Story of 2018: Chapter Ten (Pages 281 - 287)

P A G E  281
Ok, my Mam doesn't sound too good right now -

I've never been so grateful to have a flu jab! Flu can be horrendous, it's horrible seeing my Mam like this, let's go and make her a cuppa.
I've probably had THE most boring Monday on this Earth today. I've kind of been productive, but not as much as I usually am on my day off. While my Mam is sleeping on the settee, I'm going to head upstairs and get some blogging stuff done.
This is really annoying. I know it's not first world problems, before anybody bites my head off about that! Let's go and grab the extension lead, the nearest plug is just outside my bedroom door, the laptop charger doesn't reach that far.
Ok, spending time upstairs trying to type up blog posts hasn't been as productive as I thought -
Hmm, I wonder if I can squeeze a trip in to Liverpool before the end of the year? Time to get some financial planning done, I'm determined to afford it!

P A G E  282
Good morning! It's a very EARLY start for me today -

My appointment is at 9:30 and I got to the hospital at 8:45. I didn't time the morning rush hour traffic all that well. But there's one perk to come out of all this -
Usually the Wifi signal down here is pretty shit so refreshing my Twitter and scrolling through my Instagram stories is keeping me busy for those extra minutes I need to wait. I'm currently sat in the canteen and I must say my hospital has a very Instagrammable canteen. Only me would spot this. I must be bored. I think I'll head down to clinic early.
Ok, so not a great day today. This is a real kick in the guts as far as CF is concerned. Quite weird but satisfying having a throwback session with my doctor going through my X-ray's on the computer screen. Th didn't look half bad, apart from the one showing my collapsed lung from six years ago, definitely one to forget, however horrendous it looked. So I've left clinic feeling completely flat and my mind is in absolute overdrive. This 45 minute drive home now isn't going to help my mind. Hopefully the radio will play some decent tunes (well, happy ones more than anything) to keep my mind focused and upbeat.
It wasn't too long a drive after all, even though I made like three mistakes on the roundabouts Newport City Council have been working on for like forever. There's like five different lanes now, I know it's supposed to ease traffic but that's taking the piss surely?!
Hopefully this will be the start of something big - but I need to get my health in order first, I got a lot of thinking to do today. Time to head to the gym to burn off this anger - maybe I should take a hit at the punch bag?

P A G E  283
I've woken up in an okayish mood. I'm in work today so that should keep my mind occupied. My chest is feeling okayish too. I need to take my mind off things and I'm sure the kids will keep me busy! Speaking of minds -

It's World Mental Health Day. A day to remind us all that we are not alone. There's is always someone to talk to. Good mental health is so vital into allowing us a happy life and a fulfilled one. It's 2018, it shouldn't be pushed aside as not being important, it bloody well is!
Right, whilst my mental health and wellbeing has taken a hit over the last 24 hours, this has cheered me up -
It's so good and refreshing to know that the hard work and sweat and tears is paying off! Milestones like this make it all worth it. I never thought so many of you would be so interested in my writing!
Oh, these also cheered me up, I mean, just look - hubba hubba -
I cannot wait to start wearing these, even though the left shoe is a little loose on the back. I swear my left foot is a size 3 and my right is a size 4. Why do my feet have to be so bloody awkward?!

P A G E  284
I hate doing my makeup in the darker mornings. The ceiling light isn't very good lighting for applying makeup. When it turns light outside, I'll always find my foundation looks patchy on my forehead! So annoying!
Right, I've sorted my forehead out, time for work.

I seriously have bruises everywhere. I have absolutely no idea where they have materialised from either! Also this is causing me problems -
They really are. Hopefully puffing this Colomycin and a good nights sleep will ease it a bit.

P A G E  285
October 12th is a landmark day - it is the return of the boots. The work boots. Which have been sitting on the bottom of my wardrobe since about March. Looking a little scruffy, but I know my trusty boots will keep my feet dry in the shit weather I can hear outside.
I don't even have to open the curtains and I can already tell how shocking the weather is.
At least it is Friday, but I'm a little displeased about one thing this morning -

As people know, I adore the Royal Family, I find their traditions and values absolutely fascinating! I hope the weather is better in London today than it is here!
It's 3:30 and I have finished work for the weekend. But why is my body starting to be a right pain in the arse?!
It seriously is hurting and I can honestly say I don't know how I've done this to myself. Time to grab the Ibuprofen.
Now, Jamie Dornan is on the Graham Norton show - goodnight!

P A G E  286
I've woken up feeling highly motivated to do some exercise, but I have a problem -

It's been hurting since yesterday afternoon, time to take some more Ibuprofen before the exercise I guess.
I've managed to get in a full hour's worth of exercise, my back pain is easing a bit now thankfully, I might go and take a walk around Spytty for a bit.
Oops. Well, I did get paid yesterday so technically it's ok. Also I bought stuff that was in my wish list on New Look's website. It's quite unusual for me find stuff from my wish list in the store!
I've come home and changed, but for good reason (kind of) -
I'm roasting! It was supposed to be chilly today, it didn't look warm at all looking from the inside. I kind of think it's unethically wrong for it to be warm in the Autumn. It just isn't right.

P A G E  287
I've woken up to the sound of rain tapping on my window (very poetical I know) 
I don't really want to venture out in this weather, well, only to take my Nan to bingo later but that's about it.
For a lazy day which I planned at the start of the day, I have been surprisingly productive. From hoovering my bedroom to taking blog pictures to exercising (my back is better now thank goodness!) I've done quite a bit, so much for a chilled Sunday! But I really want to do something else -

I might have to take a drive to Primark tomorrow. It's on my wish list which is sat in my Notes on my phone. I do love visiting Primark. You're always guaranteed a bargain in there.
But now I'm looking at Zara's online store -

It seriously is to die for. I need to win some money so I can buy everything on there. Ah well, let's settle down for an evening of blog chats and Sunday TV.

There is a sort of beauty behind that. Drinking alcohol on a Sunday evening with no work on a Monday - heaven.


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