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27 July 2021

The Bloom App: Is It Worth It?

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Meditation is one of those form of practices which is taken in different ways. Some see it as a pointless technique and not worth the effort and time. But I am the latter - someone who loves it and sees it as a great form of self care and a great form of wellbeing practice.

The Bloom App

22 July 2021

FOREO UFO 2: My Review

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Prior to 2020 (I know it's 2021, but I'm backtracking here), face masks (the beauty ones, not the ones we wear to go into shops) were never really a part of my skincare routine. Purely because I just didn't have the time to incorporate it into my skincare routine and I just never really saw the point in them.

FOREO UFO 2: My Review

16 July 2021

Am I Inspirational For Being Disabled?

I never thought I would be talking too much about Love Island on this blog, as it's not my most favourite TV show in the world. However, this topic kind of ties in with Love Island so it needs to be mentioned.

One of Love Island's new cast members is a PE teacher from Hampshire who has a clubbed foot, which makes him the first disabled person to enter the show since it started. When it was announced, the media went into an "inspiration" frenzy and he was hailed as a hero even before entering the villa. 

Am I Inspirational For Being Disabled?

10 July 2021

How To Create A Personalised Gallery Wall

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My bedroom is my sanctuary. Whenever I feel low or just need time to myself, I head straight upstairs, lie on my bed, stick my headphones on and chill out. When lying down, it's good to know that I have art or photo's around me of what personifies my life and also prints that represent me and my personality. Before I redecorated my bedroom way back in 2017, I barely had any sort of posters or artwork hanging up anywhere, I never knew what I wanted to buy or what I could buy to add some style and personalisation to my bedroom and it's walls. Fast forward to 2021, I am always looking for new prints to represent my current mood, style and my personality. Artwork doesn't have to make your bedroom or your house look pretty, it can also mean something to you. 

how to create a personalised gallery wall with poster store

6 July 2021

Teeth Contouring: My Experience

I'm going to put it out there guys - I've always never been a massive fan of my teeth. Especially the big two at the top. It's caused me such a confidence issue ever since I can remember. Being called chipmunk and being referred to having rat teeth in school didn't really help matters either. Weirdly enough though, when I left school, it never used to hardly bother me as I thought that there wasn't much I could do about it. However, as I recorded a few IGTV videos last year, I noticed that, on camera, my two big teeth stood out - and not in a good way. With that, it started to make me feel more self conscious and I decided to take action in 2021 and get them sorted.

Teeth Contouring: My Experience

1 July 2021

FOREO LUNA 3 vs PMD Clean: A Comparison Review

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Cleansing has become a vital part of my day. Well, a vital part of my skincare routine. Obviously I got more vital issues to worry about in my day to day life eg. Cystic Fibrosis. I digress.

So yes, cleansing. I like to cleanse daily to keep my skin feeling refreshed, open my pores and just allow it to feel clean! I like to use a cleansing device when cleansing my skin. I have found that using this sort of a device has helped my facial skin so much and has made it feel so nourished afterward. I have been using two different devices in the past 12 months - the FOREO LUNA 3 and the PMD Clean. Both devices offer something different but do the same thing - and that is cleanse. 

FOREO LUNA 3 and PMD Clean devices

25 June 2021

Why I Always Love Wearing Gold Jewellery

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Believe it or not, I never used to be the biggest jewellery wearer. In my teens, I only wore one ring, a ring which my oldest cousin got me when I was nine as it reminded him of me. So sweet! But even when I reached my (somewhat) adulting years, I never really bought jewellery, I was more concerned of having the right bag as the IN accessory, not jewellery. I never thought that jewellery would contribute much to my outfit choice. 

Ottoman Hands Jewellery

20 June 2021

9 Beauty Essentials For A Staycation

We've reached the time of year where we're all looking to book somewhere for a well needed break. I think it's clear that the word 'staycation' is the new buzz word for 2021 and are favouring a break here in the UK than going abroad to seek sunnier climes. I'll be going on my first trip in August to Liverpool (my happy place) for two days and I literally cannot wait!

