Giving Compliments

I went into work a little while back, I walked in and I was showered with compliments about my hair, the reason being that was curled with my wave wand from a couple of days previous. I never have my hair curled for work, I just straighten it as it’s easier manage then.

Anyway, it made me feel good that people took the time to say something nice to me, it brightened me up for the rest of my day.

This got me thinking - it doesn’t take more than five seconds to say something thoughtful and kind to someone, so what stops us from doing that? I mean, it can be a bit weird to just go up to a random stranger and compliment them on their hair or their parking skills in the multi-storey. But it doesn't hurt to give kind remarks to your loved ones. It’s something that we should do more often. It perked up my day having something pleasant said to me about my appearance, it even makes me feel good to say something good-natured to someone else to make their day.

Whether it’s complimenting someone on their appearance, their cooking, the work that person is doing or even how they just go about life in general, just say something to make them feel good. Like I said, it doesn’t take too much effort and you’ll make the person happy. It’s a selfless act on your part, a win-win for everyone! 

Giving a compliment is like giving a verbal gift to someone. 

That verbal gift can really improve a person's self confidence and self esteem almost instantly. I know it does for me. At the end of the day, you don't know what is going on behind closed doors and you don't know a person's state of mind. 

Obviously giving fake compliments to someone is disrespectful, dishonest and just plain spiteful. Why falsely lift somebody's spirits when you don't mean what you say? If you got nothing nice to say, then shut your pie hole. 

So does it hurt to compliment someone? Absolutely not! It's free, what more do you want?

If you live on a completely different planet and are unsure of how to compliment someone, here are some heart warming examples:

You look great today
You're so funny!
I love your new haircut!
You're such a great help
I couldn't have got through difficult time without you
I like your new shoes!
I love your new profile picture/selfie!
You're so good at your job

Well, you get the idea.

What is the most nicest compliment you've ever received?

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