As a blogger, there's no better feeling than when a brand you love reaches out to you asking to collaborate with them. Especially a brand which you already love and you already use their products religiously. As much as I love blogging collabs, sometimes I don't enjoy them as much as I should. Hear me out!

A blogging flatlay

As I said, it's so exciting when a brand reaches out to me, admires my work and wants to work with me. But sometimes, I don't know why, it makes me nervous as well. When I see the other bloggers a particular brand has already worked with, I get a classic case of imposter syndrome. Also, I start to question myself and even the brand. 

"Why do they want to work with me?"
"What if I let the brand down?"
"What if I can't deliver what the brand needs?"
"What if the blog/social media post doesn't get good engagement?"

So many questions doubting myself, and even the brand. I may sound like I'm turning a positive experience into a negative one, but I honestly can't help these thoughts going around my head! I do need to think more positively from this perspective. I should just take that collab email landing in my inbox as a brilliant thing rather than worry about it.

But hey, I do have a few reasons why I enjoy and sometimes don't enjoy blogging collabs:

1) Coping with the pressure

For me personally, blogging collabs invite a bit of pressure for me. I always question and worry about letting the blog down with my creativity and content. That's where the feeling of pressure comes into play. The majority of the time, I do enjoy being able to think more outside the box when it comes to creativity and blogging collaborations. But sometimes, I put pressure on myself to REALLY think about it, too much in fact.

A blogging flatlay

2) Feeling proud a brand has chosen to work with me 

It really is such a proud moment when a brand reaches out. The hard work of all the writing, publishing, copywriting, photography and making sure I copy and paste my gtag in my HTML code is worth it. I know brands choose plenty of other bloggers to work with as well, but being in that special group is a nice feeling. It feels like they trust me to produce and create content on their behalf and showcase their brand and their products. 

3) Working with dream brands

It's an even better feeling when the brand you have been dreaming about working with for so long reaches out to you! I've worked with a few brands now, some I've loved working with, some I never want to work with again (obviously I put it more nicely when I email them). 

A blogging flatlay


4) Having to say no to collabs

When it comes to brand collaborations as a blogger, I need to be firm. I won't let a brand walk all over me. In the past, I have really struggled to say no, I never wanted to let anybody down and have always tried to appease the brand/PR company rather than do what I feel is best. But in the blogging world, you cannot be a pushover, something I have definitely learned over the years.  

I'd love to know your thoughts on this, am I being too pessimistic in your eyes? I like to think I'm a realist anyway, but this post may not show I'm being a realist to some.

Let me know your thoughts on how you treat blogging collabs!

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