Story of 2018: Chapter Ten (Pages 295 - 301)

P A G E  295
I need some green tea and fast. I've only managed to pull myself out of bed, I really could not find the motivation to get up this morning. Maybe a bit of time on the treadmill will wake me up a bit.
I've done quite a few jobs this morning, I've exercised, been over Spytty to pick up a parcel and buy a couple of things I needed, cleaned my makeup brushes (I know right!) and now I've settled down and started writing some blog posts.
Oops. This is what happens when you don't realise your mouse button is hovering over the 'Publish' button. I've never clicked the 'Revert to draft' button as quick as I did just then.
But it turned into a lovely couple of hours. Who doesn't love a bit of singing? Even my next door neighbour's Yorkshire Terrier has decided to join in with his constant barking.

P A G E  296
I'm feeling a tiny bit impatient this morning -
Isn't it stupid?! It's probably this will be the most exciting part of my day. Housework, washing and just getting stuff sorted isn't my ideal Tuesday! But still, at least I'm getting it all done. It's back to work tomorrow. At least it'll be a good week in work - it's my last three days then after that I got at least 10 days off - BOOM!

P A G E  297
A little bit of Wednesday Wisdom to start my day off. It's off to work I go now!
I've just arrived at the gym, I've had quite an odd day in work (which I will fill you in on later) and I've realised I have forgotten something vitally important -
This isn't good. I struggle to go a day without listening to music at the best of times but forgetting my headphones when I need them most - at the gym where I want to be in the zone and avoid talking to random sweaty gym goers at all costs, not good at all. This means I'll have to listen to the crappy gym music in the background and keep my head down at all times. But I got a feeling I won't be here for very long anyway -
I was fine in work, it seemed to develop as I was driving towards the gym, perhaps it was a sign that I shouldn't have come here, mind you, me forgetting my headphones was a definite sign as well. May be I should leave early?!
I've managed 45 minutes of working out so that's not too bad.
Oh yes, I need to tell you about my day in work! Well -
Yep, don't ask why me and the teacher suggested it! But the kids loved it and it's now the new number one favourite song in the class now. Right, I need a bath - I stink.
Liverpool are on TV now, see you later!
*Update - a 4-0 win!
I'm going to bed happy now. Goodnight!

P A G E  298
I've woken up in a fabulous mood after Liverpool's win last night. It says something how much a Liverpool win can really perk your mood, well, only if you're a Liverpool fan.
I'm scrolling through Twitter and there is one thing in particular really trending right now -

Ok, like I seriously need an excuse to eat pasta anyway! But i'm feeling the chub on my belly right now so I may leave it, I'm hoping that when I look in my cupboards now to see what I want for tea, I won't find a packet of pasta. *Opens first cupboard* - oh. Pasta.

P A G E  299
It's Friday and I have twelve days off from work after today. As you can imagine and I am terribly excited about that prospect. It's time to set off, I'm ready early which is highly unusual for me.

Woop! I can finally relax and put my feet up for a little while! But I am kind of feeling downhearted about something -
I'm bloody gutted. But still, hopefully there will be another chance for me again soon.

P A G E  300
I love getting parcels on the weekend, they seem to make more weekends just that little bit more exciting (yes, that is how sad my life has become) -

If you're wondering about the caption, ASOS used to send vouchers every now and then when you reached so many points on their A-List program. I spent quite a lot on ASOS before so I got quite a few vouchers every couple of months which definitely came in handy and we're definitely an incentive when wanting to buy clothes. I shall miss ASOS A-list vouchers, they brought so much joy into my life.
Ok, let's put the new shoes away and keep a beady eye on Liverpool's match against Cardiff this afternoon.
*Update - a 4-1 win - GET IN!
I'm more than pleased with that. Let's celebrate with a glass of rose. I'm taking it easy with the drinking this weekend as I drank just a tiny bit too much last weekend. Ok, ok, I was drunk. I won't pound my liver with alcohol this weekend like the last!
I've just noticed something rather significant on Twitter this evening -
I have reached the 2,000 follwers milestone! It's quite surreal that over 2,000 people are interested in my opinions and my weekendly Liverpool FC tweets. Ah, I feel a warmth in my heart.

P A G E  301

You got to love the clocks going back -
I know people say that it's a kind of myth and that you really don't gain that valuable extra hour in bed, but it's nice to think that we've had more time to sleep than we normally would. Ok, let's get on with Sunday!
I've been exercising this morning and I feel all, well, worked out. FYI - I love this windbreaker jacket from New Look -
£11 in the New Look sale. A bargain and it's leopard print. A win-win.
I've had a quiet afternoon of doing my normal Sunday stuff - sorting my medication for another week and doing this -
I did make a little mess on my ring finger. My other hand was even worse. I think that is one of the perks of getting your nails done by a beautician - they won't make a mess or get any polish on the skin.
I'm not sure if I got the energy or concentration to invest my life into another BBC series. I've seen the Bodyguard (the best of the bunch) , Killing Eve, The Cry and now this new series The Little Drummer Girl. Let's give it a go anyway.
Nah,, not for me. Let's watch Gavin and Stacey instead.


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