the beginning of the month! It's taken me a little while to get used to it as it s a slightly bigger car and it's weird having a reverse camera, but I love it! Hopefully it'll make me a better parker! I also went to a lovely christening, it was my best friend's little boy and I left there feeling slightly worse for wear after downing a few double vodkas!

How could I forget the wonderful reaction and comments people gave me about my BBC Sesh video that got published at the beginning of the month?! I'd like to say thank you again for all the lovely comments and compliments you guys gave me, it really touched me and I'm glad I reached across to so many people!

I have celebrated my two year blogger-versary this month too! I can't believe it's been two years since I started blogging, how time flies!

Right social media-wise, it's been a good month, I still love Twitter and Instagram has been a bit a pain in the backside! I think we're all really struggling with the algorithm, especially as I found out the other day that you're photo, when posted, gets shown to only 10% of your followers. Shame on you Instagram.

Anyway, let's see what were my best social media analytics from the last month:

Top Tweet:
This really did my swede in. How dare people ask for team news during a two minute silence which is to remember our fallen soldiers?! Completely disrespectful! Right, rant over, let's move on to the next tweet -

Top Media Tweet:
This watch, I just love. It's so classy and I feel quite elegant when wearing it! Thank you to Adexe again for sending it to me!

Most Liked:

I do love a baggy jumper. This one especially. This picture was aimed at a post I wrote back at the start of November about a collaboration with NA-KD fashion. Seriously, check them out, it's a new brand I've fallen in love with!

Personal Favourite:

There were a couple of photo's which were my favourites, but this one just edged it for me. I went for a walk with one of my friends and her lovely dog in Tredegar Park. I took this one from across the lake and I had to post it. It's nice to see that my home town does have some beauty in it somewhere!

November, it's been a pleasure, but now it's time to get festive - December is almost here. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get my tree down from the box room and hang the tinsel up.


26 November 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Eleven (Pages 323 - 329)

P A G E  323
I'm feeling a little weary after this weekend. It's been my busiest weekend for a long while. I enjoyed it nevertheless! Anyway, it's Monday, so let's crack on!
After having a cat practically sit on my head whilst I was doing stomach crunches (yes, really) it's time for me to go out with one of my friends for a walk with her and her dog.
A refreshing Autumnal walk to start my day. I've never been to Tredegar House before, which is unbelievable considering it's about a 10 minute drive from my house. I shall be coming back again for another walk, mainly to take some more Insta-worthy photos. The mind of a blogger, eh?
I might need your opinion on this everyone, when is it too early to listen to Christmas songs?
Yes, I have Mariah Carey's Christmas classic playing in my house this afternoon, if my Mam was home, she'd tell me to switch it off, shouting "It's too bloody early!". Plus I can have a good singing session in my living room!
I need to pop out and get a couple of things from Home Bargains. Wet wipes and car mats. As you do.
That's a sign of a mature adult. I don't know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

P A G E  324
An early start for me at the gym this morning. It's 8:00am and I'm already sitting on the recumbent bike giving my lungs and legs a workout. Just half hour before I was lying in bed, thinking of all the things I have to do today. I'm the only gym bunny on the second floor. Except for the cleaner, who's wearing a hoover pack and looks weirdly like a Ghost Buster. Let's keep pedalling.
It's midday and I've been in the bath, washed, dried and straightened my hair, taken blogging photo's and made a mini to do list for the next week. Some would call that a productive morning.
I left the house an hour ago to do all my errands and I've managed to get what I needed to do done.

Yes, this was one of my errands - picking up a parcel from New Look. Yes, it was my favourite errand to do. The rust coloured trousers are my favourite I think, probably because they were £10 in a sale. Also they're elasticated, I've got to an age where I like elasticated trousers. You'd think I was 85 not 25!
My cat doesn't like my singing voice. You'd think he was Simon Cowell the way he is looking at me.

P A G E  325
My emails are pinging like crazy on my phone this morning -

Black Friday is on the horizon and all the online stores I have an account with are sending me countless emails with their deals and offers for the upcoming Friday. The day where everyone is going to go bat shit crazy and find the best deals and push people out of the way to grab a new TV. People aren't surely resorting to violence to get a Sony TV surely?!
After being stuck in traffic for 45 minutes coming home from work, I need to do a workout to let all my stresses out. Normally that would be Pilates, but I want to try something a little different -
I think my abs are going to be killing me in the morning. But in a way, I don't mind too much, it shows I've done a good workout! I may not think that tomorrow morning though!
I've only just realised there we're ten days away from the 1st December! There is one thing I am looking forward to, it may sound weird to some mind -
Yeah, I know, weird. It's just the mind of a blogger.

