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25 September 2020

My Current Exercise Routine

I can take one positive of being in lockdown - I have gained a better and more well structured exercise routine. Before the pandemic, I was doing the same routine everyday and it was becoming very monotonous. With the extra time I (as well as everybody else) was given when lockdown commenced, I decided to test what I could do to make my exercise routine a little, well, less monotonous. 

I didn't want to be in the position of completing the same workouts everyday on YouTube. It worked for a little while, but it got to a point where I wasn't feeling any real benefits. When you feel like that about your exercise schedule, you know its time for a change. 

21 September 2020

Tampons vs Pads: Which Are Better?

*This post has PR Samples included. Please read the end of the post for more details.

I still remember the day when I learnt about pads and periods. It was a special class for the Year 6 girls and the nurse came in to talk to us about periods and what products we could use during, as she said "that special time of the month" - nah love, there's nothing special about "the time of the month" - unless I was pissing money and not blood, than yeah, it's special all the f**king way.

17 September 2020

Why You Should Wear Scrunchies

Surely I'm not the only person to have noticed the scrunchie trend?

Scrunchies have made an iconic comeback in recent weeks. I remember them being worn by some many girls in my class and the scrunchies were always co-ordinated with their school uniform. If you wore a red gingham dress, a gingham scrunchie had to be worn with it. Ah, the good days. 

13 September 2020

Facebook - Our First Taste Of Social Media

Ah, Facebook. The first time most of us (particularly people around my age - 27) had our first taster of what social media would be like. Facebook was THE website everyone wanted to create a profile on in 2008/2009. After MSN, Facebook was the next thing I would check to see if any of my school friends had updated their status. Facebook allowed us to connect with so many people in our local town/city, even beyond that.

Fast forward to 2020. Well, Facebook is not seen as everybody's favourite app. I think it's safe to say it's caused us some grief one way or another over the years. Those direct/indirect status at someone, the arguments in the comments section and being pissed off at Sandra next door for lighting fireworks at 1am and broadcasting it on her profile. I think the only reason I use Facebook now is to check for any gossip and find out who's having a baby. moving into a new house or getting engaged/married. 

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