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31 December 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Twelve (Pages 358 - 365)

P A G E  358

I cannot believe it is Christmas Eve! It feels like just yesterday I was opening Day 1 on my Advent calendar! Speaking of Advent calendars -
A nice way (or picture) to end the Advent calendar on. Right, let's get Christmas Eve started!
I've exercised, painted my nails, done blogging photo's and now I'm watching the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special before I pop out to a family friend's house for the evening. See you later!

P A G E  359

I hope you all have a fabulous and exciting day opening presents and eating until you bloat! Let's get downstairs and open some presents!
I'm really very pleased with that! I was expecting to see one little chip off one of my nails! Right, I need to do my neb's and exercise, jeez, a CFer's work never stops -
It's quite sad I know, but it needs to be done.
Somebody else wants to wish you all a merry Christmas -
He's so lush, he never leaves my side, but I won't let him anywhere near me when I'm eating my Christmas dinner in a bit, he's not eating any chicken I have on my plate!
It's Christmas dinner time, see ya!

P A G E  360
It's Boxing Day and there's only one thing on my mind - football. Also online sales. Wait, that's two things. I can't find the energy to get out of bed this morning, but I'm hungry, I want food, let's get up!

Hmm, I don't think this is going to work. I'd need to do about 3 marathons and climb the Brecon Beacons to burn off what I ate yesterday. Ah well, the extra little weight will do me good, the dietitian down the hospital would be proud.
I've finished exercising and now I'm trying in vain to find a place for my Christmas presents. They are literally being stuffed in every nook and cranny I can find. Right, I've freed up a draw, ooh!
Aww! This has made my day! I thought I'd lost this, all the time it was in the drawn below my mattress. Time to flick through what autographs I did pick up in Magic Kingdom.
Like I said earlier, today is about football, time to keep an eye on Liverpool vs Newcastle, see you in 90!
*Update - a 4-0 win and we're ix points clear at the top of the table. Ooh it's getting exciting!
I need to go and get ready cause I'm off to a Boxing Day party, I already know what I'm wearing, that's how boring my life has become, I'm planning outfits in advance.
I completely forgot I had this top! I'm surprised cause it's leopard print and it's all I seem to wear right now. Right, let's go and party!

P A G E  361
It's about time I got up but somebody else has done the job of being my alarm clock for me -

And do you know what forced me out of bed? When he dribbled on my pillow. Thanks Charl, it's well appreciated.
I had a lovely night last night, filled with lots of food, laughter and good conversation, and the odd game of charades. I stayed out for most of the game as I'm absolutely shit at charades.
I rarely have a picture with my Mam as she hates having her picture taken, maybe the Strongbow gave her some oomph to put herself in front of the camera.
Ooh it's all kicked off in the social media world!
They better change it! Oh, saying that, it's gone back to normal. Instagram putting a tweet claiming it was a bug that changed the way we look at our timelines. Hmm, I've got a feeling somebody's telling porkies.

P A G E  362
It's 11am and I've been to the GP, done my nebs and been on the roof of my house (don't ask!), now I need to hoover my car out as it's bogging. Plus wash the outside of it. Hmm, I hate washing my car. 
I do like doing this at the end of each year, I'm quite keen to see which photo's have done the best over the past 12 months.
After a quiet day, I'm about to watch a film which I wish I'd seen in the cinema MONTHS ago -
Ooh this is going to be fun! I don't have the best singing voice in the world, but sod it, it's Mamma Mia!

P A G E  363
'Dancing Queen, feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah!' I literally woke up singing that this morning. As you can probably tell, after watching Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, I have Abba songs floating round in my head right now.

It was amazing, would definitely recommend even if you're not an Abba fan! Well, luckily I am an Abba fan cause I was brought u to be one. My Mam is a super fan, as the songs were coming and going through the film, she was telling me which album each song was from. Like I said, she's a super fan.
After a day of writing and washing my hair (well it didn't take all day, but you know) it's time for the huge game of the day, come on Liverpool!
*Update - a 5-1 win! GET IN!
A brilliant way to end of 2018. Hopefully 2019 will bring big things for Liverpool Football Club.