P A G E  326
I've woken up with zero energy this morning. I could easily stay home and stay on the settee all day. But needs must, it's time to go to work and earn some money.

I've come home from work feeling worse than I did this morning. I suppose that's right, working with kids does take it out of you. Right, let's get some sleep, well, after I'm a Celebrity.

P A G E  327
Even though it's Friday, I'm kind of feeling disappointed that I won't be doing this -
Believe it or not, I kind of like the hustle and bustle of the shopping rush. Well, not where people start pushing and shoving each other to get the good TV's on sale, but just seeing everyone trying to get a bargain and frantically trying to find the jumper or dress they want in their size. You always hear a lot of swearing around on Black Friday!
Oh yeah, Charlie (my cat) has a new friend -
Yes this is Brian, A good house guest, doesn't speak much and just sits there quietly. He cost £20 in Home Bargains and he is massive!
Right, work has been and gone, I'm home and after a long week, it's time -
I need a glass or two to unwind tonight, cheers!

P A G E  328
There's only one thing I am looking forward to on this Saturday -

Oh I have missed this football. International football is too boring. Right, I've got to get motivated to get up out of bed. One thing I struggle with in the colder months is getting out of bed in the morning. These are days I want to be a hibernator. Sleep all day. Now that would be bliss.
I've come back from the chemist to get my prescription and then New Look to pick up a parcel and I've already fallen in love -
I cannot wait to wear these. I've got about 14 outfit ideas with these puppies. Right, let's go and do a bit of food shopping then come home and wash my hair.
Now, it's time for Liverpool.
*Update - a 3-0 win. Get in!
Absolutely buzzing right now!

P A G E  329
Sundays are meant to be a day for relaxing and chilling right?
I am feeling slightly undermotivated to do anything today. Well that was until I just looked at my car and realised how blogging it looked. Because I drive through the lanes to work during the end of the week, it gets dirty incredibly easily. Right, I better give it a clean.
I've just driven to Halfords to get something for my car. It was tyre pressure caps as one of mine seemed to be missing from my front tyre. Strange but true. Anyway, I've just come back to my car and I spot something rather disgusting but also highly annoying -
Thanks birdie. Time for another wash on my one side of my car when I get home now.


24 November 2018

Blog Reads Of November

Here are my favourite blog posts from November:

1) Why I'm Scared of Instagram | Hannah Mary
I read this post thinking "Hallelujah! Someone has actually said how they truly feel about Instagram!" I'm quite comparative when I look at other people's Instagram's and, I will be honest, I get a teeny bit jealous. They get the likes, the engagement and praise, then I'm there waiting and praying for one of my favourite pictures I've posted to get more than 50 likes. I love how Hannah says the editing process on certain pictures can be tricky as there are so many different editing apps and software to choose from nowadays! I'm like Hannah, give me VSCO any day, with a spot of Lightroom thrown in for good measure!
Let's face it, the thought of doing cardio at the gym fills us with dread. It's not the most exciting part of our exercise routine. It's vital in mine as it helps get all the gunk up from my lungs (sorry if you were eating). I'm like Yoli sometimes, I cut my cardio session short if I start to get bored and move on to something else. Something I shouldn't really do. But after reading this post, I realised cardio can be made to seem simpler and more fun to do now. Yoli has given some great tips on how to make cardio easier for us all at the gym. From listening to music to splitting the time on each machine so that you don't have boring, prolonged periods on one exercise machine. I have no excuse now not to do more cardio!
I absolutely loved reading this post at the beginning of the month, Ellie just completely sums up my thoughts on keeping up with trends. With me and how I manage trends, I either don't like them, won't buy into them because they won't last very long in the fashion world anyway or it's just I can't afford to keep up the pace with being a fashion blogger. Or the clothes I want to pose in aren't in stock anymore, but I want to show it to the blogging world, yeah, you see my dilemma?! I'd rather spend money on a timeless, classic piece which will last for years to come. I love how Ellie has highlighted how people, in particular, bloggers, are more concerned about fast fashion and the consumerism side of things. An amazing post!

