Stepping out of my blogging comfort zone

Now, if you have read this blog long enough, you'll know that my blogging niche is lifestyle and fashion. Quite a broad subject in the blogosphere, but it got me thinking, is that enough?

I mean, I see some truly incredible bloggers who confidently talk about all the different types of blogging topics such as beauty, travel, fitness, food and books etc.

Obviously, it's important that when you write posts, you need to have a good idea what you're talking about. I never want to be known as the blogger who talked random s**t about, I don't know, travelling when I haven't been abroad for years. It would make me less credible as a blogger and as a person.

Now, completely changing the topic at hand so I do apologise, I won a competition on Instagram a little while back! It was on So Fragrance's Instagram page and I followed the competition rules and I got tagged in their story and the rest is history! So the other day I received a lovely white box in the post containing the pretty looking spray bottles and the contents of those bottles smelt heavenly.

Ok, this is where I have to kind of rewind back to the start of my early blogging days, when I used a marble stick on paper for my picture backgrounds and I never heard of VSCO. I did a makeup review of my go to foundation - bareMinerals . I can't link it because 1) it was on my old Wix website which I deleted a LONG time ago because of the shame of it and 2) I didn't achieve my best content back then. That was the one and only time that I did a beauty themed blog post. I haven't thought about writing another one because I am certainly not a makeup and beauty expert. My makeup techniques and application has improved vastly in the last couple of years or so.

So back to the title of this blog post, I wanted to do a review of these sprays because I received them (this isn't a sponsored post!) from So and, even though I won them in a competition, I'm still really grateful to So for randomly choosing me as their winner, I never win anything! But like I said in my last paragraph - I've haven't written a beauty post in a VERY long time.

This is where I have to step out of my blogging comfort zone - I like to think that my content is a lot better than when I first started on Wix. I feel I've learnt so much from the blogging community by reading blogger's different posts. But I have seen tweets from bloggers stating that they don't think you should blog about anything different than your niche. Should I really limit myself to what I write because it doesn't fit into my current blogging theme?


As blogger's, we should be able to write about whatever the hell we want! There's no blogging etiquette we have to follow in terms of choosing what we want to write about. If you think you have written a decent post about something that is completely different to what you normally write about, then go for it! It could be the post that ends up upping your blog page views by a lot of numbers or it could stand out to a brand or company. It could even land you a dream collaboration. Always think positive my lovelies.

I kind of want to expand my horizons and see if I can write and publish a beauty post. I can't believe I'm going to be saying this - but - watch this space (sorry to go all 2010 on your arses).

We shall see...

Have you ever stepped out of your blogging comfort zone?


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