P A G E  364

The little sod! I had to get up anyway, I've kind of overslept and I have lots to do before half past 12 so I better get a move on!
I bloody hates parking over Spytty on a Sunday afternoon, every driver, including myself to be fair, is an arsehole. However, this Costa hot chocolate made the fuss of parking worth it -
I feel quite full after that hot chocolate, time to get home and watch this film -
I've seen this film about 23 times, today was the 23rd time I cried at the end of the film.

P A G E  365
Well, this is it! My Story of 2018 is now complete! I have really enjoyed writing this diary and it's definitely something I will be looking back on in the future. I hope you all have a wonderful 2019 and I hope you yourselves will come back to this series!

29 December 2018

Most Liked, Retweeted & Viewed - December 2018

We are at the end of 2018, how the hell has that happened?! It feels like just yesterday since I was drinking the new year in with a glass of rose, watching my neighbours sing Auld Lang Syne in my road. As it's the end of the month though, it's time to write my social media review for December. This one in particular is quite a special one for me, I'll let you know more at the end.

So, social media for December, I'm just going to sum up in one sentence - I love Twitter and Instagram is getting on my tits. How can my engagement on Instagram fluctuate so much within so many days?! It's beyond ridiculous, I've gone past the point of caring now, which is sad really.

Let's move on from that, let's see what my social media stats are for the last month of 2018:

Top Tweet:

Yep, as you can probably tell, I can't stand Thomas Markle. I wrote a post about this and talking about it from my own experience so I'll let you read about what I feel about it.

Top Media Tweet:
I've loved going down the traditional route with my Advent calendar! It reminded me so much of my childhood, showing my Mam what was behind the window every morning before I went to school!

Most Liked:

Probably one of my favourite flatlay's I photographed this year. I love Christmas and this flatlay expresses my love for it. You got to love listening to Christmas songs!

Personal Favourite:

Of course it had to be the one I posted on Christmas Day! I hope you all had a magical Christmas!

Right, so at the beginning of the post, I said that this post would be a special one for me, if you don't know what I mean, you haven't read this thoroughly and go back to where you started! Anyway, I'm here to say that this will be my last MLR&V post ever. I've enjoyed writing these posts, but I think it's time to end it now. I've written them at the end of each month for over a year and I haven't enjoyed it as much over the past few months. It's time to say goodbye!


26 December 2018

2018 - A Reflection

It's that time of year where 95% of blogger's write their reflection posts looking back over the past 12 months. Well, I'm here to tell you that I am one of the 95% who will be doing the same. So, how has 2018 panned out for me? Well I'll tell you!

Twenty eighteen, has, for me personally, been a year I can only describe as 'hope'. I hoped for a lot of things to happen, I hoped for my family and friends to achieve great things (which thankfully they did) I hoped for a good year health-wise (which I've also had!) and I hoped for my blog to reach new heights (not quite, but I'm working on that!).

I want to talk more about the high's of 2018 rather than the low's, let's keep the vibe positive eh? From two exciting and fun filled trips to Liverpool, to going another year IV free (my favouritest achievement of 2018) to having my first paid post as a blogger and making progress with Lucy Mary.

Like I said, I'm not to put any focus of the low's of 2018, for two reasons - 1) some are personal and 2) I might get teary talking about them, like my little Lily (my cat) going missing. Oh god, where are the Kleenex?!

Anyway...I've composed myself, let's carry on.

I'm hopeful for my future in 2019, I want to change my outlook on things, try new things, meet new people and go to new places. I want to be able to expand on my blog, make new memories and life my life to the fullest. Maybe the word for my 2019 will be 'desire'. Hmm, that makes it all sound intriguing.

These past 12 months have been full of ups and downs, some ups have left me on a real high, some downs have left me feeling broken.

All of us will never have the perfect 2019, I can tell you now that I probably won't, but I'm determined to have this new year have more positives than negatives. When I write my 2019 reflection post, I'd love to be able to state that the year was full of happiness rather than sadness. I'm using too many opposites in these last two paragraphs, let's get out of that funk.

I've set myself personal goals for my life, which I will stay with me and won't be written here or broadcast over social media. Personal goals and aims should stay personal and private. Keep people guessing, that's what I say.

How has 2018 been for you?