I'm sorry for this, I'm sorry for that. Yes, I'm one of those people like Amie who apologises for everything and anything. I'm the sort of person who says sorry when it's raining. Amie has given some great points on what we should ALL stop apologising for. From being yourself (which you should NEVER have to be sorry for) to cutting people out of your life, which is necessary sometimes. Also taking time away to get your mind back on track, if people don't like it, tough! You've got to be a tiny bit selfish sometimes and just focus on yourself. But I'm Amie, I'd feel guilty if took time away from blogging. I don't want to let anybody down!

Whenever I go away for a weekend to Liverpool, I end up panic packing at the eleventh hour. Mainly because I can't pack much until the morning I go eg. morning meds and straighteners cause you know, priorities. I'm like Kate where I write (quite a large) checklist of all the things I need to take. Checklists are great for keeping me organised and I love ticking an item off the list after I've packed it. Even though I check I've packed everything about six times before I leave. One tip that Kate has suggested is pack smarter. I'm one of those who takes a spare outfit or three just in case. Something I need to stop doing as I always have to sit on my suitcase to shut it properly.
What were your favourite blog posts this month? Leave a link in the comments below!

21 November 2018

Two Years of Blogging

I've only just remembered that I've been blogging for two whole years now! I can still remember the day when I published my Wix site, feeling incredibly nervous about what people would actually think of my writing and how I could mark my place in the blogging world. Two years on, a Blogger website, lots of posts and numerous amounts of flatlay pictures later, Lucy Mary is still going strong!

But none of this would have been possible if it wasn't for the kindness, supportiveness and just loveliness the blogging community have shown me over the last 24 months. I've talked to and met some amazing blogger's, some I have grown to admire so much. So thank you to all those who have taken the time to leave comments on my posts and just, well, read them!

Since I've started blogging, I've accumulated so many statistics and numbers that they're coming out of my ears! Here is a little round up of my blogging numbers so far:

206 published blog posts.
20 draft posts.
71,407 page views.

6 social media platforms.
2,086 Twitter followers.
1,223 Instagram followers (which fluctuates daily).
23 Pinterest boards.
One barely used Facebook profile.

4 blogger award nominations.
6 brand collaborations.
3 storage boxes for blogging props.
Multiple creative ruts.

1 Lenovo laptop.
1 iPhone 8 (previously an iPhone 6).
Hundreds of flatlay photos.
Tens of the same photo taken at different angles.

Hundreds of cups of green tea.
Hours of puffing on Colomycin whilst writing.
Plenty of treadmilling hours writing down content ideas.

2 years of Lucy Mary.
1 blog.
A big dream. 

Yes, there is big ambition for my blog and I hope it can grow over the next year to my third year blogger-versary.

Ok then, I shall see you next year! Well, until my next blog post which will probably be posted in a few days.


19 November 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Eleven (Pages 316 - 322)

P A G E  316
It sounds like a herd of elephants are trampling all over my roof this morning. My neighbour is having his roof done and you can imagine how noisy it is in my house this morning. Still, things to do, people to see! Well, I got things to do anyway.

You will soon see what I mean in an upcoming post. But it got very messy very quickly!
Right, now that I've cleaned up, I need to get changed and put some odd socks on, as you do -
Anti Bullying Week means quite a lot to me, as you'll find out on Wednesday...ooh, I'm being very mysterious aren't I?!
Aww bless! It really made me smile! I'm so glad they seen it because I wouldn't be where I am today without their help and care.
Ok, I have just seen something that has made me too excited for next Summer -
You got to love those toys!

P A G E  317

I know we should spread kindness every day, but I kind of think this day is a day to remember that we should be doing that!
I've been to the gym and now I'm sat on the settee, puffing my Colomycin and watching Lorraine on ITV. I can already foresee this being quite a lazy Tuesday. Ah well, I'm due a lazy day!

P A G E  318

Here's a little bit of Wednesday wisdom to start your day off! A little motivational quote is good to get your day off to a good start. Right, let's get motivated to get to work. I really could do with staying at home today.
After 45 minutes in the chemist waiting for my prescription, I'm home and am now on the treadmill at 6pm. Why do I do this to myself?
It's 6pm and I feel exhausted. I think my bed may be calling me about 10pm.

