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I recently posted some posts of me posing outside in different places, but by the looks of these pictures I need a little practice in regards to posing and knowing how and where to stand. You see these amazing bloggers and influencers posing so effortlessly and they look like professional models, then there's me looking awkward as f**k sitting on steps outside a museum. Maybe I need to enrol myself on a modelling course, even though I'd look like a sack of spuds next to the size zero girls.

Anyway, putting these pictures in different posts I've posted quite recently made me see that I maybe need to start getting somebody to take some pictures of me outside more often. The first time I had pictures taken outside was when I was in Liverpool. I sat out on the steps outside the museum, it was a very dull and drizzly day so thank f**k my hair held out for those five minutes I sat on the steps. I knew I had to be quick because there was a dark cloud looming overhead. 

I look a little more natural in the photo where I stand in front of a very aesthetically pleasing pink wall. Thank goodness, I look a little more relaxed in those.

My natural stance is my arms down by my sides, possibly one of my arms flowing through my hair and I just smile for the camera.

I suppose posing comes from your natural instincts, there's nothing worse than looking at someone's photo and you can tell all too well that they're not entirely comfortable or happy to have their photo taken.

What I've learnt about having my photo taken outside, especially for blogging purposes, is that it's not about posing in a certain way or staring at god knows what in the distance, it's about being natural and showing the REAL you.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind taking a selfie in my bedroom. Let's face it, I wouldn't be prepared to go out in the rain just to get a good blogging photo, I can equally get just as good a photo being in my bedroom too. But I don't want to feel pressured into thinking that my photo's have to be taken outdoors at this stage in my blogging life. I should have my blogging selfies taken where I damn well please!

How do you feel about this bloggers?

P A G E  253
It's Monday and I have a productive Autumnal day planned, so let's get cracking! I really feel like eating a huge stack of pancakes with maple syrup, remind me to make pancakes one day.
I need to pop out to buy some Autumn blog props - how very bloggery of me!
Ok, hold your horses, I have possibly just found the most amazing type of blogging notebooks EVER -
I seriously cannot wait to start using these! All my blogging ideas will be written down in one of these books, probably the smaller book then the bigger book I'll keep for any blogging projects I come up with.
I also put these too -
I love Potpourri! Especially at this time of year, I love having that Autumnal smell in my house. As you can tell from reading this part of the entry, I love Autumn.
It's a lovely day, I want to take myself off somewhere -
This hot chocolate tasted stunning mind. It's the first time I have been to this little coffee place, I'm so glad I did, it definitely isn't my first and last visit there.

P A G E  254
I'm not in a good place this morning. My chest hasn't been feeling great the last week or so, it's time to give in to my lungs and start a course of Cipro. Great. I hate it because it means I can't have milk first thing in the morning, which means no cereal. Ah!

I'm at the gym and half an hour in to my session and I feel like I want to vomit on the rower machine. Time to make a move I think!
I've just got home now, the nausea is still taking it's hold. I'm hoping it'll pass before I go out later for a Subway with one of my good friends. I really fancy a Chicken Pizzaiola sub. I wonder what they're new wraps are like?
I'm on my way to pick up my friend Lucy for our Subway - the nausea has finally made a disappearance until tomorrow morning. Hopefully it won't be as bad as it was this morning.
I just come back home and I have booked a test drive on a car I want. Hopefully I'll like driving it so I can get it!
Right, it's an early night for me as I got work tomorrow. Me and my lungs need sleep.

P A G E  255

Is it seriously only Wednesday?! All I can say is that thank god there are only two working dats after today until the weekend! It's 6:30pm, I'm about to tuck into a Subway (I know, I know, twice in two days) but me and my Mam couldn't be bothered to cook - well, we're allowed to treat ourselves once in a while, right?

P A G E  256
I've overslept. I hate it when that happens, it completely throws me out of whack for the rest of the morning. It's watching a puma running around getting ready before heading off for work. I hate the morning rush! Right, let's breathe, I only got to eat breakfast, then it's drive time to work.
After a busy day, I need to pop to Card Factory to get a couple of cards - wait a minute, what's this?!

I'm sorry, but it's getting silly on how early Christmas cards are being displayed on the shelves in shops these days. Autumn hasn't even been and gone yet!
I've just bought a few items on Amazon, but items I've been meaning to buy for quite a long time -
I cannot wait for the Autumn nights of cuddling up in bed and getting stuck in to a good book.

P A G E  257
Thank f**k it is Friday. I don't think I have ever been this happy to see a Friday. I don't know why but I feel knackered today! But I'm off to work in a bit, taking the nausea from the antibiotics with me and hoping this Friday in work flies by.
I'm home from work, I need to get ready to see my bestie for a long overdue catch up and I get to see her little boy. That makes me smile.

This hot chocolate took me ages to get after the couple in front of me decided to ask every question in the Costa rule book to the barista, whether it was from what cakes they had to the Costa app they had on their phone, you name it, they asked it. The poor barista felt the need to apologise to me for waiting so long to give my order. Honest to god, don't go into a queue of Costa when there's thirsty customers like myself behind you, I just end up wanting to put my fist in your face.

