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31 August 2020

The Isolation Diary: Part Four

Ok, let's hope that this is the last installation of The Isolation Diary series. I don't think I could cope if I had to do a part five! I just want to say a quick thank you to those who have (hopefully) read and enjoyed these posts! Like somebody said in one of the comments, it'll be great to look back on in a few months time. When things go back to some sense of normality, I'll be remembering the days I discovered my cat growled like a dog, the first Clap For Our Carer's and when I baked for the first time EVER. 

Ok, let's crack on with this last edition of the diary series -

26 August 2020

Why I Chose The College Life Over The Uni Life

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At the moment, there are youngsters having to make huge life changing decisions now that their GCSE/A Level results have been given to them. I wish them every success and I hope they get to go down the path that they want to travel down.

When my GCSE results came out, I didn't do overly brilliant, I got just about enough of the right grades to get into college. 

I knew from a young high school age that I wasn't be cut out for university. The uni life was never a life I envisaged for myself. I never really thought that taking that advance into further education was something I REALLY wanted to do or was the right thing for me to do.

22 August 2020

How I Balance My Four Lives

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If I'm not thinking about one thing, I'm thinking about another 4-5 things instead. My life is a busy and hectic one, there's so many things going on, it's sometimes a little overwhelming. 

Life is a balancing game, it's up to us to find the right balance to make our lives a little easier and a little less frantic. 

I have four different lives to juggle. And no, I don't mean a husband and kids. I'm talking my blogging life, my CF life, my work life and my general life. Juggling four lives isn't easy. It's like being in the circus and being the juggling act and trying to keep four balls in the air without making an absolute mess and dropping them all. 

17 August 2020

Shielding Is Over! But I'm Still Afraid To Go Out.

22 weeks
154 days 
3696 hours
221,760 minutes

Shielding is OVER! For now anyway. 

I have finally reached the end of my shielding sentence without going completely insane. Well, mostly. It's been a proper rollercoaster (scuse the cliché) of emotions, highs lows, lots of watching The Repair Shop on repeat (new addiction) and wearing pillows for a lockdown challenge. 

13 August 2020

Why I Eat Breakfast & Breakfast Ideas For You

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I was going to write a post about why we should all try and eat breakfast, but I didn't want to dictate to you all why you should. Eating breakfast is a personal preference in my opinion and I know quite a few people who choose not to eat first thing in the morning. 

So rather than offering some wisdom and advice, I thought I would give the reasons why I eat breakfast everyday. Ok, that does sound a little self centred.

9 August 2020

Six More Books I've Read So Far In 2020

I haven't left it as long to read six more books than I did reading the last six books. I've read quite an eclectic range of books in the last few weeks. I've had a lot more time on my hands (obvs) and I've managed to buy and delve into more books. I seriously need to buy a bookcase for all the books that are stacked in my wardrobe. I'm playing a serious game of Jenga in terms of balancing with my books right now.

Anyway, here's another six books I've read in the last few weeks:

5 August 2020

The Benefits Of Listening To Music

Those days in school when I used put my headphones underneath my school jumper, pull the wire up through to my collar, put my earphones in and hope my Physics teacher Mr Allen never twigged I was listening to Ne-Yo or Drake. Ah, good times. That's why I rarely wore my hair up in school - it disguised the earphones better. Also you were a banging friend if you were willing to share one earphone with someone if they didn't have their own.

Anyway, music - I've loved listening to music ever since I can remember. It's one of my favourite things to do and I find it very relaxing.

1 August 2020

How To Be A More Of A Morning Person

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I'll be honest, I'm not an overly enthusiastic morning person. Even when I know I have to wake up early, it doesn't fill me with much excitement going to bed that night knowing there is an alarm set for a few hours time. Also there's fighting the temptation to not hit the snooze button as soon as the alarm rings it's high pitched tone. Plus the bed is so warm and cosy first thing in the morning that I just can't find the heart to leave it. 

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