24 December 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Twelve (Pages 351 - 357)

P A G E  351

Good morning! It's Monday and my stomach is churning like a washing machine! Here's why -
It seriously does feel like D-Day. I would really love to avoid IV's, but obviously my lungs come first and if they need them, they need them. I'm keeping everything crossed it doesn't come to that though!
I've had a busy morning exercising, nebulising and Christmas present wrapping. Now it's time to set off to the hospital, yep, the moment of truth is upon me!
After a very long drive down and trying to get a parking space, I'm in the clinic room and the nurses have given me this -
It was very tasty too! It's so kind of them to do this!
Usually the WiFi signal is shit, it's so nice that they've improved it. I can now spend time on Twitter and Instagram whilst I'm waiting for the doctors to come in! Before, I used to be twiddling my thumbs waiting around. Ok, it's time for lung function...
An hour has been gone, I'm back in the car, here are the results -
I can safely say that I'm the happiest girl in Wales right now! I can fully relax now and enjoy Christmas!

P A G E  352
I've been to the gym, now I'm going to make a quick dash to town to take a pair of jeans back to Primark (something which I despise doing) and I've come to this realisation -

I don't like to say negative things about my home town because it's where I've lived all my life and where I was brought up, but I wish the council would do something about my town centre, it's shocking, it really is. One half is really poshed up, but the other half is so sorry and pathetic it's unreal. Right, let's get home and have a bath, I've got a lot to do today.
I'm really getting into the bath now, honest!
After a busy day of cleaning, writing and finished all my Christmas present wrapping, I'm off out to meet my friend Gabby for part one of my Christmas meet ups with my friends. I'm absolutely starving so it's guaranteed that a two course meal is needed to fill the gap in my stomach.
Such good laughs and gossip, now I'm home and my bed is calling me, goodnight!

P A G E  353
I will be rushing home from work this afternoon so I can catch it from the start. Who doesn't love Toy Story?! Right, before I head off to work, let's open window 19 -
Ok, I better go, see you later!
I've had a very odd but good day in work, firstly, I got given this -
Isn't this the cutest piece of cake ever?! I cannot wait to eat this with a cuppa later on! However, let's fit some exercise in before I do.
Oh yes, I did say that I had an odd but good day in work, here's why -
Yep, a pretty standard day!
A little tradition me and my Mam have done over the years, where we drive around different areas of Newport and look at everyone's Christmas lights. Surprisingly, it is very enjoyable!

P A G E  354 

It's my last day before I have 20 days off work! As you can imagine, I'm bloody excited about this! Let's go and get this day in work done, it'll probably drag!
WOOP WOOP! I skipped out of work and jumped in my car and didn't look back!
I'm to my bestie's for a long overdue catch up and some Christmas present swapping, see ya!

P A G E  355

I won't be tweeting or posting too much on social media today as I have a family friend's funeral to go to. Days like this make you think that posting statuses on social media play into complete insignificance when someone you've known for so many years passes away.

P A G E  356

I haven't had chance to do barely anything blogging-wise so far this week! At the end of the day - life comes first! I know I shouldn't have to say sorry about this, it just feels the right thing to do! Right, I've got lots to do today before I go out later with Lucy for some Christmas present swapping over some food!
I can't believe there's only two windows left to open on my Advent calendar, this month has absolutely flown by!
I have woken up in the greatest mood though this morning -
They played last night and won 2-0. We're top of the table over Christmas and this makes me too happy! Right, I seriously need to get a move on!
I have eaten two courses at Frankie & Benny's (mozzarella sticks to start then meatballs and pasta for the main course) and I am now officially stuffed. I have grown a massive food baby in the space of half an hour. I've got a feeling it won't be going away for a while yet.
I am now going to go home with my food baby in tow.
It's quarter past 11 at night, I want to go to bed, but I can't -

I don't want to go to bed whilst I have some ideas floating around in my head. I need to get them written down - and quick!
I think I can call that a productive Saturday evening. Goodnight!

P A G E  357

My body was crying out for some sleep and it's finally had some. It's certainly set me up for Sunday!
I'm just scrolling through my blogging stats, I see something very peculiar -
Hmm, a little strange. But I'll take that!
Before I get on with Sunday, I better open the last but one window on my Advent calendar -
So this is where I seem very popular in the blogging world today-
So if you are from Ireland and you want to fill me in, please do!
I'm so behind today, I'm meant to be meeting my bestie in 10 minutes and I'm just standing here in my bra and pants trying to decide what to wear! I really better get a move on.
Love this girl to pieces. We've never had a bad word to say to each other in 22 years. True friendship right there.


