You know when you read a book and it's, well, meh? This book was exactly that. 'Really Good, Actually' by Monica Heisey is one I picked up as others rated how funny and brilliant it was. I like comedy books, sometimes it's nice to read a comedic book between romance novels and thrillers. So I had high expectations when I bought Monica Heisey's debut novel. Hmm, let me explain...

The book Really Good, Actually by Monica Heisey.

Let's set the scene:

Maggie claims she is fine. In fact, she's doing really good, actually (hence the title). Her life isn't going her way, she's just separated from her husband at 29 after 608 days of marriage. Even though she is going through heartbreak, Maggie is determined to make the most of being a 'Surprisingly Young Divorcee'. She starts taking up new hobbies, joins dating apps, explores her sexuality and occasionally wakes up on the floor. As you do.

We see her navigate her life through being a divorcee, how she deals with life, how her friends help her to cope and how she feels about life after separation.

As I said, I had high hopes for this book, I thought this would have me belly-laughing or crying tears of laughter. It made me chuckle in some parts, but, this book fell flat. I was waiting for something big to happen, which never came.

The book Really Good, Actually by Monica Heisey

It did have some funny parts, but as the book went on, it started to feel repetitive and the plot stayed the same. Maggie got on my nerves, she became very narcissistic, self-absorbed and whiny - like she was the only woman in the world going through a divorce. As the central protagonist, the book would work better if she was likeable, she definitely isn't likeable for me.

I can see why others loved reading this book, but it wasn't for me. I hate to say this - but I stopped reading the book after the halfway point. My first DNF (did not finish) in a long time. As someone who has never married, I cannot relate to much in this book, even when Maggie is single - which is for the large portion of the book. 

I have to give Monica Heisey some credit, she explored a topic which is currently visited in everyday life and in other fiction books. 

Would you recommend Really Good, Actually by Monica Heisey?

From my perspective, I wouldn't. However, I think it's purely because this book is not something I can relate to. I've seen my parents go through a painful divorce and it's not something I like to revisit. Not that this book triggered anything for me personally, but reading about someone's fictional divorce was not fun!

I'd love to know your thoughts! Have you read this book before?

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You know when you read a book and it's, well, meh? This book was exactly that. 'Really Good, Actually' by Monica Heisey is one I picked up as ot…

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In a year where we've seen Adidas Sambas still gaining their neverending popularity, "that" Willy Wonka experience and my heart getting broken by a 56-year-old German fella (Liverpool fans will know what I mean), it's been a weird start to 2024. We're through with the first quarter of the year now, and it feels like we were freezing our bits off with freezing temperatures just yesterday. I'm not saying that coat and jumper season is fully behind us. But it's nice to see the days are getting longer. 

A light pink jumper wrapped around pink tulips with a white mug.

Regarding my start to 2024, I'm still on track with my 'Ins and Outs', which is a little win. Obviously, I will continue to keep track of achieving those mini-goals for the year ahead. Even though this was a huge social media trend at the start of January, I don't aim to quit now! It's been a mixed bag for me personally so far in 2024. 

To make it easier for you to read and not make this a long, drawn-out post, I thought I'd split it into these different areas in my life - health, social, career/blogging and personal development.

Let's have a look back at the first quarter of my year so far:


Currently, my health is great at the moment (touch wood). However, at the start of 2024, it didn't act that way. I had a couple of health scares in January, one of which I won't talk about here. I did however have to have an endoscopy. An endoscopy is where a camera gets put down your throat into your stomach so they can have a rummage around. After a long drawn-out afternoon in the hospital, sitting with a man who told me his whole life story in the waiting room (which was a good distraction) and lots of sedation later, everything looked fine. Let me tell you, endoscopies aren't pleasant procedures. 

Concerning my mental health, I'm in a near-perfect place. I did have a few anxious moments in January with those health scares. However, considering where I was with my health anxiety back in January last year, I coped with things a lot better. 

A bouquet of pink tulips.


Seeing friends and family is always a good thing. I've had a few family birthdays at the beginning of the year, which meant celebrations in the pub - as you do. Also, it was my Nan's 90th birthday and we had a lovely time celebrating a big birthday! Plus, you can't beat meeting friends for a late-night Starbucks. Starbucks hits differently when you go in the evening. Honestly, don't knock it until you've tried it.


I've been very productive with blogging so far this year. This is the most motivated I've been with blogging for a long time. I can't even explain why that is, but I'll make the most of it before motivation vanishes! 

Personal Development

There's always room to develop further. Regarding my personal development, I've created a few new habits. For example, I've been waking up every weekday before 8am and it's improved my productivity and creativity. I'm also continuing with reading and have read a couple of great books so far in 2024. 

So that's a summary of my first quarter of 2024 so far!

Is this something you'd like me to do again when we reach the halfway point of 2024? As we approach the warmer months, which means more experiences are experienced and more memories are made. 

A rose pink jumper wrapped around a bouquet of pink tulips next to a white mug.

How has your 2024 started? Let me know!

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