P A G E  319
It's on the news this morning that the John Lewis advert has been released for us all to see -

I've seen 1 out of 2 of these adverts, now, when will the Coca Cola truck drive on my TV?
It's been an incredibly long day in work, I need some tea, or better still, vodka. I definitely need vodka after what I've just spotted in my bedroom -
I know I can't and I'll refuse to sleep in my bedroom tonight unless I see this spider disappear out of my bedroom with my own eyes.
*Update - he's gone, I got my Mam to get rid of him out of the window when she came home from work!
Now that's settled, let's cwtch down for the evening.

P A G E  320

It's Children in Need day and I'm kind of looking forward to a completely bonkers day in school with the kids doing crazy activities. I may not sound so happy at 3:00pm today mind.
After a mad day in work and being stuck in traffic for 45 minutes, seeing three cute dogs walk on the path passing my car melted my heart. Dogs really do cheer you up.
This is what happens when your class has a free day and does a lot of Pudsey drawings and colourings.

P A G E  321
It's 9:30am, I'm just getting up and I literally haven't comprehended of how much I have to do before I go out about lunch time. Oh dear. So, where am I going I hear you ask?

It needs sorting out. I'm spotting quite a few split ends and it just needs a trim, plus a colour.
I'm stuck in traffic on the bridge right now. Then my Mam informs me that Ryan Giggs is turning on the Christmas lights in town. Nah, I'm not staying for that, I'll be hungry after getting my hair done. Food is more important. Food always comes first.
Yes, I've had food but more importantly my hair has been cut, coloured and styled to within a inch of it's life - and I'm too happy with the results!
Yes, I'm happy. Now it's time to settle for Saturday evening. But before I go, it's a special day for one of my besties -
I hope she has a fabulous day!

P A G E  322
I got a busy Sunday planned. But here I am, lying in bed, debating what to wear for later on. Yes, I'm off to a christening! It's my best friend Carla's little boy Theo. A nice service and food and drink afterwards, I honestly can't fault it.
A lovely service (yes, I eventually decided what to wear!) now it's time to eat this bad boy -

It was lush. An extra large dinner too. I ate it all apart from one Yorkshire pudding. In my defence, the Yorkshire's were big. The photo doesn't do them justice.
I'm feeling very content on this Sunday evening. I am now preparing myself for this TV show to make it's comeback -
I've been waiting for this for so long!


17 November 2018

The 'Flawesome Blogger' Award

First things first, thank you to Kayla for nominating me for this award! I absolutely love the concept of this blogging award. The Flawesome Blogger Award was created by Sophia Ismaa and it aims for the blogger to dissect their flaws and recognise the positives of those flaws.

When I first started writing this post, I couldn't think of three flaws that I could write about. Purely because I have so many and it was hard to find the positives in all of them! One of my biggest flaws is paranoia. I'm an incredibly paranoid person sometimes but there's no positives in being paranoid, see my problem?!

But I eventually whittled it down to three! Here are the positives and negatives of my flaws -

Negatives - I inherit my stubbornness from my Mam. I won't admit when I'm wrong sometimes and I won't say sorry if I don't need to (but I will if I know I'm in the wrong). This is a trait that can be seen as a negative by people, but not necessarily. Also, stubborn people persevere with a lot of situations, which can be seen as quite annoying to others.
Positives - Being stubborn means I know my own mind and am confident in saying what needs to be said. I know what I want and don't want in my life. Being stubborn means I can stick to my own values and not be swayed by others in regards to making decisions! I'm better at persevering too, so that means I'm no quitter!
Negatives - Oh god, overthinking is a badass mind killer. I'm a massive overthinker, I overthink the overthought things. Overthinking makes me doubt my decisions and it makes me feel uncertain about everything I do and say. It really wrecks my mind and I can't concentrate when I overthink things. Once I start overthinking, it feels like the problem gets bigger and bigger when it needn't be. At the end of the day, I'm just overcomplicating things!
Positives - It took me a while to figure out if there are any positives to being an overthinker. But I suppose overthinking means I think about every possibility and every answer to my problem or situation, no matter how good or bad. It means I'm working my brain and using any little problem solving skills to good use.
Negatives - I get too attached to people and all the things around me that I love eg pets, my job etc. It then breaks my heart when that person leaves my life and I go to pieces. That doesn't do my mental health any favours really! I feel like nothing or nobody can replace the loss.
Positives - I suppose being too attached shows I care and will do anything for them. A little selflessness creeps into play and I'll always be there for that person no matter what and under any circumstances.
This is actually quite a good way to look at my flaws and to put a positive spin on them!
These are the 10 bloggers I would like to do this challenge:
Ellie Blakeney
Ali Hemsley

Megan Elizabeth
Emma from Owls and Stags
Luke Heywood
So what are the rules?
- Link back to the creator and the person who nominated you.
- Display the award image in the post.
- List three of your flaws and turn them into strengths.
- Nominate 10 other people to take part!
And it's as simple as that!

