[AD - Sponsored Post] Planning a road trip means ensuring your car is safe and ready to go but such practical considerations shouldn't outweigh what's also important – looking stylish for any destination you might arrive at on your travels. I think there are some simple rules that apply when you're heading on a longer-than-usual car journey when you'll be behind the wheel for an extended period. Let me break that down for you a little.

A set of car keys, a lip gloss, beige claw clip and card holder.

Road Trip Style Tips

Firstly and most importantly, you need to feel comfortable sitting in your car as a driver or a passenger. This doesn't mean, however, that you should opt for sweats and joggers – save that for when you've arrived at your road trip bolthole. For the road, consider the balance between feeling comfortably practical without being too cosy. Remember that you'll be taking a break on the road at some point so wear something you'll feel confident in whether you break at a posh restaurant or motorway service station. Try to cover all bases.

Layers are the key to feeling comfy and practical on a road trip. British weather is notoriously fickle, so wear something that you can easily take off or put on to continue looking good and feeling great regardless of how hot it gets. A light jacket to keep the rain off should be easily accessible and not in the bottom of your suitcase! A mini umbrella in the side-door compartment of your car can also be invaluable if the weather becomes inclement.

When it comes to footwear, shoes and boots are best. They can help to improve your driving compared to flip-flops and sandals which, I think, are rarely suited to long drives. Besides, if you need to pull over to deal with a flat tyre or any other maintenance issue, you'll be pleased your feet are properly protected.

A set of car keys, a lip gloss, a beige claw clip and card holder.

Road Trip Safety Tips

Before you begin a road trip, pump your tyres up. Too many motorists drive around on partially flat tyres and you really notice the difference in handling and control – not to mention fuel consumption – if your tyres are under-inflated when burning up miles on the country's motorway network.

If it's due, having your MOT carried out before a road trip makes sense. You can have them carried out up to a month before they're due without losing any time until the next one is needed. This proactive approach allows you to address potential issues early, such as safety concerns with electrics, airbags, seatbelts or wipers, ensuring your trip is safe and worry-free. Prioritize your peace of mind by booking an MOT from Fife Autocentre's website - no hidden charges; and they have a good reputation in the local community. If there are safety issues affecting your car's electrics, seatbelts or wipers, then these will get picked up.

I always have a high-viz tabard to hand, as well, and not only for road trips but for all my motoring. A legal requirement in some countries, travelling with one isn't exactly stylish but it could save your life if you need to exit your vehicle for whatever reason on a busy road. Staying visible in twilight is especially important when other drivers won't necessarily pick up on this season's colours even if they are diligent behind the wheel.

A set of car keys, a lip gloss, a beige claw clip and black leather card holder.

Lastly, make sure you have plenty of screenwash topped up in your car's reservoir ahead of a road trip. I've been caught out before so, mark my words, it's better to be prepared than to waste time filling up when you could be enjoying yourself instead.

How To Be Stylish and Safe Before Going on a Road Trip

[AD - Sponsored Post] Planning a road trip means ensuring your car is safe and ready to go but such practical considerations shouldn't outweigh what'…

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This post contains PR items from Origin. See the end of the post for more details.

I love sleep. Genuine. I, and millions of others, can't function properly with little to no sleep. I have to have a good solid 6-7 hours of sleep (if I'm lucky) to function for the day ahead. The key to having a good night's sleep is not only going to bed early but having the right mattress. My mattress is...well, it's old. Let's just say it's outlived its supposed 7-year lifespan. So, I was in desperate need of a new mattress - this is where Origin come in. They reached out to me to try the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress

A woman with the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress box.

Who is Origin?

Origin is a bedding company founded in Germany. They sell not only mattresses but pillows too. Origin has cut out all of the gimmicks and focuses on what truly matters: the products and technologies behind them. All of their products have been designed by an award-winning German team with the help of a consortium of doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists. 

Origin's mission is to improve sleep for millions of people. They're also working with local communities across different countries to become as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Tell us more about the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress!