22 December 2018

Blog Reads of December

This will be my last 'Blog Reads' post of 2018! Here are my favourite posts from December (be prepared for a few Christmas themed posts to be named):

1) 4 Blogging Mistakes I'm Always Making | The Curvaceous Vegan
I'm definitely a blogger who has and still is making mistakes. Blogging is something that is always changing. Whether it's a new way to edit photo's or what writing style draws more readers in, there's always a new trend. All the points that Amie has listed are mistakes I have most certainly made, especially the 'Forgetting why I started in the first place' point. I do forget why I started in the first place when I'm constantly looking at numbers, statistics, views and likes. Which is awful and a little embarrassing. A great post Amie!

I've been trying to smash the festive flatlay since the beginning of December, but all to no avail. That was until I read this post. I absolutely love Rebecca's photo's anyway, but the ones for this post are bang on! I love the idea of the little bells and the star confetti. Rebecca gives some ideas on where to buy Christmas props from and how to use them effectively. I definitely got a lot of tips from reading this post, thank you Rebecca!

3) Cutting Down my Consumerism at Christmas | Sinead Kathryn
I'm exactly like Sinead whilst Christmas shopping, I'm looking for the other person but always seem to be looking for myself as well! In the past, I have been very sneaky and bought something for someone else but kept it for myself because I loved it so much! Sinead has become more sensible like myself this year by watching what she's spending during the time of shopping. I'm not going to look at everything I feel the need to buy it just because someone I know will like it. It's just a waste of money. Like Sinead says, let's focus on spending time with the people we love rather than spending lots of money!

4) 24 Important Life Lessons | EmTalks
I'm loving all these life lessons Em has learnt along the way! Let's face it, we've al made mistakes and learnt lessons from them or a life event has changed our lives and we've learnt something from that. The one lesson Em wrote, which I have taken a lot from was this one - "If I lower my expectations of others, I won't get as hurt". I can certainly take this lesson and practice it in my life. I'm one who hopes too much and puts all my eggs in one basket. I'm aiming to change all that in 2019. I loved this post. Em could write a post about the best way to use plastic bin bags and I'd still read it!

I am someone who never knows when to stop, whether it's knowing when to shut my mouth or when to stop working. However, after reading Anna's post, I feel highly motivated to give myself some time away from things now! One thing I am well overdue to do is to do a digital detox, like Anna has suggested. This is one I struggle to do because I do get drawn to social media very easily, but I do put my phone away and put it on silent when I am with my friends and family as I think quality time with my loved ones is so much more important.

Fear is within us all. I fear spiders, needles and lorries (ok, that one might just be me!) but the only person who can change this is, wait for it, YOU. I love how Paula says that failure is our biggest fear, because it's absolutely bang on. Failure is something we all dread! Also 'what if' has got be a phrase I use on a daily basis. We should not regret anything we do in life, simple as. A great read!

Let me know your favourite blog posts of this month!

19 December 2018

Why Family Issues Should Remain Private

I was watching Good Morning Britain the other morning, there was a big interview with Meghan Markle's father, Thomas. He was talking to Susanna and Piers about how he has lost contact with his daughter and asking her to get in contact with him. Now, I have a real problem with this, for a few reasons:

1) Why go on a TV show to make your case?
2) Why would you do this to your daughter who is pregnant and doesn't need the stress and anxiety?
3) It should be a private matter.
And that's how it should be - a private matter. Obviously I don't know the full story, I'm not texting Meghan or slipping into her DM's asking for all the goss, I don't know how both sides of the parties sides of their stories.

You're probably thinking why I am making such a big deal out of something that has nothing to do with me and is something that isn't really significant on our everyday lives. That is true - to a point.
Let's get real for a second here - I have an estranged relationship with my Dad.

The picture below speaks a thousand words, one of the pictures I have that are ripped in half to completely get rid of any memory of him.

We lost contact 10 years ago, it was a decision on both sides to not bother to speak or see each other again - and that's fine. I can live without him and have done very well without having him in my life for the last decade. He's never tried to make contact with me and vice versa. It's something I'm not losing sleep over. I'm sure he isn't either.

One thing I won't go into in this post is how and why our relationship broke down. That's a personal and private part of my life that I never wish to discuss with anyone, except my Mam and my closest friends. I think I've handled this situation (for want a better word) the right way and I've kept my dignity and respect throughout. My Mam brought me up well.  

