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For all enquiries, please email me at

Work With Me
If you are interested in working with me, please contact me using the email address above to request my media kit, stats and any other information. I accept product reviews as well as sponsored posts. For fees, please ask and I am happy to negotiate to suit both parties. I am based in South Wales and I cover a wide range of lifestyle topics, including travel, beauty and fashion. I have worked with a range of brands (on both my blog and Instagram), which include -

Beauty // Skincare // Body - Boots, PMD, Bali Body, Yoppie, Estrid, Blanx, The Hair Boss, SOS Skincare, Woo Woo, FOREO, INTIMINA, Liz Earle, Ohne, Escentual, Green People, Current Body, LELO Beauty, Riley, Molarclean, WUKA, Salt of the Earth, Hello Klean, Wild England.

Charities - Cats Protection

Fashion // Jewellery - NAKD, Just Your Outfit, Daisy London jewellery, Ottoman Hands jewellery, Pour Moi, Figleaves, Adexe, Kula bags, Double Second London, IDentity Lingerie, The Devout.

Food - Skinny Food Co, Good Stuff Drinks, Adagio Teas, Waterdrop. 

Interior // Home - Poster Store, Photowall, 123 Flowers, Sara Miller, Haute Florist, TEMPUR. 

Other - Welsh Government. 

Stationery - Old English Company, Mal Paper. 

Technology - Sudio, The Bloom App. 

Travel -,, AliKats Mountain Holidays.

Blog Posts
I do not accept guest posts or content of any kind. I want my content to be my own and written in my own personal style.

Now, this is the kind of important legal bit for some posts I may write. Be prepared!
I will receive products from brands who have contacted me asking for a collaboration. I will make readers aware of a post that has been sponsored or involves a gifted product by stating that at the beginning at the end of the blog post. I will declare clearly what type of collaboration I and the brand have agreed on.

Anything that is sent to me is reviewed honestly and I will never falsify my opinion. I will never accept items that do not fit into the niche of my blog. I would never influence my readers into buying something that I wouldn't buy myself or recommend to a friend.

Affiliate Links
I am a member of ShopStyle Collective. This means that, for example, in any post which includes an item with a link, if you click on the link/links in the post, I will receive a tiny profit/small percentage. It won't cost you any more money to buy the product after you've clicked the link. I will declare at the beginning of each post if there are affiliate links within a post.

Privacy Policy
With GDPR coming into place, it's asking websites and companies to provide a privacy policy about cookies, personal data that is collected and how it is kept secure. It's a lot of information, but here is a link to my policy. Just click or tap the 'Privacy Policy' icon below for more information. It's a long read, so bear with yourself! But here's a little summary of it all!

Cookies - This website will use cookies (not the yummy ones you eat!) to make your viewing experience all that better, so by visiting my site you agree to the use of them.

Comments - All comments are allowed to be made, I love it when someone comments on one of my posts! But if I deem a comment or remark on any of my posts to be inappropriate, it will be deleted.
Privacy Policy

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