P A G E  258
This nausea needs to eff off. This is the worst it's been since I started Cipro on Tuesday and I've had a guts full. One thing that has perked me up is knowing I got a little trip to the Kia show room this morning -

Well, that test drive went well! I've ordered the car and should hopefully be here by the end of October! Ok, that has cheered me up now! Right, I need to fit some exercise in before Liverpool's game starts. I got an hour - I got this!
A great win, I'm in an even better mood now! Oh I forgot to mention, I had this lovely Amazon delivery earlier -
I haven't bought a good book, well in this case, books, for ages now. I love reading books during the Autumn /Winter seasons. It's just nice to cwtch up in bed with a book after a long day in work or whatever and just completely chill. That for me, is pure bliss.
It's evening now, I'm sat waiting for Match of the Day to come on my TV screen, I think I'll just have a browse on New Look's website - ooh, what have we here?!
I told you guys before I loved the leopard print trend. I'm just keeping on top of it!
I can hear the Match of the Day theme song - see ya's!

P A G E  259

I feel incredibly sated and refreshed this morning. I think sleeping until 9:45am is a sign that my body desperately needed some restful sleep. Right, I am now wide awake and eager to get this Sunday started! But first - breakfast.
I've done some exercise, taken my Nan to bingo and I have just done some blogging stuff -
Ok, that may not sound overly exciting to the non-blogger, but bloggers will know the excitement of this!
Right, I am done now for the day, it's time to cwtch down in front of the telly and watch this -
If you don't binge watch Only Fools and Horses on the weekend at some point point, then you haven't done your weekend properly.
Ok it's 9pm, the Bodyguard is on - goodnight!

Now, I don't like coffee I never have done, it's too strong tasting for my tongue. Give me a green tea, or in this case due to the photo's I've used, a hot chocolate. But as I'm writing this post, is it just me or saying to someone that you're going out for a coffee sound more professional and adult-y than saying you're going out for a hot chocolate? Saying you're going out for a hot chocolate sounds is the norm when it's Autumn or Winter.

Wait a minute! It is Autumn now isn't it? Well, not officially, but I am wearing a jumper as I write this and I'm drinking an aesthetically pleasing hot chocolate, so yes, it is Autumn and it is hot chocolate season.

Ok, I've gone slightly off topic here, I have a bad habit of doing that. Picture this - it's a Monday afternoon, it's my day off and I've done all I needed to do up until this point. So what do I decide to do? I take myself off for an hour to my local coffee place.

A very quiet and cute place, about a 5 minute drive from my house, it's pretty quiet in here as it's a Monday afternoon. I got my notebook with me to make some notes on this post amongst other blog post ideas. Sometimes just going somewhere different can give you new inspiration for ideas. Whether it's something you hear in another person's conversation (I wasn't being nosey!) or sometimes quotes on the walls give you food for thought.

Being sat here, writing down plenty of notes, has got me thinking that I need to do this more often. I genuinely think that taking yourself off somewhere you've never been before can give you a little uplift in confidence and also just trying something new is always a great thing. Getting out of the same routine and making an escape from your house once in a while can do your mental wellbeing wonders because you're getting out of that samey-samey routine.

Also being sat in this coffee shop, gradually writing down thoughts and ideas, I've realised that I haven't checked my phone for notifications or emails once. That's a bonus in my book. We all need to put our phones away to clear our heads. What a way to do it, in a cafΓ© with a hot chocolate sat in front of me, well now a mostly empty glass as I've almost drunk it all. FYI - it was very delicious.

The point of this post is that, please, once in a while, take yourself off somewhere for a little me time and to just get yourself out of that habitual routine. I tell you one thing, it makes you feel like a proper blogger sitting in a coffee shop with a notebook and pen.

Before I forget! The place I went to for this hubba-hubba hot chocolate was Cabin Cwtch (loving the typical Welsh word). I would definitely recommend a visit if you're ever passing through Newport.

Where do you like taking yourself off to by yourself?
I'm finally publishing this post after months of it being in drafts. Well, I'm not saying I've been so unhappy in the last few months, because I've had my good days and made some good memories. But there have been a fair share of bad days where I've wanted to curl up in a ball in the corner and just cry.
My fringe clearly had other ideas
Top // New Look // Online Here
Espadrilles // Boohoo // Online Here
In recent times, I haven't had the best time of it, going to Liverpool for a couple of days being my one highlight of the entire summer, plus the gorgeous weather we did have. Lots of things haven't gone the way I've wanted them to and my cat going missing has been heartbreaking and I miss her dreadfully. I've looked in the mirror in the morning, trying not to be too freaked out at the state of my disarray hair, realising this isn't the strong willed Lucy I know and have created. I needed the old me back.

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who sits back and waits for the good things to come along. I know, kind of not the best trait to personally own.

But things have seemed to click in my mind, I need to jump up off the sofa and make stuff happen instead of waiting for it to come to me. I'm trying to make a career change which isn't easy, but I'm willing to give it my all until I can get up on a Monday morning and be happy that I am going to work.

As I'm writing this post, I am starting to feel more positive about things again! I want to be the old Lucy again, the one I know and love. I need to get into that positive mindset again.

Your mind is a powerful thing. Fill it with positive thoughts, the happier and more content you will feel. However, fill it with negative thoughts, that's it - you've probably set yourself up to have a pretty bleak day.

I think this will be my main aim for the rest of 2018 - think positive when times are tough and just smile.

"There is always a reason to smile - find it"
My bestie made a joke behind the camera - I honestly can't remember what it was but it must have made me belly laugh!
One thing I used to do was every time I woke up in the morning, I thought about something that there was to look forward to over the next 24 hours. It would help me get out of bed but also it would help me start my day off with a positive mindset. I need to start doing that again, it really does work.
So here is to a happy rest of 2018!

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