If anyone who doesn't know the situation I endured with my Dad ever dare say to me "You should try and reach out to your father", then I would tell them (as calmly as I could) that it's none of their effing business and they should keep their nosey beaks out. I think that sounds quite calm? I have my reasons for not speaking to him and they're reasons I'm content with.

Let's circle back to the Meghan Markle situation, first of all, I think she's an amazing addition to the Royal Family and she's an incredible role model for feminism. I find it applaudable that she hasn't made a huge fuss of it all. She must be so upset with her father for going to the media every 5 minutes for a world exclusive interview. If my father went on the Jeremy Kyle show to try and sort things, I'd be one of those shouty guests who comes on from backstage screaming and swearing. They'd have to get big security guard Steve to hold me back! He wouldn't be able to go on the show Long Lost Family as he knows where I bloody live.

My point of this post is that Meghan has gone the right way about it and kept her views and feeling private. Her father could learn a lot from his daughter and do the same. If he's exhausted from all forms of communication with his daughter, then maybe he may to have realise that it may be what she wants for now. Not permanently, just temporarily.

Going back to point three, all family matters and disputes should remain out of the public eye, kept behind closed doors and well away from the Jeremy Kyle show. Unless your desperate for the 15 minutes of fame or you have no teeth.

Anyway, another point of this post is that please don't air your dirty laundry out in public, you'll lose respect from other's if you decide to broadcast your family rifts to your whole street. It doesn't do you or your family any favours.

17 December 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Twelve (Pages 344 - 350)

P A G E  344
Another week has started. I've just finished exercising and now I'm browsing through ASOS whilst puffing in my Colomycin, as you do. I'm yearning to buy this dress, but there's one little problem -

It's so gorgeous. It's festive, Christmassy and, well, sparkly. I can't exactly justify spending £69.99 on a dress if I'm only just going to wear it around the house on Christmas Day. Before you ask, no I'm not doing anything on NYE. I never do. I'm one of those who stays in and watches my neighbours welcoming in the New Year at midnight. If it goes on sale, I'll definitely get it.
I've finished puffing my nebuliser, time to go to Home Bargains to get some wrapping paper, I'm in the mood to wrap Christmas presents. Let's go now before I change my mind.
Isn't it lovely?! Navy and rose gold, what a wonderful colour combo! Right, let's get the scissors and sellotape out! But first things first -
I really think it should be. I found a Christmas song playlist on YouTube and had it playing in the background whilst I was fighting with finding the end of the sellotape.
Ooh, I almost forgot!
Santa riding a bike. Hmm.
After a day of blogging and photo taking, I'm relaxed for the evening and 9pm is drawing near -
I feel lost. My favourite show has ended for another year and I'm lost. I wonder when the I'm A Celeb coming out show will be on? Wednesday?! Not too long to wait!

P A G E  345
I overslept this morning. It ended up that my Mam let my cat in to headbutt me awake. I practically woke up with a cat purring in my face. I suppose there's worst ways to be woken up by. Anyway, before he starts dribbling, let's get up and eat breakfast, then it's off to the gym.

I've just got back from the gym, I'm puffing my Colomycin and Charlie (the cat) has distanced himself from me. I can't smell that bad after from being at the gym surely?! Well, I am feeling and looking a bit sweaty and warm, perhaps he's made a wise decision. Right, I've finished inhaling my nebuliser, let's wash my hair.
I've had an afternoon of taking blog photos, editing them and installing Photoshop, as you do.
I've got a feeling that I will be watching lots of tutorial videos on YouTube for the foreseeable future. It really is hard to work out what each tool and button is for. Fingers crossed I'll get the hang of it sooner rather than later.
Ok, it's time for Liverpool, see you in 90 minutes!
*Update - a 1-0 win, YES!
Into the next stage of the Champions League, life is good.

P A G E  346

It's that time of week, it's work time. I'm really eager for the Christmas holidays to come around, I think I could literally sleep for a week. Still, I need to earn some money, let's get this day over with.
After a long day, I've settled down and now it's time to watch this -
Then it's over for another year. Sigh.

