5 ways that get me motivated to do a workout

Years ago, I never thought a health scare would be a blessing in disguise. That health scare (a collapsed lung) gave me the kick up the backside and the motivation to working out and exercising. But what I've learnt from exercising is that not only does it benefit my health, but also my state of mind. I love that feeling when you've feel like you've conquered and adhered to a good, sweaty workout. Thinking about all those calories (well, not for me personally) you've burnt, but for me personally, that feeling that I've given my lungs a good workout and also that I've not let my mind tell me to stop working out because my muscles have been burning.

But the hardest part is always finding the willpower and motivation to actually start a workout, there's always the temptation to just park your backside on the sofa to watch daytime TV. But if you're lacking motivation to put your trainers on and getting yourself down to the gym, here are some tips and ways to get inspired to workout! -

Listening to music does really keep you exercising for longer. Whether you're going for a run or riding the exercise bike at the gym, listening to a Spotify play list or your own choice of music can really motivate to stride on the treadmill that little bit longer. What I try and do is make an hour long play list of different songs I like, then I stop when the play list has finished. Also invest in one of those armbands that you can slot your phone in, you won't feel the urge to get distracted. Speaking of getting distracted...

Wifi easily distracts us all from our everyday life. It's very tempting to get your phone out and make a Boomerang of yourself pedalling on the bike or running on the treadmill (if you have a real steady hand). I know I have done that in the past. But, so you don't get caught up in the latest drama on Facebook, switch your Wifi off until you leave the gym or finish your workout. It certainly helps me keep going exercise-wise.

I can honestly say that when I buy new gym clothes, like this Boux Active sports bra and leggings (similar), I just want to use them straight away, well, I paid for them after all! I need to get my squat on and dig into those lunges. I try and buy new gym gear when I feel a lack of motivation to workout. Doing this always help me get out of that rut.

One thing I started doing a few years ago was writing an exercise journal. I like looking back through it to see how far I've come. It also lets me see when I last had a rest day. I don't like taking a rest day, but I know every now and then, my muscles need a rest and not push them too hard. I aim to work out at least 5 days a week, but sometimes I can go two weeks without having a rest day. Not advisable I know, but if I feel motivated to exercise, I will just do it!
I know a lot of people like to have their bestie beside them when they're sweating and pumping away on the step machine, I can see why. Having someone next to you give you words of encouragement to carry on and to just chat to is always good. I prefer to work out on my own personally, I'm more for setting myself up near the TV in the gym so that keeps me focused.

I'd love to know your strategies and tips on how to motivate yourself to workout!

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