22 May 2018

Lookbook - Mom Jeans and Polka Dots

A very random title for this Lookbook post I know, but it's basically what it says on the tin!
This is confession time - I've NEVER owned a pair of jeans that weren't skinny jeans!
Why? Because I never thought Mom jeans or any time of other jeans suited me. I always thought Mom jeans would make me look a little bit more fatter than I look. But I bit the bullet and bought a pair from Pimkie at ASOS for £16 - and oh my word, I've fallen in love with them! They are so comfortable and I don't give a s**t if they make my legs look a little bi more on the wider side, they're worth it!

I bought this lovely polka dot wrap top from Boohoo (through ASOS) to go with them, but currently I'm wearing those jeans with a black vest top looking like an extra from Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen music video.

20 May 2018

Story: 2018 - Chapter Five (Pages 134 -140)

P A G E  134
It's Monday again. But going to work knowing I'm going out with one of my best friends for a belated birthday meal should surely get me through the day.
So I've just left work, I haven't been to the gym for two weeks, I'm overdue a visit. I need to go. Maybe I can leave it another day. No, I'm GOING. I'm actually kind of glad I went -

How does a person get blog post inspiration when exercising?! It's so weird!
Let's get home, have a bath, get changed and head out for a good bit of food!
What a lovely evening with my best friend! Unfortunately some d***head had to try his best to ruin it -
Some people are so rude and ignorant about disabled people! Yes, I may not have an arm or leg missing and I'm not in a wheelchair, but my illness classes me as being disabled! Honest to god some people must think we like being disabled for the special car park spaces. No mate, I'd rather be healthy!

15 May 2018

10 Ways To De-Stress

Stress, what a tense word. We have all experienced it on some level in our everyday lives. Your heart rate increases, your stomach starts churning and the panic sets in. Your anxiety levels hit the roof and you feel out of control of the situation you're in. My inner self starts throwing mugs at the nearest wall...(something I may have done in the past)
But in a way stress can be a lesson learnt in how you handle the same situation again the future. I know stress effects me whenever I experience it. Can I honestly say that I can handle stressful situations in a calm and effective manner? Probably not. But by doing some of the things in the list below, I can totally chill out, take a deep breath and imagine myself relaxing on a beautiful beach in Barbados with a Strawberry Daiquiri whilst swaying on a hammock tied between two palm trees, trying in vain not to topple off. Like that's ever going to happen anyway, but it's nice to think about:

14 May 2018

Story: 2018 - Chapter Five (Pages 127 - 133)

P A G E  127

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I'm into the week of my birthday. I can't believe how quick this year has come around. It was only this time last year I was in Liverpool with my girls celebrating my 24th. How time flies.
I've woken up to a glorious sunny day, happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone! I'm hoping to get the chance to sit outside and get some sort of tan, but not too much, as the antibiotics will make me burn if I stay out in it for too long. Sigh.
I've just come back from my first visit to Goldcliff this year. It was lovely to breathe that salty air in my lungs!