*There are PR items from Riley in this post. See the end of the post for more details. 

I like to use organic and sustainable period products for period and menstrual cycle care. When I think about the toxins and chemicals found in some mainstream period care products, it makes me shudder. As the area is a very intimate and sensitive area for women, we must take care of it and use safe, organic products during our menstrual cycles. This is where Riley comes in.

Riley pantyliners and probiotic supplments.

Riley believes that our vaginas deserve the best - and they're absolutely right! They are also on a mission to end plastic use in period products and have created products which are sustainable, organic and plastic-free. 

Riley has created a period subscription box, meaning we women don't need to go panic-looking for a tampon or pad when our period starts. Riley will also allow you to cancel and/or re-activate your subscription, skip a delivery or change the date of your delivery whenever you need to. For someone who sometimes has fluctuating periods, this is a perfect option for me. 

So, what period products does Riley sell? 

Riley sells standard period products - tampons, pads, pantyliners and even a probiotic supplement. All products are organic, sustainable and plastic-free.

Riley pantyliners and probiotic supplement.

How does Riley's subscription box work?

Building a period box on Riley is super easy. Firstly, you choose whether you would like your delivery to be every 3 or 6 months. You then choose the period products that you prefer to use during your menstrual cycle. Then all you simply have to do is pay. So easy and fuss-free! 

If you're a Mum/Dad/Guardian of a girl who has just started her period, you can buy a 'My First Period Bundle' from Riley's website! Something I wish I could have had the option to buy when I first started my period. The bundle comes with two daytime pads, two nighttime pads, 4 sets of different tampons, a mini canvas storage pouch for your products and even a pair of socks! Such a brilliant idea and one I think I'd love to see rolled out in primary schools/comprehensive schools for older girls. 

What products have I tried from Riley?

When Riley got in contact with me about their brand, I wanted to try their pantyliners and their probiotic supplement

The winged pantyliners come in pretty recyclable packaging and are made from 100% certified organic cotton. They are perfect for lighter-flow days or if you would some daily protection. The pantyliners are also biodegradable, toxin-free and comfortable to wear. I think there is a stigma when it comes to pantyliners or pads for being too bulky or uncomfortable to wear. But I find them just the opposite. It's just about buying the ones that are the perfect size for you. 

Riley pantyliners

The probiotic supplement has a blend of ingredients that include 10 diverse probiotic strains that promote vaginal health. These probiotics are nutritionist-approved and vegan. Ask your doctor's permission before using these if you are taking any other medication. I have noticed a difference in terms of my gut health when taking these probiotics. 

Riley probiotic supplement

Would I recommend Riley? 

I definitely would!

I love everything that Riley stands for with their products. Their products are of amazing quality! I love how sustainable and organic their products are too! The women who created Riley have done the most incredible job in making the brand what it is today!

Fancy a discount code? Use the code LUCYMARY20 to get 20% off sitewide

Riley pantyliners and probiotic supplement.

Let me know what you think! Have you tried their period products before?

*These products from Riley were sent to me for coverage on social media, not in exchange for a blog post. All views are my own. For more information, please read my disclaimer. Thank you for your support as always!

Riley: A Review of the Organic Period Care Brand

*There are PR items from Riley in this post. See the end of the post for more details.  I like to use organic and sustainable period products for period and…

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When I'm at home, I'm someone who doesn't like walking around the house bare-footed. I just don't like the thought of my feet getting dirty. So when I'm doing chores etc, you will either see me wearing a pair of socks or, in the winter, wearing slippers. However, wearing socks in the Summer is sometimes not viable - especially when it's a corking 40 degrees inside the house, even if I have the fan on full blast.

A pair of Bjorgk slides.

I wanted to buy a pair of slider-type shoes that are perfect for when you're just lazing around the house. Then I came across Bjorgk on Instagram. Bjorgk is a Scandinavian company that sells slides and socks. Their claim to fame is that their slides will have you feeling like you're walking on a cloud. So, I decided to buy a pair and see if the hype surrounding them is worth it. 

So, what are my thoughts on the Bjorgk slides? 

Let's start with -


This is the biggest factor that needs to be discussed first. Is their 'walking on a cloud' statement true? I got to be honest - they are extremely comfortable to wear! I feel like my feet have that support from the slide and they have a lovely cushion to them. One thing I like about these Bjogk slides is that they are non-slip, something I have worried about when purchasing slides in the past. They are also extremely lightweight, so it doesn't feel like you're dragging them around. 

A pair of Bjorgk slides.


One little (and I mean little) issue I had when these arrived was the size of them. Even though I bought my normal size (3.5-4.5 as stated on the website), they were slightly big for my feet. However, they are still comfortable and are easy to walk in despite that.

Quality & Durability

These slides are all-terrain footwear, and I have to say, they are extremely durable. I've even worn them outside and they are showing no signs of wear and tear. Another good thing about these Bjorgk slides is that they are machine washable, which is great if you wear them a lot (like I do!). 


The price of the slides is currently £19.99. I won't lie, you can probably get a cheaper alternative elsewhere. However, if you're someone who gets foot and joint pain, or suffers from bunions or plantar fasciitis, these may be the ones for you! Even if you want to experience extreme comfort, then these are worth the money! But you do get a huge variety of colours, as you can see, I opted for the light grey ones.

A pair of Bjorgk slides.

So, would I recommend the Bjorgk slides?

Apart from the sizing issue, these slides get a 10/10 for comfort and durability! They are the comfiest sliders I have bought in years, and they're perfect for me to wear around the house. One thing I love about these is that they are very flexible and durable, so I hope that means they'll last for years!

Let me know your thoughts on this review of the Bjorgk slides!

Bjorgk Slides: Are They Worth The Hype?

When I'm at home, I'm someone who doesn't like walking around the house bare-footed. I just don't like the thought of my feet getting dirty.…