The Origin Hybrid Pro mattress is an upgrade from the Origin Hybrid, bringing double the pressure relief and providing cooler, tailored support.

The mattress is made from non-toxic materials and is also hypoallergenic. Inside the mattress, you'll find 8 comfort layers to bring you optimal night sleep, they include:

  • PolarSilk Tencel (top cover) - adds an extra cooling element to the touch.
  • Graphite Crystal Latex - assists in keeping the body cool and carries extra heat deep into the mattress.
  • Proprietary Hexagrid Plus - adds extra support and pressure relief and it adds another cooling element for the mattress and sleeper.
  • Bamboo-infused wool - this organic material and layer brings sleep comfort and is super soft.
  • ErgoCoil Titanium Microsprings - these are made from high-tensile steel and each spring is wrapped in soft, breathable pockets to respond to your sleep movement and positioning.
  • Cooling Comfort Foam - this layer helps to transfer heat away from the body and is packed with cooling gel particles.
  • Aerospace-grade titanium Springs - help to provide maximum support for the body.
  • D-3 Edge Support - this dense foam layer helps to support you when you get in and out of bed.
A woman sitting on an Origin Hybrid Pro mattress.

A hand pushing down on an Origin Hybrid Pro mattress.

Origin also offers a 200-night trial plus a 15-year warranty. If you're dissatisfied with your Origin mattress, contact the company and you will receive a full refund, as long as you provide proof of purchase and photos of the mattress. They will then donate the mattress to charity. 

Tell us about the process of ordering, delivering etc your Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress!

The ordering of the mattress was a quick and easy process, I could even request a day that suited me. Unfortunately, the delivery through Arrow XL involved a 6am alarm. For once, I didn't mind being up so early if it involved the delivery of a new mattress! 

Once the mattress arrived, it involved a hefty job of getting it upstairs into my bedroom and finding someone to help me shift my old mattress downstairs. This was definitely going to be a two-person job! My two cousins helped me take my old mattress off my bed and helped me put the Origin mattress on the bed. 

The Origin Hybrid Pro mattress.

Origin Hybrid Pro mattress label.

It is definitely easier to open the Origin mattress on the bed as it's vacuum-packed and once opened, it can unfold on the bed frame properly. Once we cut the packaging off the mattress, it expanded within seconds and it was ready to lie on within minutes! It's honestly so satisfying watching it expand and unfold before your eyes! 

How well have you slept since using the Origin Hybrid Pro mattress?

It took a few nights for me to get used to sleeping on this mattress because it's the firmest mattress I've slept on. Now I've gotten used to it, I don't know how I've managed so long without it! It's super comfortable and it's benefitted my aching back so much.

As someone who suffers from backache due to thinning of the lumbar spine, this mattress has been a godsend for me. Before, I used to have to twist and turn in every position possible to get comfortable because of my aching back. Now, since I've started sleeping on this new mattress, it's not a chore to find the perfect sleeping position. The mattress provides pressure relief and allows me to be comfortable in any sleeping position. 

What is your overall review, would you recommend Origin?

I would most definitely recommend Origin! Since I've started sleeping on this mattress, I've noticed a huge difference in my sleeping pattern. The quality of my sleep has improved significantly. I find I wake up feeling more refreshed and like I've had a decent night's sleep. The mattress has brought such relief in terms of my backache at night too. 

The mattress is so comfy and the firmness is second to none. It honestly feels like I'm sleeping on a cloud at the moment. It'll be interesting to see if the Cooling Comfort foam layer can keep my body cool during any (if any) upcoming heatwaves. 

A woman lying on an Origin Hybrid Pro mattress.

If you're looking for a new mattress, look no further than Origin. Their mattresses are of amazing quality and bring much-needed relief and comfort. 

I even have a discount for you to get £20 off your next purchase at Origin! Use the code Lucy20OFF1410 at Origin's checkout to take advantage! This code expires on the 7th of September 2024, so be quick!

I'd love to know your thoughts on my Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress!

*This Origin mattress was sent to me in exchange for a review. All views are my own. For more information, please read my disclaimer. Thank you for your support!

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