My first memory for my love of books and reading was when I was in primary school. My teacher back in Year 6 bought us all Jacqueline Wilson books for a Christmas present. We all ended up swapping books, well, we all wanted the Tracy Beaker book. I ended up getting the Lottie Project. Some in my class thought it wasn't the greatest book to have. I didn't care. I loved reading Jacqueline Wilson books and this was just anther one to add to the collection. I couldn't wait to go home and start reading it after my tea.

But even before that day, I loved my Mam reading stories to me and also her letting me read a chapter of a book (most probably Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, I loved that book) to me before I went off to sleep, making sure my moon shaped night light was switched on before my head hit the pillow.

I adore the fact that I enjoy reading. Reading has always been a big part of my daily routine. Whether it's reading on a quiet Sunday afternoon or reading a chapter or two before going to sleep at night, I always make some time in the day to read. It's kind of like my personal learning curve.

Also, there are some many benefits in reading, here are some of the reasons why we should all be getting stuck into a good book:

In a way, your mind can be transported to other realms and reading also is a good way to distract yourself from your everyday problems and troubles. Reading allows your mind and body to relax. My ideal way to reduce stress in my life is to cwtch up on the settee, under a large blanket with a glass of wine or a cuppa with a paperback/hardback book in my hands.

They say you learn something new every day. You definitely can when you read a book. Not only can you pick up new bits of information to store into your ever expanding brain, you learn new words which you can use in general conversation (as long as you know what they mean!) and I sometimes use new words when I write a new blog post. It effectively draws the reader in and it does make you sound more intelligent. Speaking of writing...

I've said before that I have always loved writing, ever since I was in school, writing those 'About Me' autobiographies at the start of each new school year in primary school. Without my love of reading, I wouldn't have a love for writing. From reading lots of books, I have been able to write posts and articles for magazines which I never thought I could. I had zero creativity skills in high school. I couldn't draw for toffee, I couldn't write a reason why Of Mice and Men used metaphors and alliteration. Now, reading a wide variety of books has certainly influenced my writing for the better. Now my creativity skills have gone from zero to - well - maybe a 2 or 3?

Reading gives me the chance to think about a character's own life rather than my own. Reading allows me to escape from my every day life and focus on somebody else's. I know they're only book characters, but it's surprising how you get completely drawn in to a character's life and troubles. It really does make you forget your own. Yes, I'd rather be more concerned if Anastasia Steele is going to let Christian Grey take her in his playroom for a little slap and tickle than worrying about displaying sweat patches from a vigorous workout at the gym. Quite different scenarios I know.

Believe it or not, reading is actually one of my favourite things to do. Apart from writing and watching Liverpool play of course. So please, if you ever get the chance, buy a book from Amazon (and I mean a proper book, not through your Kindle) and just sit down and enjoy the book! It's surprising how stimulating and relaxing reading can be!
What other benefits are there for reading?

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  1. Loved to read how you were so excited to get a book as a present in school! Reading has been such a great thing in my life that I couldn't think my life without x