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27 February 2018

Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - February 2018

Yes, February ends a little sooner this year. It kind of feels weird writing this a little earlier, I feel like we're entering March too early!

But anyway, yes, I have had a pretty busy and fun filled month! From going to my happy place for a couple of days to my amazing annual review appointment, amongst other great things, February has been a bloody brilliant month!

In regards to social media, my Instagram engagement seems to have got a tiny bit better in the last couple of weeks or so, which I can't complain too much about!

25 February 2018

Story: 2018 - Chapter 2 (Pages 50 - 56)

P A G E  50
Greetings from Liverpool! After a lovely Sunday evening at Yard & Coop and having a couple of drinks at Pump House, me and my Mam were ready for today's antics in the city of Scouse!

Our morning took us to the majestic Anfield for a tour of the stadium. It was my Mam's first time to Anfield so it was that extra bit special. Now, a little question for you guys, guess which shirt I practically ran to in the dressing room to grab a picture with?...

22 February 2018

Blogging Photography - The Struggle

I'm sat down writing this post, well, I'm actually on the recumbent bike in the gym, and I get blog post inspiration, I don't half get blog inspiration in the weirdest places! Usually it's when I'm lying in bed at night or when I'm in the bath, but put a laptop in front of me, then my mind conveniently decides to go blank.

I'm digressing now. Yes, as I was saying, I get inspiration and I immediately start tapping my thoughts down on Notes on my IPhone. Then voila, a finished blog post. Hurrah with a capital H!

Then comes the dreaded thought that always creeps into my little brain - pictures. What blogging props or anything that resembles a good blogging prop are good to associate with the blog post I have just written?

Time to get my thinking cap on...nah, drawn a blank once again.

18 February 2018

Story: 2018 - Chapter 2 (Pages 43 - 49)

P A G E  43
I'm writing this on the Tuesday because of this happening on the Monday -
Yes, I come home from work to try and ring the chemist to sort out a prescription, I pick up the phone and the line is dead. Which means there is no internet. Great. But it has done me the world of good having an internet detox. I got so much done on the Monday evening. But I had the weirdest start to my Monday morning -
I can't even explain this. I honestly don't know how this happened.

16 February 2018

Lookbook - Camel Coat

I'm always saying I need clothes. Whether it's new jeans, a new jumper or even new socks, I always need something. One thing I have been looking for, for a while now, is a new coat. I already got one for when I work, but not one for the weekends. Then during the Christmas holidays, I did the standard 'spend your Christmas money' shopping online. So I clicked the New Look website, in the vain hope I'd find a coat, I did straight away. This gorgeous camel coat:

13 February 2018

The Perks of being single on Valentines Day

The day of love has come around again. Happy Valentines Day everyone! I started seeing all the pink and red hearted themed Valentines products carefully stacked and presented on the shelves in stores. I'm literally walking into the shops at the moment and different shades of red and pink are piercing my eyes.
I shall be single on February 14th. Like I have for the last...well, couple of years. But, honestly, it's all good! Over the years I have learnt that there are quite a few perks to being single on the worldwide day of love. Here they are:

11 February 2018

Story: 2018 - Chapter 2 (Pages 36 - 42)

P A G E  36
Back to it this Monday morning. It is absolutely frigging freezing! I listened to the weather forecast this morning and they said that it was going to be the coldest week we've had this winter! Whoop-dee-bloody-do! I'm sat down, trying to fight the temptation to bite my nails. God I am desperate to have them done! 
 One of my amazing friends does nails as a sideline to her current job. She's a beaut!

7 February 2018


I've never been one for checking my horoscope. They're in the newspapers, magazines or even those Twitter profiles you conveniently follow just to see if what they say about your star sign is true. But I've not been overly keen in wanting to know what my future holds. I remember watching the National Lottery when I was younger when Mystic Meg popped up to tell us what the Lottery numbers were going to be and tell us which horoscope was going to win the jackpot.

4 February 2018

Story: 2018 - Chapter 1/2 (Pages 29 - 35)

P A G E  29
Monday has come around again. Please take me back to bed with a cuppa. One thing that is going to get me through the day is I'm going to a family friends house for tea. She is a mean cook. I'm already savouring at the thought as I eat my chicken salad sandwiches for my lunch. 
I think this is the bloggiest tweet I've ever written! Shows how much my brain has been converted to a blogger brain!

Psst! I have a dream!

What is that exactly? The 'dream'? Is it the boring Disney princess clichΓ© where you want to meet your Prince Charming and get married in a castle and live happily ever after? Or winning the lottery and having a Lamborghini sitting on the drive of your modern mansion?

Or are you like me? You have a career goal that is your passion as well as something you would love to call your job?

Yes, I made a change of career one of my goals for 2018. Quite a spontaneous but frigging daunting decision on my part.
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