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30 July 2019

The Story of Friendships

When you think about it, we developed and established friendships from such a young age. From our first day in school when we sat on the grass making daisy chains or having handstand competitions. You make friends with such ease when you're young. Well, when you spend 6-7 hours a day in the classroom 5 days of the week, you're bound to have each other's backs.

The Story of Friendships

23 July 2019

Blog Reads of July

I'm writing this during a heatwave, or as I call it, Summer and I won't lie, I'm sweltering. July has been an okayish month, but I've got so many good things planned in August, from trips away to just enjoying the Summer! As always, I've refreshed my Bloglovin' feed every day this month to read some new blog posts. I have had quite a few favourites in July so it took me a while to choose which ones to include in this post! However, these are the ones that made the cut:

Blog Reads of July

17 July 2019

In Defence Of Instagram

For once, I'm not going to moan about the infamous algorithm! Well, let's see how far I can go without mentioning it in this post...

We had yet ANOTHER Instagram outage the other day, also Facebook and WhatsApp thought they could go one better by doing the same thing on the same day. Tut tut *eye roll*. All I can say is that thank you Twitter for not being an absolute pain in the bum by not having outages left right and centre.

In Defence Of Instagram

12 July 2019

Comparing Myself To...Myself

Comparing myself to myself - that's a thinker!

Let me start from the beginning, I did quite a random thing the other night (don’t get any ideas!) I was scrolling through my Instagram, right back to about three years ago when I posted near on everyday. Remembering an innocent time when engagement and likes wasn’t such a hot button issue with me, well, with us all I suppose. I would happily post pictures on there freely, not post on there at a certain time of day when I think the engagement on said photo would rocket (PAH!)

Comparing Myself To...Myself

7 July 2019

Taking My Life Back

Definition - feel totally in charge of your emotions
and no longer have "good" or "bad" days. 

Recently, I wrote a VERY (capital letters are needed) personal post about moving on. Ok ok, I admit I haven't written THE most upbeat posts in the last month and I kind of apologise for being 'Grumpy'. Before I start singing "Hi-ho, hi-ho", let's get stuck into this post.
Now that I made that decision to move on all by myself (what a very adulty thing for me to do!) and I'm starting to feel good about things, it's time to take control of my life again!

Taking My Life Back
Dress // Boohoo

2 July 2019

An Open Letter To The Man I Can't Get Over

Ok, this is probably THE most personal post I have EVER written, I am absolutely cacking myself about hitting the 'Publish' button, but I kind of want and need to, it's time for me to start the closure process. Before you begin reading, I'd make sure you've got a cuppa at hand for this one, it could be a bit of a long read. Before I start -

1) I'm not writing his name.
2) I don't want anyone to ask me what his social media handles are so they can see who it is.
3) This is like a therapeutic and cathartic post for me and I hope I can help someone who maybe going through the same thing as me. 
Right, that's the legalities/disclaimer out of the way, let's begin.

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