Guys, I won't lie, being an inpatient in hospital is not fun. But the things I learnt from staying in hospital will stand me in good stead for future hospital stays. For those who don't know that I've been in hospital or know why I've been in hospital, let's take a moment for an explanation...

Hospital bed, Llandough Hospital, Cardiff

For those who don't know, I have Cystic Fibrosis, a nightmare of a lung disease that has been a constant battle by my side since I was a tiny foetus. Sometimes, my little lungs don't like playing ball and decide to be a what I call...a pain in the arse. Now, quite recently, my lungs haven't been brilliant. Kaftrio (the new miracle drug I'm taking for CF) has been a godsend for me since I started taking it six months ago. However, sometimes, those little nasty viral infections can creep in and cause my lungs to be problematic. Basically, I bring up a lot more phlegm than I'm used to. 

After an emergency dash to the CF clinic, it was decided that a stay on the ward for some intense physiotherapy on the CF ward would be beneficial in helping to get my lowered lung function back up. Something which I was eager to do and do quickly to resolve the issue ASAP. 

Anyway, I arrived on the ward, hot and bothered from dragging a suitcase and weekend bag with me, full of stuff needed for my inpatient stay. 

Things I Learnt From Staying In Hospital

A few days later, after a few doses of gym sessions, intense physiotherapy and feeling like a hippo, I was sent home by the doctors. I left the ward with a smile on my face and feeling 100% better than I had done previously. 

Like I said at the top of the post, I've learnt a few things about being an inpatient in a hospital, and here's what those lessons are -

Getting that routine nailed down when you arrive on the ward is not easy at all. Before this, I hadn't been an inpatient in nine years, which is an incredibly long time. Trying to bring in that routine I have built for myself at home was no easy feat. I kind of had to adjust to the ward's routine, which took me a few days to get used to. I brought stuff from home to make the change easier, speaking of home...

We all have items we take with us when we go away from home. When you stay in the hospital, it's essential. Just to have that smell of home with you makes me feel better. Ok, it can make you a bit homesick too, but I think if you find it comforting, it's worth it. For me, it was bringing in my own mug and towel was helpful and comforting. I'd have brought in my pillow but it would have been a ballache trying to carry that amongst my other things! Believe me, when I say, pillows aren't easy to carry when you're on your own and you got to drag all your other belongings with you!

7 Things I Learnt From Staying In Hospital

You cannot, I repeat, cannot stay in the hospital without bringing those extra goodies from the cupboard or the fridge. I remember from when I was a kid, I insisted that my Mam brought in tomato ketchup, Milkybars and Starburst as my goodies! I didn't eat them altogether, but you know. Rewind back to today, I made sure that I packed bourbon biscuits, Pot Noodles, prawn cocktail crisps and small pots of jelly. I was going to bring in Dairylea Dunkers but I stupidly left them behind. Sigh. 
But yes, snacks are key to keeping your stay as content as possible. If you're not a fan of hospital food, snacks are very necessary. Speaking of hospital food...

I won't lie guys, when I was a kid on the ward, I always used to be in the queue first for food. Like - ALWAYS. I would practically run to be first in the queue! Hospital food is really nice, I mean, seriously nice. Ok, some people may argue with me on that one. But I promise you guys, it's a lot better than it was many years ago. The days I was in the hospital, I ate three hearty meals a day. All so tasty and very filling. 

7 Things I Learnt From Staying In Hospital

Oh, guys, hospital inpatient boredom is the worst kind of boredom. Once it hits, it takes a while for it to go. Due to Covid regulations, I wasn't allowed outside of my room unless told otherwise. I made sure to go to the hospital gym while there to get myself out of the room. As much as my room was nice, staring at the same four walls for long periods isn't great. 

For the love of God, don't forget your devices. If you're not comfortable bringing valuables to the hospital, that's totally understandable. As I had a room of my own, I felt safe having things like my laptop and my phone with me. There was a safe in my room so I could put my valuables in there during the day and at night. Even though there was a TV in my room, sometimes when there's nothing on TV, you need a little bit of social media to entertain yourself! Remember, if technology isn't for you, books will be your best friends!

lessons I learnt from being in hospital

The noises and lights that you hear and see when you want to go to sleep are insane. Next time I stay on the ward, I'll make sure to pack from earplugs and a sleep mask to drown out the noise and block out the lights!

These are the 7 things I learnt from staying in the hospital! I hope nobody who reads this ever has to be an inpatient on a hospital ward anytime soon! I do hope though that this post will help if, heaven forbid, you end up being hospitalised. I do genuinely think staying in a hospital is a learning curve. Even though it's practically my second home, being an inpatient is completely different from just popping in for an appointment!  

I'd love to know your thoughts on this!

7 Things I Learnt From Staying In Hospital

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