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20 September 2019

3 Hours in Birmingham

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I need to be frank here, I've only ever been to Birmingham twice in my life. The first time I went on a long car journey (car journeys seem like days as a kid) to the airport to pick family friends at a Birmingham airport hotel (don't ask me which one!). Then the second time was only a matter of weeks ago when I was had to change at Birmingham New Street to get to Liverpool.

Ok, that's probably not the most enlightening and entertaining opening paragraph I've ever written, but stick with me my little darlings.

3 Hours in Birmingham

16 September 2019

Travelling Solo

I've travelled solo a few times now, mainly Liverpool but also to Brighton. As much as there is a sense of apprehension surrounding a solo trip, there is a great feeling of independence and confidence when you venture out of your home town.

The anxiety can dangerously spoil a lone trip away. In my case, I worry about my travel plans getting ruined by a late train or a hotel not coming up to scratch. Maybe the plans I had arranged get tossed out of the window unexpectedly. Mind you, if I named every single worst case scenario, I wouldn't go anywhere. I'd be stuck in a house like a hermit if I didn't go to new and different places.

Travelling Solo
Tee - Noisy May (ASOS)
Skirt // Nasty Gal

11 September 2019

Am I Falling Behind Everyone Else?

*Scrolls through Facebook*

Someone else is engaged, let’s comment congratulations, tell them you wish them nothing but happiness and move on.

*Scrolls even further through Facebook*

Someone is having a baby, let’s comment congratulations, tell them to start buying Huggies/Pampers and move on.

Photography - Ellie Blakeney
Am I Falling Behind Everyone Else?

7 September 2019

The Importance Of Getting Your Bra Measured

I remember my supposed first bra measurement, my Mam took me into Tesco, held up different bras to my chest to test out each size, my Mam came to the decision that I was a 36D - or as she said, "That's close enough". So from that point on, I bought 36D bra's (half) convinced that my Mam had bought me the right size bra and that was that.

The Importance Of Getting Your Bra Measured

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