14 November 2018

The Effects of Bullying

Bullying makes you do a lot of soul-searching, but not for the right reasons. Bullying makes you popular, but not for the right reasons.

Being bullied made me feel like I was an outsider for so long in school. I wanted to act like everyone else, but I knew that I couldn’t and the worst thing is - I was made to think there was something wrong with me. I was made to feel that the person I was brought up to be was uncharacteristic and just plain weird. I wasn’t one for smoking behind the trees in school (even if I was healthy I wouldn’t touch a cigarette) or walking around with a huge group of my classmates who I barely talk to for no apparent reason than to talk shit about others. I had more respect for the people who I was going to sit next to in lessons, even if I didn’t talk to them. At the end of the day, it’s about morals and values.

There’s always those expressions and clichΓ©s society use to tell you how to tackle bullying and what you should do if you are in that demoralising situation, whether it be at school or even a workplace.

“Tell the headteacher, they’ll sort it out for you” - no they bloody won’t!
“Our school has a zero tolerance to bullying” - yeah, alright then!

Now, I can’t talk about bullying in the workplace because I haven’t had much experience in it (thankfully) I can only draw from my (bad) bullying experience in school.

Society stresses to the victims of bullying that it makes you stronger. Does it though?

It depends on the person. I mean, I can only speak for myself with what I think about how bullying has affected me.

Bullying made me a shadow of my former primary school self. My confidence took a nose dive in comprehensive school and my self-esteem hasn't truly recovered. Which is unfortunately quite sad.

I still get flashbacks from my comprehensive school days. They play back through my mind like an old video tape whenever I take a selfie, ones which are particularly close up in the facial department. I think back to all the shocking and belittling things my so called 'friends' used to say to me about my appearance, my looks and just about me in general. All the vile, humiliating remarks they said to me not just online on MSN, but to my face too and also behind my back. Even though I always found out, well gossip in school can spread around like wild fire. That's where the low self-esteem really takes hold of my mind. Also a strong sense of paranoia.

I suffer with terrible paranoia. I’m always wondering why people look at me randomly in the street if I’m walking past them or what people think of my latest selfie which I’ve posted in social media. If people look at me and laugh, I’m wondering if they’re laughing at me maliciously. I know, that sounds quite bad. It’s not that I’m self centred, it’s the result of being ridiculed in school for many years.

Will I ever 'cure' my paranoia? Only time will tell, I hope I can shut out those feelings and finally be able to feel more confident and less anxious about what others think.

Let's try and end this on a positive note! I don't want to make it sound like I didn't have one single friend in school. I had friends but one in particular was my only best friend in comp and we've known each other since we started nursery together. 22 years later, she's still my best friend and I wouldn't have got through school without her. She was my rock during that horrid time.

Halfway through the post, I asked myself the question if being bullied makes you stronger. I definitely think it can in some way. It can make you incredibly strong minded and more empathetic towards others. With me, I'm very protective and will defend my friends and family till kingdom come. I don't want them to go through what I went through and also feel the same way as I did in school. I can't bear the thought of that happening.

But if you are being bullied, please don't feel your worthless or unworthy, because you are NOT. You are the better person they those bullies will ever be. You will go on to do bigger and better things than they will, then you can rub it in their faces when you've got a high paying job and their sat on  their arses at home watching Jeremy Kyle.


12 November 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Eleven (Pages 309 - 315)

P A G E  309
It's a start of a new week, I'm making the most of these next two days as I'm back in work on Wednesday. My lord the thought doesn't bear thinking about.
I'm laughing to myself right now! All because of a parcel man -

The fact that I was walking up a road which I don't live in, he recognised me as he must have delivered god knows how many parcels to me before, decided to give me my parcel (if you're interested, was a Boux Avenue parcel) before I got home to save me answering the door, or to save him a trip to my house, however you want to look at it, just made me laugh! That is great postal service in my opinion!
Ok, let's go and get changed out these clo- hang on a minute! What's this outside my bedroom window?!
Like seriously?! I know the builders would have to be contortionists to see into my bedroom but still!
It's evening time now, I've had a good day blogging and catching up on some things, now it's time to hear fireworks going off in the houses surrounding mine -
I hope everyone stays safe on this Bonfire Night!

