I seem to have grown an obsession with the colour lilac. It is a beautiful shade to wear for spring and summer. I've always liked pastel shades, so loving lilac would be no exception for me. Even though blazers are an item which is easy to style, styling lilac is a whole other story. Even though lilac is a pastel colour, some would also see it as a bright colour. So in this post, I'm going to give you some styling tips and outfit ideas for wearing a lilac blazer.

A woman wearing a lilac blazer

Some may think that you are limited to wearing such a vibrant colour during the Spring and Summer months. But I'm hoping these lilac blazer outfit ideas will inspire you to keep wearing it at the start of Autumn/Fall and even during the Winter too. Even if you don't have a lilac blazer, I'm sure that these outfit ideas can work with any other bright and vibrant blazer. Obviously, the black blazer is the most popular in terms of blazers. It's so classic and can be worn with pretty much any outfit and it's easy to style. 

But today, I want to discuss and create some new outfit ideas for the lilac blazer. A lilac blazer can be styled in a casual way and in a smart way too. As I said, lilac provides a vibrance and a splash of colour.

Here are some outfit ideas for the lilac blazer:

Outfit 1:

A woman wearing a lilac blazer

When I first bought this *lilac blazer, I envisaged this type of outfit prior to trying it on. I adore straight jeans, they're so easy to style and can be worn all year round. The jeans don't have to be straight jeans, they can be Mom style jeans, skinny jeans etc. I added a pair of white mules, an off-white crossbody bag and a simple white vest top underneath to this look. 

Outfit 2: 

A woman wearing a lilac blazer

This is the Summer day to night outfit but will need a jacket when it gets chilly kind of outfit. I don't know why, I always used to feel weary wearing a blazer with shorts. I used to think that people walking behind me would think I didn't have any bottoms on! Nowadays, a blazer and shorts look is one of the best looks for the Summer! The shorts don't have to be blue denim, they can be white or even black. Also, you could swap the trainers for sandals should you wish. 

Outfit 3:

A woman wearing a lilac blazer

If you like wearing wedges, this look is the one for you! I don't often wear wedges as much as I used to, but love how I've used them in this outfit. Lilac pairs really well with white, obviously you can swap to blue or black jeans if you wish. Again, I've used this off-white cross-body bag to accessorise the outfit.

Outfit 4: 

A woman wearing a lilac blazer

After outfit one, this is probably my favourite. This one just came to me when I was searching for any more looks to style the lilac blazer. I wasn't sure if black jeans would look good with the blazer, but they really do! I've paired this with white trainers, my black Furla crossbody bag and a simple white shirt. Definitely one for when the weather gets a little cooler in a few months' time!

These are the four lilac blazer looks for you!

I would definitely say that these looks can work with any vibrant coloured blazer. I've linked some other lilac blazers available online right now if you fancy giving the lilac blazer look a try for yourself!

Let me know which one is your favourite!

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Apps have become essential on any smartphone. Whether that be social media apps, simple apps like mobile banking or games like Candy Crush (is that even a thing now?). However, some of the most popular apps I don't even have downloaded on my phone...

The apps I'm going to mention now are just apps I either don't have time for or deem unnecessary for my personal life. I know that so many people do get a lot of enjoyment out of these apps in particular, so I have nothing against them in that perspective. 

A woman holding an Iphone.

When it comes to using my phone, I only want the apps that I enjoy using, that I use regularly and ones that are beneficial to me. That even includes the majority of social media apps!

So, which apps don't I use but everyone else does? Well, here they are:

1) TikTok

This is quite a biggy. When TikTok became a roaring success during the lockdowns, I never got into the hype of it. I never wanted to draw myself into watching videos endlessly on my phone and also with Instagram introducing Reels, I just didn't feel it was necessary for me to have a TikTok account. Plus most of the time I end up seeing TikTok videos filtering through to my Instagram feed at some point or another. Another reason I don't have TikTok is that I'm not creative enough to make videos, I barely create a Reel on Instagram so what's the point in me having a TikTok account? I know a lot of people love it so it doesn't really bother me.

2) Facetune

I'd like to think that most of us don't have this app downloaded on our phones. An app that can potentially airbrush you into a different person? No thanks. I'm all for embracing flaws, cellulite, belly chub and bingo wings. That's real life. 

A woman holding an Iphone.

3) Snapchat

I downloaded this app years ago - I lasted 30 minutes before deleting it. Couldn't get the hang of it, the filters are cute and I don't mind others taking selfies with me using the filters (especially the funny ones), but otherwise, it's not for me. Instagram is the only photo-related app I use. That's enough for me!

4) Any games

I've never been one to play games on my phone. As long as I do my daily Wordle and all the other Wordle-esque puzzles, I'm happy. I can't even remember the last game I downloaded on my phone. Honestly. If I'm bored, I either just scroll through social media or just do something like cleaning!

5) Spotify

One music app I have never wanted to keep permanently on my phone. I've tried the 3-month trial and I just never got along with it. I use Amazon Music or Apple Music for my music needs. There seem to be so many different song apps these days or is that just me?!

A woman holding an Iphone.

6) Tinder

I'd like to think that people in relationships don't have this app still downloaded on their phones (even if they didn't have it in the first place!) I'm single, I need to meet a man and I know that. But I just don't think I will find him on Tinder. I reckon it'll just happen one day and it'll be spontaneous and it'll be meant to be. I just think it would feel more forced to meet him through a dating app. But that's just my personal opinion! 

I'd love to know if you agree with me on any of these? Let me know!

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