9 Beauty Essentials For A Staycation

15 June 2021

6 Things I Wish People Knew About CF

Me - "I have Cystic Fibrosis"
Other person - "What is it?"
Me - "Well..."

You can guess how the conversation goes on from there - me having to explain about the illness that I have had since I was a foetus. A conversation I have had on many occasions and surprised I haven't recorded just so I don't need repeat myself over and over.

6 Things I Wish People Knew About CF

9 June 2021

Why I Took A Break From Blogging

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If you hadn't noticed, I took a recent hiatus from blogging and decided to focus on myself. And purely because my blogging brain was knackered and my creative juices stopped flowing.

There is that sense of panic when you first think of taking a break from blogging. There's that fear that you will lose your audience and your readers will forget about you. Yep, I had those same feelings around 10 days ago when I knew I needed to take a blogging break. But surely people would be understanding? Right?

Why I Took A Break From Blogging

26 May 2021

Is It Ok To Be A Realist?

I am somebody who does like to dip their toe in the pool of optimism. Some things in life require optimism, hope and imagination. However, I am somewhat of a realist. I like to stay realistic about my expectations and situations that crop up in my life.

There is a common misconception that being a realist means you're disguising yourself as a pessimist. I don't that's relatively true, I think being a realist means you are good at managing your expectations but hold on to that hope that it will happen. 

Is It Ok To Be A Realist?

21 May 2021

RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum: A Review

I'm going through one of those phases, or if I'm being honest, a never ending phase, of hating one eyebrow more than the other. In my case, I despise more right one more than my left. My left one has a really nice shape to it and is easy to do when it comes to applying a brow pencil. The right one however, *heavy sigh* bring me shame. It looks like a baby caterpillar chasing it's mama (a Friends quote there). Utterly ridiculous. Anyhow...

RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum: A Review

16 May 2021

How Nature Has Helped My Mental Health

That feeling of sitting or standing outside, closing your eyes and just breathing in that bit of fresh air - there's nothing like it. Nature does have its benefits for my mental health, as well as my physical health.

I never really contemplated how much nature has helped my mental health over the years. I always saw going outside as just something I did, not see it as something that would be so beneficial to my mental health and wellbeing. That walk around the block, that jog (I say jog, I use that term pretty loosely, it's more like a fast walk) in the park or a stroll on the beach or through the woods, that feeling of being outside to clear your head is a feeling like no other.

How Nature Has Helped My Mental Health

11 May 2021

Why It's Ok To Not Have Your Sh*t Together In Your Late Twenties

I am officially in my late twenties. I'm 28 today. Maybe I reached my late twenties last year, but now I REALLY feel in my late twenties. I'm not feeling the thought of being an inch closer to reaching the big 30. I get the feeling that people are already itching to tell me that I'm entering the 30-40 bracket of my life.  

Remember when we were kids, when we used to think that by the time we reached 20, or even 18, we'd have our life together? I always thought I would get married in a castle wearing a Barbie style wedding dress, be a Mum to boy and a girl, own a cat/dog and live in a beautiful mansion with furniture from the Argos catalogue throughout. Ah, those days were innocent weren't they?!

Why It's Ok To Not Have Your Sh*t Together In Your Late Twenties

6 May 2021

8 Ways To Relax Productively

I know, surely relaxing means doing f*ck all and just lazing around eating a pack of Bourbon biscuits and binge watching the Queen's Gambit? Well, yes, that is true. But if you're a productive person like me, I like to find ways to relax productively.

A lot of us do lament being busy and oppose the idea of idolising being busy, but I am somebody who does love feeling and being active, especially now that I have started Kaftrio (another post for another day) and now I feel I can do anything!

