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30 June 2018

Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - June 2018

I'm typing this as the UK is experiencing a scorching heatwave. I feel like I'm melting whilst I have a laptop on my lap but this post needs to get done, let's plough on!

Yes, social media has been a funny one this month! I've either had such good engagement I feel like dancing on the ceiling! Oh what a feeling when - sorry, I broke out into Lionel Richie mode then. Then other days I've felt like deleting my social media accounts altogether cause what's the point in posting stuff if nobody's going to like it?!

Ah, I feel more calm now. So let's get back to the reason I've written this -

Blog Reads of June

Here are my favourite blog posts in June:

1) Why It's Important To Talk Health | Life With MCM
Megan is a new blogging discovery in the last few weeks and I've absolutely adored reading her posts. This particular post really struck a chord with me. It is important to talk about your health problems, there is always somebody there to listen. I know that in the past I've struggled to talk about my health problems, particularly mental health issues, with anyone. Only my doctors know absolutely every single itsy bitsy detail of my current health status. Well, they have to, I am under their care after all. Like Megan says, when you open up to someone about it, it makes you feel 100 times better, I know it does for me.

25 June 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Six (Pages 169 - 175)

P A G E  169
It's a big week for my favourite charity and community -

It's Cystic Fibrosis week here in the UK! A great opportunity to raise and spread awareness of this god awful illness. I was planning last night what CF posts to repost and I've got a new one for Wednesday too! But let's get back to reality, I'm puffing my Colomycin and it's daunting on me that I have to head off to work very soon.
One thing I love about Timehop, it reminds me of things like this -
3 years, I literally can't believe it! It's the biggest achievement of my life and most definitely in terms of my health! The big question is - can I go one more year IV free? Only time will tell...
It's been a good day, I've come home to an ASOS parcel which undoubtedly has made my Monday even better -
I wanted this jumpsuit since one of my favourite bloggers Beth wore it to the Blogosphere Magazine Awards a couple of weeks ago but unsurprisingly it went out of stock pretty quickly. Just by chance last week I saw that there was one size 10 left, I couldn't have clicked the 'Add To Bag' button any quicker if I tried! Of course I tried it on and it fits like a dream! The perfect summer jumpsuit. I do like the tropical theme right now!

23 June 2018

30 things I love about Summer

It's officially Summer! It was the first day of summer on the 21st but I haven't had chance to post so...anyway, I do love this season, everyone seems to be a bit more cheerful and lively during the Summer months. There is just so much for this time of year. It does put a smile on all our faces when the sun is out, except when it is absolutely baking, some love 30 degree temperatures, I'm one of those ones who moan and I just feel like I'm flaking and melting when it's that warm. My inner self is ready in her bikini with Garnier sun protection about to hit the pool.

19 June 2018

Why I'm Not Afraid To Talk About My Health

*A post for CF Week 2018*

I’ve just finished putting my tablets together in my rainbow coloured weekly tablet box. A job I do on a Sunday afternoon. A very tedious but important task nonetheless.

Now, there’s a reason why I’ve started this post the way I have (bear with me please!)
A long time ago, before Instagram was invented and Love Island never even came across as overly popular, unfortunately it has now *sighs grumpily*, as was me never breathing (excuse the pun) a word about my illness.

17 June 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Six (Pages 162 - 168)

P A G E  162
Back to it on this Monday morning. I actually don't mind going back to work today, I've had quite a boring weekend. It's set to be a scorcher today so let's get the sandals and sunscreen on!
I've just finished sweltering on the treadmill, now what shall I have for tea?
I got to be fair, this was absolutely lovely! I do prefer eating salads in the summer. It's so much quicker to cook and it's not baking hot either. I have been thinking about starting a bit of a health kick lately, maybe this is the start?

15 June 2018

It's All About Support

Ok, this post title may be a bit misleading. I’m not talking about boobs and bras, mind you, I’ve just tweeted about a new bra set from Boux Avenue which I’m wearing right now. It’s a pretty shade of...

Wait, I’m digressing now. Back to the topic at hand, the title of this blog post.

Yes, support. We all need it in some form. It’s about having someone there. Whether it be that one person or a network of people, it’s reassuring when someone's got your back.

12 June 2018

I'm aspiring for health & happiness, not money

“Money can’t buy you happiness”

Hmm, perhaps. But it would still be nice to have some money so you can feel comfortable financially. But is money the be all and end all with me? Nope.

10 June 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Six (Pages 155 - 161)

P A G E  155
It's 6am, I need to get up, but I just can't be bothered to get my body to shift out of bed. 
It honestly did. Sunshine makes me want to get out of bed and make the most of it. It's a shame I'm going to work instead of going to a beer garden isn't it? One thing that will get me through work today is knowing I'm getting my new bedroom carpet fitted at the end of the day!
Yep, it's official, I've become a real adult now. But the carpet is so soft and a lovely light grey colour!
The two lads who came to do it were so nice (looking)! One thing did make me smile though -
It did make me chuckle!
Now if you'll excuse me! Time to venture away and watch something OTHER than Love Island.

8 June 2018

Psst! I have a little secret!

And guess what? I'm not telling you! Mwahaha! I'm sorry if that sounds completely childish and immature!

6 June 2018

Lookbook - Leopard Print

I got a thing about leopard print right now, I really can't understand why! A long time ago, way before I got a teeny bit of fashion sense about me, leopard print was NEVER a type of print I would ever go for. But it's quite surprising how many different styles leopard print can be worn. It's definitely a piece worth investing in. I already have a pair of leopard print shoes and a skirt, I've also got this lovely slip dress from ASOS:

3 June 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Five/Six (Pages 148 - 154)

P A G E  148
We have reached another Bank Holiday Monday! I don't have many major plans today. I can't do much when some of the shops aren't open. But one thing I'm glad of is that Greggs is open so I can grab some lunch. Ever tried the Chicken and Bacon toastie? - HUBBA HUBBA. Anyway, it's an afternoon of reading blogs and this -
 It looks kind of stormy outside right now, I think I'll go in and wait for Britain's Got Talent.

1 June 2018

Being A Female Football Fan

Quite a different post to what I would normally write, but please read on!

As everybody knows, I love watching football. Especially Liverpool FC, there’s me typing this like it’s not public knowledge. Well if you’ve been living under a rock since I joined social media, it’s true, Liverpool FC are a huge part of my life. I never miss a match when they’re playing live on TV, it’s become a part of my weekly routine.
Ah, Ingzi and Bobby, good times
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