P A G E  310
I promised myself I wouldn't let this happen, but it's happened - 

But to be fair, it was for my Mam. I read the words of this card and it just spoke volumes and I knew I had to buy it for her. So she better appreciate it!
It's 3:00pm, I've done quite a few bits and pieces but I need to get a blog post ready for tomorrow and I haven't edited one picture for it yet. Oops!
But before I get on with that task, can we just appreciate Boux Avenue for a second?!
Ok, enough admiring, let's get on.
I've managed to get those pictures edited and my post is ready for tomorrow. Now I can relax and watch the football, come on Red men!
*Update - a 2-0 loss.
My word that was shocking. That was such a poor performance. I am not in a good mood now!
But now it's time to cry at some amazing people -
This program always makes you realise that there are some genuinely inspirational people out there. This show really does put things into perspective. I got my tissues ready!
I'm now off to bed knowing I got a 6am alarm awaiting me. Oh god.

P A G E  311
Wow, that 6am alarm was not easy. I can barely see I'm that sleepy. But I'm getting a little peed off at my Instagram right now, not a good start to my Wednesday morning -
I've never been one to constantly moan about the algorithm but it really is getting on my tits at the moment. Just show my picture to people Insta! I beg of you!
And another thing is doing my head in this morning, well, it has been since I first seen it last week -
I can't be the only who feels betrayed by this?!
My first day back in work was good. It was nice to see the teachers and kids. Now I'm off to the GP to get my prescription after they messed it up AGAIN.
Oh god, it's gotten around. I don't know why I am so surprised and coy about it all. It was published on Facebook for f**k sake! But it's nice that awareness of CF is getting around!

P A G E  312

I was half asleep eating my Shreddies this morning. I'm so glad it is Friday tomorrow! I need to catch up on sleep on the weekend, even though I've had good night's sleeps lately, I feel like I'm constantly catching up on sleep (if that makes any sense to you all!)
Right, I need to go to work before I drop off on the settee.

P A G E  313
I know it's Friday, but I'm feeling in a bit of a ranty mood so far this morning - and it's only 7:30am.
Instagram is really starting to wind me up. Why can't it just let my followers see my photo's? Is that too much to ask?! Not just for me, but for other's who feel the same way as me! Ah well, let's get work over with as by half past 3 today, my weekend begins!
It's a good job there's nobody around in the car park, I don't think they would have appreciated hearing my singing voice so early in the day! I'm tempted to buy tickets for Spice Girls when they go on their reunion tour soon, but I'm not sure any of my friends would want to go! Hmm, maybe a little gentle persuasion is needed on my part to get one of them to go with me?

P A G E  314
I'm up a little early for a Saturday morning. But for a good reason. Right, I've just drove to where I need to be, I've parked up. Now if you'll excuse me a minute, I've got to say a little goodbye -

Ok, that might sound weird to some of you. But I've had a few people agree with me with this! So why I am getting a little teary saying goodbye to a car which I have owned for three years? Well...
May I introduce Rio?! Yes, I have a new car! It's a lovely car to drive and I'm looking forward to the next few years to it being sat outside my house. So what is my first trip in this car I hear you ask?! Morrison's. Not exactly an exciting trip, but still, I need to get used to it! A little drive to get some food is always good!
We're not even halfway through November and Christmas is already gracing my mind. I really have been sucked into the November Christmas hype, how the hell have I managed to be so drawn in already? Hmm.

P A G E  315
It's a day we all need to remember those who gave their lives for us -

It's such a sad day but it's good that we all remember those who fought for our freedom.
I can't be the only person who does this when they buy a new car?!
I think is what we can now call the modern day era. All I wanted to do when I first got my new car is to input my favourite radio stations and connect my phone via Bluetooth!
Right, it's time for football, see you in 90!
*Final score - a 2-0 win!
Ok, you'll have to excuse me, but I'm currently drooling at this moment -
Those foot long pigs in blankets look absolutely banging! I can't wait to eat a couple of those on Christmas Day!