8 Ways To Relax Productively

1 May 2021

40 Self Care Ideas For The Mind, Body & Soul

Taking that bit of time out for yourself and indulge in a little self care is so satisfying and a massive mood booster. No matter what you classify as self care in your daily routine, it just makes you feel so refreshed and rejuvenated when you practice self care. 

In recent times, I have pledged to practice self care more regularly and not just do it as and when I feel like it. Rather than saying I don't have enough time, I want to make the time to do it. For example, I like cleaning out my fridge. Yes, that is one of my weird self care habits. Problem?!

40 Self Care Ideas For The Mind, Body & Soul

26 April 2021

The Hair Boss Products: A Review

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Hair products have become a new obsession of mine, along with Etsy, clothes decluttering and pining over Chloe sandals.

I've wanted to look after my hair a lot more lately, I think it's in need of a little TLC. Using heat on my hair a good few days of the week, it needs a little nourishment. 

The Hair Boss Products: A Review

21 April 2021

Why Unfollowing Someone Is Sometimes Required

Are you committing a crime against social media unfollowing people? Absolutely, definitely, certainly, positively, irrefutably (I've now run out of synonyms for absolutely) NOT.

Sometimes the urge to hit the unfollow button is required. You may have followed this person with the best intentions, back when you thought they would be someone who could inspire you, a friend you thought you would be online besties with forever or just someone you know and loved. Let me tell you guys who are sitting there thinking that would never unfollow anyone on social media - your time will come to unfollow someone, believe me.  

Why Unfollowing Someone Is Sometimes Required

16 April 2021

Xlash Eyelash Serum: A Review

Lately, I think I have been focusing so much on the other parts of my face in terms of care, that I neglected one part that needed a little TLC - my eyelashes. 

Not to blow my own trumpet, but I used to have long lashes growing up, with even teachers and the dinner ladies commenting on how long they were! However, as I have gotten older, they're not as long and are in need of a little love and care. 

Xlash Eyelash Serum: A Review

12 April 2021

Protecting Your Mental Health On Social Media

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Social media is one of those things in which you have your biggest love/hate relationship with, there's no denying it. The range of emotions I have felt when scrolling through social media since it became such a phenomenon in the last 10 years or so. From frustration, sadness, happiness and even jealousy and bitterness on the odd occasion, social media brings up so many feelings and emotions that some of the time, we have to tweet, post or share our thoughts on it. Maybe we do that as a cathartic release or to just show people we have feeling from beyond the screen, who knows. 

Protecting Your Mental Health On Social Media

7 April 2021

The Benefits Of Keeping A Health Diary

With all the illnesses and god knows what else I have going on inside my body, something I started doing a few years ago was to keep a health diary.

How do I record this information? I don't use an app of any sort, I use the old fashioned method of a notebook and pen. I started a health diary for the different aspects of my health to keep track of everything. I have a food diary, an exercise diary, a blood glucose level diary and an overall health diary. This does involve a few notebooks, but you know, any excuse for new stationary is something I am all for. I fill it in on a daily basis before I go to bed and it helps me flag up any changes or causes for concern. 

The Benefits Of Keeping A Health Diary

3 April 2021

Are We As Blogger's Oversharing Online?

Becoming a blogger four and half years ago, I had learnt very quickly that becoming a blogger meant that I had to be quite open about my life online. I wasn't forced to, but being a blogger meant I would need to open up about things eg my life and my thoughts and feelings on different topics. 

Are We As Blogger's Oversharing Online?

30 March 2021

Why I'm No Longer Listening To Instagram Advice

Before I really delve into this post, Instagram is an app which I have loved since I first downloaded the app in 2014. I love sharing photos from my photo album, being inspired by my favourite creators with their wonderful images and talent and just liking photos in general! Yet I've gotten to a stage where I think Instagram has descended it's hate onto my profile. It's not showing my photo on my follower's feeds, hashtags don't work for me (even the ones that used to work for me in the past) and no matter how much I communicate with others on the app, Instagram doesn't seem to appreciate that. Sigh. Here's the thing though guys - I really don't care anymore. Ok, it does sound like I care a little, but honestly, I don't care half as much as I used to.

