It's that time of year people. I don't know whether you do this too, but it's reached that time where I start looking to swap my shorts, bikinis and sandals with my jumpers, coats and boots.

I started storing clothes I don't wear in a particular season last year, with the first rotation being from Summer to Autumn/Winter. Then I made the rotation with Autumn/Winter to Spring/Summer. Now I'm about to...well, you get the idea.

How To Rotate Seasonal Clothes Effectively

Storing clothes seasonally is something I wish I had started earlier. I'm so glad I can have less of a crammed wardrobe each season rather than fighting with the coathanger rail for space and making horrific noises when screeching the hangers on the rail. Yeah, not a nice sound.

This task may sound like a ballache and tiresome, but it's a job well worth it and worth doing right. Now I'm onto my third transition and I've definitely learnt things from the first two I have already completed beforehand. Here are some of the lessons I've learnt in how to rotate seasonal clothes effectively:

Yes, storing your clothes properly is key. I store mine in some storage clothes bags which I bought from Amazon and they're HUGE. You can most definitely fit so much in them, even your biggest and thickest of coats. After I've filled the bags, I store them somewhere cool and dry, either in my wardrobe or in the spare bedroom. I wouldn't store them outside in the garage/shed etc, purely for weather and insect reasons.

How To Rotate Seasonal Clothes Effectively

When I grab the storage bags, I evaluate, analyse, reason, debate and agonise which clothes I keep and which ones I give to charity or some I just recycle cause they have holes in or the quality has gone out of it. A while ago, I read a post by Victoria from InTheFrow about tips and tricks for refreshing your wardrobe and she wrote about a system she uses when decluttering and sorting out clothes. It's a three-tiered system of items to keep, give a second chance to and clear out. Since following this method, it has become so much easier rotating my clothes and my wardrobe looks so much tidier and less crammed. Sometimes you have to be ruthless, but it's for your own good!

Even though I store my clothes properly, I get conscious that they'll smell a little, well, dusty or musty when they've been stored away for a long few months. Before making the big seasonal rotation, I take the sniff test and anything I feel needs a rinse in the machine, will get a rinse. Nothing worse than wearing clothes that smell like the equivalent of mothballs!

How To Rotate Seasonal Clothes Effectively

I honestly don't own a billion pairs of shoes; I never store them away as they don't take up too much space. But every season, I'll have a clearout (however big or small) of them and again, follow the system above. I forgot to do that before the Summer started, so a shoe clearout is well overdue!

Items such as tee's, jackets, trainers and leggings are items that can be worn all year round. Whether that be for layering etc, all it takes is a little versatility and creativity to make different outfits out of those types of clothing items in particular. Write a list when you rotate your clothes to see which items stay in the wardrobe all year round. 

How To Rotate Seasonal Clothes Effectively

Rotating clothes is one of those chores which we love to hate! It's one of those tasks where it gets worse before it gets better, but when it's finally complete, it's bloody worth it!

I'd love to know if you do the same for every new season - do you rotate your clothes? Do you store them away every season? Let me know!

How To Rotate Seasonal Clothes Effectively

It's that time of year people. I don't know whether you do this too, but it's reached that time where I start looking to swap my shorts, bikini…

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I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it. 

Yep, that's how it has been for me over the years when buying clothes. But I made it my mission at the end of 2020 that I would be a lot more sustainable in terms of how many items of clothing I buy each month. I aim to buy more classic, versatile pieces rather than clothes that I will only get 1/2 wears out of. Buying clothes that are just for keeping up with the trends is just not a viable, sustainable, or affordable way to purchase clothing. Fast fashion is something I am trying to steer away from. 

Buying new clothes

As we know already, fast fashion is fast becoming an unpopular fashion trend and it's something we should all avoid. Fast fashion contributes 10% to carbon emissions and I think we could all do our bit when it comes to buying clothes unnecessarily. 

I know that sometimes finding those ideal clothes can be a nightmare for some, you may prefer to buy clothes from a particular brand because their sizing works for you, or the factor of money can come into play. 

All I know is is that my main objective is to be more sustainable with buying clothes and here are the factors I will consider before buying new clothes -

Can I wear the item with multiple outfits? Or is it going to be a 'one outfit only' item? If it's the latter, it will not be bought by me. One thing I have found so much fun is buying something versatile and creating and discovering new outfits every time I wear, for example, a new jumper, a new pair of trousers, or a new pair of shoes! 

is buying new clothes worth it

An LBD, a trench coat, black boots, white trainers, a camel coat, a white shirt...
Yes, these are all classics and should be in any person's wardrobe as I class these as essential items. I'm aiming to buy more classic pieces as they're great for helping to piece an outfit together and also these items in particular (amongst others) won't ever go out of fashion and will last for years to come!

Trends go in and out of fashion quicker than my legs go in and out doing the Hokey Cokey. If I see an item I like and it's just part of a so-called seasonal trend, I won't buy it. Saying that though I've bought things that have been a part of a trend and I still use them today. But yes, if I know I'll only wear it once, then I won't buy into a trend. Speaking of buying things only once...

shopping for new clothes and shoes

I think one prime example I can give is when you go to a wedding - the wedding guest outfit. More often than not, you're only going to wear that outfit once. Once one group of people sees you in that dress, you're never going to want to show the second group of people. If that's the case, why not rent a dress? But saying that though, in Covid times, it may make you feel uncomfortable wearing a dress that somebody else has worn before you. I know it gets washed before being rented out again, but still, there's that factor to consider.

Nothing worse than wearing a new top and you've found a hole in it or the stitching has come undone after 1-2 wears. I would be fuming. One thing I've started doing (which I never did before) is looking at the reviews for the brand and their items to see who raves about the quality and durability of the items they sell. It may be a little time-consuming, but it's worth it before parting with your money.

factors to consider before buying new clothes

Don't land yourself in debt for that luxury handbag or pair of shoes. It's not worth it. If there's something that you like, save up for it and buy it when you know you're financially comfortable. This is why I'm not a fan of companies like Klarna, they're just asking for people to spend spend spend and pay later, which can be a little dangerous. Only buy it if you're bank account looks healthy. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on sustainable fashion guys, is it something you're trying to aim for in terms of buying clothes? Do you consider any of these factors before buying clothes? Let me know!

6 Factors To Consider Before Buying New Clothes

I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.  Yep, that's how it has been for me over the years when buying clothes. But I made it my mission at the end of…