P A G E  347
Even though I woke up on time (for once), I'm running behind and I think I'm going to be late for work. How is it even possible to do that? However, I still have time to open the latest window on my calendar before I go -

If I'm looking correctly, that's possibly the Shard in the background? I'm most probably wrong!
Ok, now I am definitely late for work. Bye!
Yeah I have, really. The Christmas holidays can't come around quick enough. Not long now. If I repeat that to myself, it doesn't seem so bad, for now.
Time for EastEnders -
I literally celebrated at the end of tonight's episode. If you watched EastEnders tonight, you'll know what I'm talking about, well, obviously you would.

P A G E  348

Oh I do love penguins. Well, who doesn't. Anyway, good morning! I'm feeling very happy that Friday has finally arrived! Also, it's Christmas Jumper Day -
I've had this jumper for years, I love it. The only time I wear it is for Christmas jumper day. I think we all have that item of clothing that we wear on certain days of the year. Like our Pudsey t-shirts, Christmas jumpers and Comic Relief t-shirts.
I've got a little bit of time before I go to work, let's do this -
Why I decided to do that little task at half past seven in the morning I don't know! I honestly cannot even answer that question myself! Anyway, now I've done that, I better head off to work.

P A G E  349

Yep, having a cat headbutt me in the face was not the ideal start to my Saturday. I'll let him off as I needed to get up anyway, also there's worse ways to be woken up by!
A very weird but funny picture in Day 15 window! Certainly made me chuckle!
I've been out and about and I can safely say the weather is absolutely rank.
These are the sorts of days where you want to stay in and do sod all.
It's half past six and it's time for the Strictly final!
Stacey is the winner! I liked all the last four in the final so it didn't bother me who won.

P A G E  350

More robins?!
Good morning to you all on this Sunday morning! I've got a day of seeing family and watching football -
Ooh this game is massive, not just because I want us to win, but I literally cannot stand these toads! Come on Liverpool! Right, let's get on with this morning before I fall behind.
I ordered these last night and I can't wait for them to arrive. £11 for a pair of Calvin Klein leggings. Bargain!
I've been to see my Grandad, I showed him the video I did for the BBC, I haven't seen him since I did it, bless him he got emotional watching it! I'm glad to make him proud!
Ok, it's time people -
See you in 90, I'm already sweating! Please, Liverpool, just win. I can't bear the thought of losing to these.
*Update - a 3-1 win! YES!

Oh wow. What a day!


15 December 2018

Why I'm Trying To Support Local Businesses

We're all running around like cheetahs trying to get all of our Christmas shopping done. We're all going into the big high street stores to buy Dove or Lynx sets for work colleagues or that special something for your loved ones who really deserve it.

Now then, when it comes to shopping, yes, I admit that 90% of my presents come from the high street stores or Amazon. However, sometimes it's nice to go to those little gift or souvenir shops in your local village and have a browse round them. I love buying my friends personal gifts, gifts that have a meaning and also remind me of our friendship. It's something they can keep forever and also something that makes them, more importantly, happy.

Also, by buying from your local shops rather than the big stores, you're supporting those small businesses who love your custom and are always welcoming. I work in a primary school which is based in a little village, there's such a nice atmosphere and community spirit around the area. There's all the necessities like a Co-Op, a village post office, a pub (very important indeed), a church, a GP surgery, a chemist, a village coffee shop plus other little businesses scattered around the square. 

After work one day, I went for a little walk around the village so I could get a feel of the place around Christmas time. All the shops have tinsel in the windows, decorations adorned inside and it just all feels festive.

I've made it my goal for Christmasses beyond this year to start shopping and helping local shops and businesses and reward their hard work by buying stuff from them. Let's face it, it helps them and the economy! (No, I'm not getting political!)

When Lush Chic jewellery sent me some of their jewellery, this was my perfect opportunity to support a business that is not necessarily broadcast all over the online world. They sell beautiful, dainty jewellery, their necklaces in particular are so delicate and cute! Especially this snowflake one, ideal for any Christmas outfit!

What's even better about this is that all their products are handmade in the UK. Not from eBay where you have to wait 2 years for something to be shipped over from China.

Ok, so if you fancy treating your Mum, Aunty, Nan or one of your besties to a some lovely, original jewellery, use the code LUCYMARY at the checkout at Lush Chic to get 15% your purchase.

Do you like supporting your local shops at this time of year? Or anytime of year for that matter?!

*These items were sent to me from Lush Chic and all views are my own.
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