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*This post is a paid collaboration with TEMPUR ®. See the end of the post for more details. 

I do love my sleep. A good night's sleep is the only way I can properly function throughout the day. A bad night's sleep for me means I have to run in automatic mode and just drag myself through the day. Not good at all. Fighting a chronic illness means sleep is much more valuable for me than you can begin to realise. After a day of taking numerous medications, carrying out physiotherapy and exercising to get my lungs working amongst doing normal life admin, a good night's sleep is a must. This is how my TEMPUR® pillow has helped me. 

A woman lying on a TEMPUR pillow

Is there a way or ways to achieve the perfect night's sleep?

Hmm, this is debatable. There certainly are ways and methods to practice to achieve the best night's sleep. However, some methods may work for some and not others. So it's important to know what your needs are and figure out what works best for you. 

So what are the methods you can try to achieve the best night's sleep? Well, here is what you can try:

1) Avoid the caffeine before bedtime

For the love of God, this one is plain common sense. Caffeine is a stimulant, coffee is aimed to help you wake yourself up and keep you alert. Drinking a coffee before bed will definitely stop you from achieving that good night's sleep. Cut out the coffee before bed! Aim for a hot chocolate, or even something like camomile or green tea. If you're somebody who does wake up in the middle of your slumber to go to the toilet, I'd perhaps avoid drinks after 9pm altogether. 

A woman lying on TEMPUR pillow

2) Regulate the perfect sleeping temperature in your bedroom

Now, this can be tricky, especially in the middle of a heatwave in July. Put the fan on an hour before bed so that the room feels somewhat cooler before sleeping. In the Winter, make sure you have enough bedding to keep you warm at night or spoon your partner to keep yourself warm. Or in my case, invest in some bed socks.

3) Avoid picking up your phone

Looking at screens before bed is not going to help you relax before bed. I'm trying to aim to step away from my phone after 9pm and the difference it's made to my sleeping pattern! The difference has been unreal and I no longer go to bed with my eyes feeling strained and sore. I know that it's very tempting to want to scroll through Instagram, or Twitter or achieve the latest Wordle when in bed, but it does work, I promise!

4) Invest in good bedding

There is no better feeling than getting into bed with new, fresh bedsheets, pillows and duvet. If you have the flattest of pillows, invest in some new ones, like a TEMPUR® pillow. TEMPUR® are a bed company whose aim is to help you achieve the best night's sleep. TEMPUR® have 30 years of expertise in sleep and innovation and their products like mattresses and pillows use NASA technology. I will let you know how I got on with the TEMPUR® pillow in a minute!

A woman lying on a TEMPUR pillow

5) Get organised 

Writing a to-do list the night before a new day is a great way to relax before bed. Knowing what tasks you need to achieve the next day is a great way to drift yourself off into a natural sleep. I know that if I don't write a to-do list the night before, I lie awake thinking of everything I need to possibly do the next day, to the point where my brain goes into overdrive. 

So, what did I think of the TEMPUR® pillow?

One thing I definitely noticed when I slept with the TEMPUR® pillow for the first time is that I had a noticeably better night's sleep. The memory foam pillow made me feel like I was sleeping on a cloud. I felt so relaxed and the pillow was just so comfortable to sleep on. The pillow felt like it was moulding the shape of my head when I put my head down on it, making it feel so luxurious. This TEMPUR® pillow is something I will use to sleep on for a long time to come, I don't know why I haven't thought about using it sooner!

A TEMPUR memory foam pillow

A TEMPUR memory foam pillow

I'd love to know your thoughts on the TEMPUR® pillow. Let me know in the comments below!

*This post is in conjunction with TEMPUR® and a paid collaboration with TEMPUR®. All thoughts are my own. For more information, please read my disclaimer. Thank you for your support as always!

A woman holding a TEMPUR pillow

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