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28 November 2017

Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - November 2017

I'm writing this post in disbelief - there's only one month left of 2017! Like seriously, it only feels like yesterday since January.

Also, Christmas is coming! Now, I've done pretty good so far in regards to Christmas shopping this month, I think I'm at the halfway point with it all and that's really unusual for me. I'm never this organised so I'm quite pleased with myself to be at this point!

26 November 2017

Lookbook - 27.11.2017

It's finally reached that time of year where I plough through my wardrobe to find my jumpers and cardigans for the colder weather. But when I was searching through my wardrobe, it dawned on me - I own hardly any stuff suited for winter!

Well, I kind of do, but most of it I wear to work in the week. I need jumpers for the weekend or when I'm off work. So what an idea, well, sort of a brilliant for me to brave the Black Friday shoppers last Friday. I say Black Friday was last Friday, it's been more like a week! From countless emails to adverts on the TV, I'm done with it all now.

Anyway, I went out to the shopping centre and bought a quarter of my Christmas presents and this lovely jumper from H&M, which was reduced to £9 in store - bargain.

23 November 2017

Stubbornness - A good or bad trait?

Let's face it, we all have a bit of stubbornness within us. It's how we choose to show that defines us as a person.

Being stubborn does get a bad reputation in society. You can be seen as being cocky, self-centred and defensive.

But honestly, is being stubborn such a totally bad thing? I mean, think about it, being cocky can mean being confident, right? Sometimes you have to be stubborn to get the things you want in life. You can make it a good, personal asset. Here are a few of the ways stubbornness can be seen as a positive trait:

19 November 2017

I'll admit it, I use my Iphone too much

I'm currently tapping this post out using the standard QWERTY keyboard that's set on my Iphone. Whatever happened to the days when if you needed and wanted to get your thoughts out there, we had to have a pen and paper handy? We have reached the point where we tap our thoughts and reminders in the Notes app. Welcome to the digital era.

13 November 2017

We're All Different. But All Equal.

I was out with some old school friends the other week, reminiscing about the old school days, the laughs we used to have, all the memories we made.

Of course, someone says, "I'd love to relive high school again". Nah, no way. I'd rather have 10 Venflons pierced in my hand.

As it is Anti-Bullying Week this week, I thought I'd write a post about how bullying can have such a huge impact on your life if you have ever been put through the torture it brings.

12 November 2017

80 Acts Of Kindness

It's World Kindness Day today.
Does it hurt to do kind things? No it bloody doesn't. It only takes a few seconds or minutes to do an act of random kindness. It makes you feel incredibly better for the rest of the day and the person you've helped will remember you for that. Being kind doesn't mean it has to be a huge grand gesture, it's sometimes more about the smallest things that brighten people's days. Here are some, well 80, acts of kindness that you can easily do, some you may already do without realising it:

9 November 2017

Lookbook - Stradivarius - 09.11.2017

I love browsing the online retail world for new clothing brands.

Sometimes it's nice to look for online stores which are not on the high street. In a way, when you buy and wear stuff that comes from a brand that isn't on the high street makes your outfit somehow more original.

7 November 2017

Five Reasons Why Everyone Should Use Pinterest

Before blogging, I'd heard of Pinterest, but all I knew about it was that teachers or student teachers used to get lesson ideas or inspiration on how to design the home corner in the classroom.

4 November 2017

The 5th November - The Night Sparks Fly

It's Guy Fawkes night, one of my most favourite days of the year!
I wanted to write a quick post about why I adore this day. Fireworks night is also a gentle of one childhood memory that will always stay with me. It was a day my parents made the point of marking. These days it's Bonfire Weekend, they started last night and oh my word they were LOUD. But still pretty to look at!

3 November 2017

Why Everyone Should Visit To Wales

Shwmai! I've come home from a long drive from Cardiff, plonked myself down on the sofa and look at my emails to see an accommodation website called iknow-UK have emailed me, asking me to write about the reasons why people should come and visit Wales for a break.

I won't lie, at first my mind went blank as to try and come up with reasons why people would want to visit Wales. People associate Wales with sheep, rugby, rainy weather and daffodils. Which is sort of true. But after reading this ultimate list of things to do in Wales, I didn't realise that my home country has a lot more to offer than I thought!
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