Emily In Paris dropped onto Netflix before Christmas and it was like an early Christmas present. I may or may not have binge-watched all ten episodes in one day. Ok, I did binge-watch all of season 3 in one 5 hour binge. But it's one of those shows where you can't shut it off to do hoovering or run errands.

Now, Emily In Paris is one of those Marmite shows with some people. Fortunately, I am all for it. It's one of those shows that is pure escapism. It makes you dream about living a life in Paris and imagining how ridiculous I'd look in some of the outfits. Don't get me wrong, the outfits are fabulous, but there's no way on this Earth I could envisage myself in any of them! 

The Netflix show Emily In Paris

Ok, this is the part of the post that if you haven't seen series 3 yet, then I would tap off this post and come back once you've watched it. It's not very often I ask people to go away from a blog post, but you know, needs must. 

Season two left on a cliffhanger and season three kind of picked up where we left off. Emily, who is now sporting a fringe, has to choose between going back to Chicago with her boss Madeline or staying in Paris and continuing to work for Sylvie in her new PR company. Also, let's not forget, there's still the everlasting love triangle between Emily, Gabriel and Alfie. There are also other mini-plotlines within the series, some unexpected!

The Netflix show Emily In Paris

So, what were my thoughts on Season 3 of Emily In Paris? Here's what I picked up on from the current season!

1) The outfits are still outrageous yet equally beautiful once again.

Now, I'm not saying I could wear one of Emily's, Mindy's or Camille's outfits while topping up my car with petro. But they still look as beautiful, even if they look outrageous to some. I think one of my favourite looks is when Emily is wearing a black blazer and a check print bralette-type top. Simple but looked very classic.

2) I still can't decide if I'm Team Gabriel or Team Alfie.

Sorry guys, this is one debate I cannot decide on. I love Gabriel, I wouldn't mind him cooking for me every day! Then again, Alfie is just lovely and I think he's been given the short straw as unwitting to him, part of a love triangle with Emily. So yes, I still can't decide which camp I fall into here. Can I just say I love them both? 

3) This may be controversial, but I don't like Camille.

Camille is one of those characters that I liked in the first season. Then she became manipulative in a way, by getting Gabriel to stay with her even though she knew he loved Emily. To me, she's kind of like a pantomime villain. But then again, Emily and Gabriel did sleep together once when he and Camille were on a break. So I kind of feel for her there too. Then she decided to have an affair in this series. She hasn't done herself any favours, to be honest.

The Netflix show Emily In Paris

4) Emily and Mindy's friendship is just the best.

This friendship is still the best, we all need friends that have each other's back, are there for support and are just happy for each other. 

5) Sylvie, Luc and Julian are still iconic in season 3.

Ok, I may not want a boss like Sylvie, but I would love work colleagues like Luc and Julian, just for the lols. One thing I did notice in this season was Sylvie seemed to warm to Emily's ideas a lot more than in previous seasons. Maybe she is warming to Emily after all? We'll have to see how it pans out in season 4. 

6) It was so nice to hear the French language more this season.

I always found in previous seasons that, even though we do hear the French language being spoken, it was nowhere near enough. I'm not fluent in French, but as the show is set in the French capital, you'd think you'd hear quite a bit of French within the show? However, season 3 really delivers on that and it was quite refreshing to hear the French language! 

The Netflix Show Emily In Paris

7) I need to visit a McDonald's in Paris.

If McDonald's is really like that in the way it's shown in one episode, get me on the Eurostar so I can go and grab a McBaguette.

8) That cliffhanger. 

Put it this way, I'm so glad there is a season 4. I'd have been even more fuming if it suddenly stopped there. 

If you've seen the current season of Emily In Paris, let me know your thoughts below!

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