10 November 2018

Asking for brand collabs - yay or nay?

Brands emails landing in my inbox are like gold dust. Yes, it doesn’t happen very often. But when it does, it does honestly feel like Christmas has come early in the Taylor house. There’s no greater feeling than when a brand has shown interest in your blog, content and even pictures and wants to work with you. You finally feel that the hard work is paying off. From the endless hours sat in front of a laptop writing countless words on blog drafts to updating your social media channels as often as you can with promoting your posts and also updating what you’re up to in your crazy life. Believe me, it's a lot more hard work than it sounds. But I can imagine people thinking looking at social media and taking pictures is an easy job.

Sometimes the brand collabs don’t land in bloggers inboxes very often, it certainly doesn’t for me. But do you know what? Why should I have to sit back and just wait for an opportunity to turn up in my emails?! If you want something, you should go ahead and ask, right?!

The thing is, I don’t want to come across as being too pushy. Then I think, what is the harm in asking? What’s the worst they can say?! No. Then you move on. They haven’t said no because you’re crap at what you do. It more or less comes down to that maybe you’re not ideally suited to them just yet. And that’s ok - you may well be one day. But just because they turned you down, don’t bad mouth their product or stop promoting it - please, don’t be bitter. It doesn't suit you.

The first time I emailed one of my favourite brands, I was incredibly nervous. At the end of the day, it was worth a try. They didn't reply, but at least I put my name in their PR system. Whether they will keep me in mind for future work is another matter. I tried not to feel too disheartened, but it does hurt a teeny bit. But not hearing back from that brand spurred me on to work even harder on everything in my blogging work.

I became more confident in emailing brands because it hit me like a comet - the only way to get collaborations is to just simply put your name out there. If that certain brand isn’t interested, then someone else might just be. So please don’t be disheartened when a brand says no. Don’t cry into a pillow and eat chocolate until you look like Bruce out of the film Matilda. You keep working and writing and flatlaying until that day comes when you look in your inbox, see your dream brand you'd love to work with leave an email asking to work with you, well done girl/lad, you've done it.


7 November 2018

Making the most of our time

Now, think of a spirit level with productivity at one end and procrastination at the other end of the spirit level. It's had to find the right balance and level in between the two. They are such complete opposites of the spectrum.

Being productive means you are good at time management, you are organised and you like to get as much as you can done in the 1,441 minutes that make up an entire day, if this sounds like you, you're going about productiveness the right way. That's great! Celebrate with buying a new planner or diary!

Then at the other end of the spirit level, there's the procrastinators. The people who put off something until the very last minute or second, you use as many delaying tactics as you can possibly think of to prevent yourself from getting something done. If this sounds like you, you're going about procrastination the right way. That's great! Celebrate with dumping your backside on the sofa and watch Jeremy Kyle!

This is the point of my post, in a way, we all manage our time differently. I'm one of those people who is both a productive person and also a procrastinator. I have my good days and bad days in terms of managing my time. Some days I literally do as much as I can, even cleaning the kitchen cupboards or actually ringing people, something which I despise doing. I'm not a phone speaker, for future reference, contact me via text or email, it makes my life so much easier and makes me feel less anxious.

Then other days, I wake up with the thought that I am going to accomplish absolutely nothing. Those sort of days I make it my aim to just park my bum on the sofa and binge watch Only Fools and Horses for the entire day - and also eat. A lot.

It doesn't matter to me how people keep themselves organised and how well they use their time. As long as they get their tasks done, then that's all that matters!

But if you can't keep track of your time, then invest in a watch like this one from Adexe. Or buy it for someone who is serious need of becoming more productive. After all, Christmas is approaching and by using the code at the bottom of this post, you can get 15% off, but obviously don't tell the receiver of the gift. *use shh emoji*

Anyway, some people prioritise their tasks from not so urgent to "Oh my god, it's time to panic!". Others are incredibly laid back and will just get to their jobs whenever the mood takes them or when they can be bothered! That's absolutely fine! Never judge somebody on how and when they go about their daily tasks.

 How do you manage your time in the day?

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This post is in collaboration with Adexe, who very kindly sent me this beautiful watch that you can see in these photos. To get 15% off any Adexe watch, use the code LUCYTAYLOR15 . All time views are my own.

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