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28 September 2017

Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - September 2017

I've had a really weird month in regards to social media.

At the beginning at the month, I struggled to post any good content on all social media platforms. I couldn't think or have any good decent photos to share on Instagram and I felt I had nothing to say on Twitter. Even on my private Facebook I've been quiet. I don't know whether that is due to the fact that I'm back working full time (which I'm enjoying so much!) so my brain is completely frazzled and worn out by the time I come home or I've just got myself into a social media posting rut (if that even exists).

26 September 2017

Lookbook - 27.09.2017

I haven't done a fashion post in god knows how long. It says on my homepage that I'm a fashion blogger, as well as a lifestyle and personal one, so I guess I need to live up to that. I love fashion and buying clothes, well, what blogger doesn't?!

So yes, this post will be about one of my favourite go to outfits right now.

21 September 2017


It's time to say goodbye to the shorts, sandals and sun screen and say hello to scarves, socks and slippers. Autumn is upon us. Today marks the first day of Autumn (September 22nd).

17 September 2017

What's In My Prescription Bag This Week? 18.9.17

Sorry for the delay in the second instalment in this mini series! It's because not last week, the week before, I had a rare moment which I always cherish in my CF life - I didn't need to order anything from my prescription! Very rare does a moment like this happen so it was nice not having to go to the chemist to pick up a bag full of medication on the Saturday morning.

But because I missed out on a week of not ordering anything, last Monday saw me order what felt like nearly half of my medication. I ordered Colomycin and Itraconazole as they run out quicker than all the others and usually I need them fortnightly. Which can be a pain because my GP can be a pain in the bum and decide that I'm not due to order them WHEN I AM.

Anyway, I ordered four other things to go along with Colomycin and Itra:


13 September 2017

Five Places In Europe I'd Love To Visit

I think I can safely say that most of us would love to travel to all different places around the world. They could be places that are on your bucket list or you're a graduate wanting to take a gap year and travel the world. The world certainly has a lot to offer, so many different cultures that we would love to experience and be a part of for a short period of time. Holidays also mean making long-lasting memories which you can look back in years to come.

8 September 2017

Moving On

This post has been in my drafts for a while now. I've been umming and ahhing about whether to publish it for so long now, my finger has been hovering over the click button on my laptop for weeks now, but I've finally plucked up the courage to do it. There have been a few tears writing this, I even made one of my friends cry when she read the first couple of paragraphs!

But here goes...

5 September 2017

Organ Donation Week

The 4th September sees the start of Organ Donation Week.

Now, this isn't a post scolding you all by saying "You HAVE to be a donor" or having a go at people who haven't got a donor's card.

3 September 2017

What's In My Prescription Bag This Week? - 4.9.17

A little mini CF awareness blog series alert!

I get asked a lot about my medication and what each tablet is for etc. I also see a lot of bloggers writing posts about 'what's in my handbag?'

And it finally hit me - why not put my own spin on the traditional handbag blogger post and make it about what I have to pick up from the chemist every week?!

I have to tick off different medications on my prescription every week when I run out or I'm about to run out of the meds I need. Then I pick them up from the chemist at the end of the week, as long as my GP hasn't been a pain in the bum and decided that I don't need that one medication WHICH I DO! It's become part of my never ending routine, even the dispensers and pharmacists who work in the chemist know me on a first name basis! Hopefully by the end of this mini series I'll be able

I haven't done a CF blog post for quite a while now so I'm overdue one now!

So here's what I picked up from the chemist this week:
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