Coming up with new blog post ideas can be a ballache at times, especially when I'm lacking motivation or if I'm suffering from writer's block. Finding new blog post ideas that haven't been covered by hundreds of other bloggers online is hard also. I know that I can put my own spin on it, there is no way I would ever imitate or copy a blogger's content. But sometimes searching high and low in my brain for a flicker of a new blog post idea is sometimes difficult. 

A woman holding a laptop, a notebook and an iPhone.

So, how do I come up with new blog post ideas?

I've tried and used many methods to create new blog post ideas for my blog over the years. Some methods I've tried and been successful and remain dedicated to, and some I've tried but it's unfortunately failed for me. As individuals, our brains and creative minds work in different ways. We all think differently. The important thing is to not panic and the creative juices will refill themselves back up in no time. But if you are eager to find some new blog post ideas, then this is the post for you!

This is how I find new blog post ideas when I'm stuck for inspo:

A woman holding a laptop, a notebook and an iPhone.

1) Pinterest

Scrolling through Pinterest is the perfect place to start for me. I'll scroll through the home feed and for example, a quote will pop up, one which I can relate to. Sometimes that can spark an idea and give me that flash of inspiration. Also, Pinterest always offers great new blog post ideas for any niche. Just type in "your niche" blog post ideas" and you're guaranteed a wide range of ideas and lists of blog post ideas. 

2) Read magazines

Are they still a thing in this millennial era? I think so. Well, I don't see them as much in hairdressers these days. I never get offered one with my cuppa when I'm waiting for my colour to set. Anyway, magazines may not be the 'in' thing so much. Do what I do. Next time you're in Tesco (or your preferred supermarket), stroll to the newspaper/magazine aisle, find a lifestyle-y magazine that floats your boat and read it over a cuppa. There are pages filled with advice ie lifestyle, fashion, beauty etc. Flicking through magazines has always helped me come up with a new blog post idea! 

3) See what's trending

What's trending in fashion? What makeup look is trending? What's the best kettle to buy for your kitchen? What recipe should I try and cook tonight? There's always a trend somewhere, from any aspect. Research what is trending in any subject, it may spark a creative flame! I would definitely recommend using Google Trends to find out what is trending in your country. It's such a good source for finding out the latest trends!

A woman holding a laptop, a notebook and an iPhone.

4) Scroll through social media

As I said, Pinterest is the best platform for me to find some blog post inspo. But other platforms like Twitter, TikTok and Instagram can be a great source for blogging inspo. Any video or photo can give you some creative ideas! But please, don't scroll social media constantly 24/7 until you find a new blog post idea, it's not worth it!

5) Write any little thought down

One annoying thing about this option is that I always come up with an idea when I'm busy or don't have time to write it down! It's usually when I'm driving or busy at work. But yes, any little flitting thought that enters my brain, write it down. It's surprising when I go back to that thought, how quickly the thought can develop into a 400-word blog post. So strange. 

6) Think about your life

This one does sound weird, but hear me out! Sometimes, I talk about a memory with a friend or think about a past event (good or bad), and I can sometimes turn that into a blog post. It's a weird method but it works for me!

A woman holding a laptop, a notebook and an iPhone.

7) Reviews are the way to go

Reviews are always the way to go when you are struggling with blog post inspiration. Been using a moisturiser that's been a complete game-changer in your skincare routine? Write about it. Been to a fabulous new restaurant/cafe/bar in your local area that you loved? Write about it. Finished reading an amazing new book? Write about it. There's always something to review, whatever it is!

Just remember, if you're ever stuck for blog post ideas, don't panic too much. Sometimes when I'm struggling for inspiration, I take it as a sign that I need to just step away and let my brain rest. A day or two away from blogging really helps my mind to then reset and I come back to it feeling as good as new!

How do you find new blog post ideas? Let me know!

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I'm writing this as it's pouring rain and there's a slight chill in the air. For me, this signals the arrival of Autumn. I love Autumn, I just love it. It's such a beautifully, aesthetically, heartwarming season. The colour of the leaves, the crunching sound when you step on them, the smell of pumpkin lattes and seeing conkers on the ground. Now the cooler weather is back, it's a good time to practice self-care. And Autumn is the perfect time to practice some self-care. So, I thought it would be a good time to share some of my Autumn self-care ideas with you, some I shall indeed practice myself!

Gysophilia flowers

You may have self-care rituals that you already practice all year round. Some rituals you may practice seasonally eg. in Autumn etc. It's time to combine your self-care routine so you call it your Autumn self care routine!

Here are some Autumn self care ideas to practice:

1) Take more walks in nature

There's no better feeling than walking through the park while there are leaves falling all around you. It's such a wholesome feeling of wrapping yourself up in a scarf, hat and gloves and going for an Autumnal walk. This is probably my favourite part of my Autumn self care. During this time, when you're scrolling through Instagram, you're bound to see a photo of someone throwing leaves up in the air. My advice - don't. You don't know what a dog or cat has done in those leaves. 

2) Buy some cosy knits

Autumn and jumpers go together like Ant and Dec. It wouldn't be Autumn without feeling the need and want to buy some new jumpers for the upcoming season. I won't be buying too many jumpers this year as I have a few good ones from the last few years which are not too bobbly yet. 

A woman holding a beige mug and notebooks.

3) Have my nails done in Autumnal tones

Having fresh nails is the new favourite part of my Autumn self care. Recently, I have been using Maniko nail strips on my nails and I just love them. I will be looking on their website for some Autumnal shades to wear for the next couple of months!

4) Make sure to keep active

Autumn does bring a little chill to the air, so it's time to keep moving! I exercise religiously most days of the week anyway. But it's important to keep active to keep ourselves warm and help our bodies too! If you don't fancy going to the gym, you can easily incorporate workouts into your home. Pinterest is always full of good workouts to try. Also, check out YouTube for some videos!

5) Buy some Autumn scented candles

It's the perfect time of year to start lighting candles and cwtch up in front of the TV or read a book. Etsy sells some beautiful Autumn scented and/or Autumn themed candles, perfect for when you're practicing Autumn self-care. 

Gysophilia flowers

6) Update my TBR (to be read) list 

Finished reading your Summer books? Time to have a look on Goodreads and see which books will be released this Autumn and add them to your tbr list. This is something I need to do, I definitely need to get back into reading. I've been so on and off in terms of reading books in the last year. I read so much during the lockdowns we endured. But when life returned to normal, I slacked in terms of reading new books. Something I would love to start doing again is reading new books!

7) Tweak my skincare routines

As colder weather returns, some skincare items suited for warmer weather need to be put aside. It's time to bring out the skincare items suited to help my skin during the colder weather. I like to update my skincare routine for every season so it stays in good condition during the change in weather.

8) Return of the baths

Shower season has gone, it's time for the return of the bath season. I'm looking forward to buying some bubble baths, bath bombs and candles so I can have the most relaxing baths during these colder months. Even if it means not wanting to get out of the bath because it's too cold!

A woman holding a beige mug and notebooks.

Here are some of the Autumn self care ideas to take into Autumn with me!

I would love to know what self-care practices you'll be doing during Autumn - let me know! 

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I'm writing this as it's pouring rain and there's a slight chill in the air. For me, this signals the arrival of Autumn. I love Autumn, I just …