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29 January 2021

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him & Her

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I've been blogging for over four years now and it's dawned on me that I have NEVER done one single gift guide. Am I even a blogger?!

So yes, what better gift guide to start on than a Valentine's Day one. I'll be single (as per) this Valentine's Day and I thought, rather than blithering on about being single for Valentine's Day and just drowning my sorrows with vodka and buying myself some new underwear, I thought I'd do a gift guide for those who are celebrating Valentine's this year at home. 

25 January 2021

Staying Positive & Helping My Mental Health In Lockdown

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Ok, this is not how 2021 is supposed to go. I was not prepared to be writing more posts about lockdowns. But here I am, we're half way through January and in the midst of another lockdown like the one we were in back in March and the Spring. Sigh.

One thing I can certainly say that this lockdown feels a little scarier, as Covid seems to have completely taken over our society and is rife. I never thought this second wave would be this horrendous. The main thing is now that we keep each other safe by staying at home, wear a mask if we need to go out and socially distance, the NHS need us to do this more than ever. So behave yourselves guys!

During this lockdown, I want to keep myself as positive as I can, I want to be able to help my loved ones, online friends and even my neighbours to get through this difficult time. I've always felt that a positive mindset is key. I know that isn't going to be easy on some days. But you got this! And remember, don't feel you're alone in this, there's always someone to talk to if you feel alone. 

19 January 2021

6 Housewarming Gift Ideas

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It feels like everybody I know is buying and moving into a new house, which is amazing to see considering the current climate we are in right now.

I cannot wait for the day I can have my own house, not just because of the independence of it all, having your own space and decorating it to your taste, but to start my own house account on Insta. You've got to think about these things. I literally cannot wait for the day when I can open a home Insta account. I'll be uploading photos to that account like there's no tomorrow!

15 January 2021

What I Want To Improve On In 2021

2020 has been one heck of a year and now it's time to focus all my attention on 2021 and what I would (hopefully) like to achieve from it.

When a new year descends upon us, I like to take the time to reflect on the past year and what I would like to achieve in the next 12 months. Are there goals which I didn't manage to achieve or is there anything I want to be better at in 2021?

9 January 2021

Why I Made My First Designer Purchase

We have all longed for that bag, pair of shoes, top, coat, jeans, car, sofa, hoover, coffee machine or slow cooker which is deemed expensive. Well, according to our bank accounts anyway.

But when you read five star reviews of the product or if you deem it to be an item which you will use for years to come, you will scrimp and save until you can officially say that you can afford the item. 

Well guys, I'm here to tell you...

I made my first designer purchase!

4 January 2021

My Blogging & Social Media Goals For 2021

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What will blogging be like in 2021 for us? Well, I'm hoping that I won't need to write posts about pillow challenges or lockdown routines this year. 

It's hard to believe that it's been an actual calendar year since I last made goals for my blog. Yes, honestly guys, it is 2021. It does still feel like March 2020 some days. 

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