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29 August 2017

Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - August 2017

August is almost over, which means Summer is almost over *sigh*. But in a way I'm looking forward to Autumn coming now. Seeing the leaves on the trees change to brown and fall away to the ground, the return of the long, wooly scarves and knee high boots and tights.

22 August 2017

A Song For Tomorrow

People who know me well know I adore reading.

I have done ever since I picked up my first reading book in primary school and read to my teacher. I find reading a form of escapism and really love being captured by the story, you feel like you're going through the same emotions as the characters in the book as you're reading it.

16 August 2017

Five Rules I Keep To Before Posting A Blog

All bloggers want their posts to be perfect. From eye catching pictures to relatable content, we want our readers and audience to be excited and anticipate when our next post is going to be up on our website. I'm like that with some bloggers because their content and pictures are just blooming amazing. I'm sure that bloggers will agree with me when they say that they have a checklist they keep to before posting a new blog.

9 August 2017

A Girl Who Loves Football

Quite a different post for me to write but as the 17/18 Premier League football season is about to commence, I wanted to talk about the main love of my life - Liverpool Football Club.

Yes, shock, horror! I'm a girl who loves watching football. Ever since I was 13, my weekends wouldn't be walking around the local area with a herd of school mates gossiping about the latest going on's in school that week, it would be sat in front of the TV watching the Reds play home or away from Anfield. I was quite a girly girl growing up so I think it surprises a lot of people when I tell them I love watching football.

4 August 2017

Getting My Sass Back

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how I needed some space and time to myself to get my head together and think.
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