Why I'm No Longer Not Listening To Instagram Advice

26 March 2021

Reflecting On A Year In Lockdown

This last twelve months has been similar to doing the Hokey Cokey. We've been in, out, in, out and shaking it all about. Before going back in again. 

We've reached the point that it was over a year ago that the first lockdown was announced and we were told to stay at home. All of us thinking that this lockdown was going to be the one and only lockdown. By the Summer, we were going to go back to our normal lives and Covid would have been a distant memory. Oh how wrong we were. 

Reflecting On A Year In Lockdown

22 March 2021

PMD Clean Body: A Review

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Who doesn't love a new skincare device?! Especially one that has FOUR functions in one device.

Back last year, I reviewed the PMD Clean and it's a device that has benefitted my skin so much and I swear it has stopped some of the acne that would have appeared on my face if I had not used it.

PMD Clean Body: A Review

17 March 2021

Tips To Stay Safe On Staycation

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Everyone is itching to get on the travel websites and book their next holiday or break away. Actually, thinking about it, a lot of people have already booked their first trip away post Covid. But even if we are allowed to book holidays, Covid is still around and it's vital for us to keep ourselves and others safe when we go away anywhere.

What are my staycation plans I hear you ask? I have a (rebooked) trip to Liverpool for August. This trip was meant to happen in March 2020 and I have rebooked it three times since so I'm praying my backside off that it still happens. You just never know anymore, do you?! 

Tips To Stay Safe On Staycation

12 March 2021

My Weird Self Care Habits

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Self care is something that is constantly promoted by blogger's, the media, health professionals and even through family and friends.

There's no limit to the amount of self care habits you choose to have in your self care routine and every person's self care habits and routine are different to suit that person's needs, physically and mentally. Self care habits don't have to be short terms fixes such as a bubble bath or reading a book, it can be a long term fix such as establishing a self care routine for yourself and your personal needs. 

My Weird Self Care Habits

8 March 2021

6 Inspirational & Creative Women I Follow Online

International Women's Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of women from all over the globe and raise awareness of women's equality.

In the past, I've talked about the women who inspire me in my life away from the screen. But I want to talk about some of the inspirational and creative women I follow online.

6 Inspirational & Creative Women I Follow Online

2 March 2021

How To Spring Clean Your Life

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It's that time of year where we start to think about spring cleaning our homes, whether it's hoovering under the sofas, flipping the mattresses (a monstrous task), clearing the shed out or sorting out the cupboard under the stairs (Yes, people still have those!). 

But instead of telling you to get the Dettol or your Dyson out, I want to talk to you about how to spring your life. 

How To Spring Clean Your Life

26 February 2021

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

It feels like only yesterday that I was busting a gut trying to get my Valentine's Day Gift Guide written and published before the 14th February. Now it's time for my next gift guide of the year - the Mother's Day Gift Guide.

I make it no secret that I adore my Mam and she's been such a positive influence in my life and been my rock through all the tough times. I love treating my Mam on this day of the year, I love to show my love and appreciation for everything she's done for me not only in the past year, but since, well, forever. 

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

22 February 2021

How To Support A Small Business Without Spending Money

Of course buying an item from a small business is the most effective way to support them, my brain hasn't turned into a complete pile of mush I promise! But I want to talk about how to support a small business without spending money.

I made it my mission this year to support as many small businesses as I can. They need so much help now as they've been put in a precarious position with this thing called a pandemic taking over the world. 

How To Support A Small Business Without Spending Money

16 February 2021

Skinimalism: The Beauty Trend For 2021

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If Pinterest is all over this trend guys, I'm all over it too (for social media reasons and I'm trying to win over Pinterest)

12 February 2021

Covid Vaccine: My Experience

After what feels like months of endless waiting, I am thrilled to say that I have had my first Covid vaccine! This genuinely feels like the light at the end of the tunnel that I couldn't see for so long and I'm utterly thrilled to have had 1 out of the 2 standard vaccines to protect myself!

