Staying Organised with CF

*Closes last tablet box*

Right, that's that done. I just finished organising my tablets for another week, it's not the most enlightening jobs in the world, but its one of those things, it needs to be done. Living with Cystic Fibrosis means I have to be very organised with my day to day routine. I take so much medication that it's coming out of my ears and I have to adhere to physiotherapy and exercise workouts. I know, I honestly have no idea how I do it! I feel like I'm in pilot mode constantly and I can't switch myself away from that. Scary but true.

But I have found a few ways to keep myself organised, just little things to make my life a whole lot easier!

I love tablet boxes. I usually like to fill mine for the week on a Sunday afternoon. It means I don't have to think about popping the pills from their packets in a rush on a weekday morning. Is it weird that I like to browse for tablet boxes online or in store? Yes? Just me? Let's move on then! And sharpish.

If you're forgetful (like me!), keeping a chart of your medication can be a good idea. You can just tick it off once you've taken that one tablet or carried out a particular treatment. I suppose in a way it's an accomplishment when you look at the chart at the end of the day and see it full of ticks, knowing you haven't missed any medication. A feeling of satisfaction is always good.

I have a spare repeat prescription in my house to keep track of what medication I'll need to order from the GP for the upcoming week. I can just tick off what I need with a pencil then rub it off after I've ordered the prescription. Quite simple but an effective method for keeping organised. Because I literally cannot remember all the ones I have to order from the top of my head for the life of me. I wish all my meds would run out at the same time, but unfortunately CF life doesn't work out that way.

If you take different medication on alternate days, write down what doses you need to take on what days so you don't forget. I used to do that when I was taking different doses of Prednisolone on alternate days. I also used a calendar when I used to take Colomycin/Tobi nebulisers on alternate months.

Just take things day by day and don't get yourself into a tizz about it all! That won't do your mind or health any favours!

CFER's - if you have any tips on staying organised, write a suggestion below!

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