Now, I did post an IGTV video on my Instagram account about my Covid vaccine experience, but I thought I would write a post for those who don't have Instagram and would prefer to read than to listen to me wale on and on.

8 February 2021

How To Stay Connected During Lockdown

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The non-existent physical contact between loved ones now is hurting. It's been almost a year since I got to hug a member of my family or a friend, it's so incredibly sad and I miss the face-to-face contact so much. However, I've learnt to embrace the new form of communication that we have in our hands - technology.

2 February 2021

Lily Lolo: Makeup Review

I can't even remember the last time I did a makeup review. Have I actually? Well, let's start off by doing for this brand - Lily Lolo.

Lily Lolo was a discovery for me a few years ago when I bought their concealer from FeelUnique. I was after a concealer that wasn't in liquid form as I found liquid concealer wasn't lasting for more than a few hours without me needing to reapply. 

29 January 2021

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him & Her

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I've been blogging for over four years now and it's dawned on me that I have NEVER done one single gift guide. Am I even a blogger?!

So yes, what better gift guide to start on than a Valentine's Day one. I'll be single (as per) this Valentine's Day and I thought, rather than blithering on about being single for Valentine's Day and just drowning my sorrows with vodka and buying myself some new underwear, I thought I'd do a gift guide for those who are celebrating Valentine's this year at home. 

25 January 2021

Staying Positive & Helping My Mental Health In Lockdown

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Ok, this is not how 2021 is supposed to go. I was not prepared to be writing more posts about lockdowns. But here I am, we're half way through January and in the midst of another lockdown like the one we were in back in March and the Spring. Sigh.

One thing I can certainly say that this lockdown feels a little scarier, as Covid seems to have completely taken over our society and is rife. I never thought this second wave would be this horrendous. The main thing is now that we keep each other safe by staying at home, wear a mask if we need to go out and socially distance, the NHS need us to do this more than ever. So behave yourselves guys!

During this lockdown, I want to keep myself as positive as I can, I want to be able to help my loved ones, online friends and even my neighbours to get through this difficult time. I've always felt that a positive mindset is key. I know that isn't going to be easy on some days. But you got this! And remember, don't feel you're alone in this, there's always someone to talk to if you feel alone. 

19 January 2021

6 Housewarming Gift Ideas

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It feels like everybody I know is buying and moving into a new house, which is amazing to see considering the current climate we are in right now.

I cannot wait for the day I can have my own house, not just because of the independence of it all, having your own space and decorating it to your taste, but to start my own house account on Insta. You've got to think about these things. I literally cannot wait for the day when I can open a home Insta account. I'll be uploading photos to that account like there's no tomorrow!

15 January 2021

What I Want To Improve On In 2021

2020 has been one heck of a year and now it's time to focus all my attention on 2021 and what I would (hopefully) like to achieve from it.

When a new year descends upon us, I like to take the time to reflect on the past year and what I would like to achieve in the next 12 months. Are there goals which I didn't manage to achieve or is there anything I want to be better at in 2021?

9 January 2021

Why I Made My First Designer Purchase

We have all longed for that bag, pair of shoes, top, coat, jeans, car, sofa, hoover, coffee machine or slow cooker which is deemed expensive. Well, according to our bank accounts anyway.

But when you read five star reviews of the product or if you deem it to be an item which you will use for years to come, you will scrimp and save until you can officially say that you can afford the item. 

Well guys, I'm here to tell you...

I made my first designer purchase!

4 January 2021

My Blogging & Social Media Goals For 2021

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What will blogging be like in 2021 for us? Well, I'm hoping that I won't need to write posts about pillow challenges or lockdown routines this year. 

It's hard to believe that it's been an actual calendar year since I last made goals for my blog. Yes, honestly guys, it is 2021. It does still feel like March 2020 some days. 

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