*There are PR items/travel essentials from Jet2 in this post. Please read the end of the post for more details.

On my social media lately, all I see is people jetting off on holidays like we did pre-pandemic times. And do you know what? It's been lovely to see, even though I won't be jetting off anywhere anytime soon! Whether you're flying from Bristol, Birmingham or Manchester, Jet2 will help get you to your dream holiday destination. Let's face it, we all deserve a holiday after the last 18 months or so! This year, Jet2 are celebrating their 10th and newest base in the UK - Bristol and from there, there are some popular destinations to travel to. Jet2 also sent me the most beautiful travel essentials hamper to kick off their celebrations! 

A red Jet2.com box of travel essentials

Jet2 have made it easy for you to choose which destinations are safe to travel to by listing their green, amber and red-listed countries. It's definitely handy in helping you decide where to go on holiday. Plus Jet2 have travel insurance which covers you for Covid and FDCO (if travel advice changes before travelling) which is a huge bonus!

Now, onto the hamper. As I said, Jet2 sent me an array of travel essentials needed for my next holiday! These items may be very handy for you also and give you ideas of what you'll need for your next holiday!

A red Jet2.com box with travel essentials.

So, get a pen and paper ready and write down these travel essentials that you'll need for your next trip! First of all...

Where am I going?

Struggling as to where you'd like to go? This book from Lonely Planet is my new coffee table book! It has made me see how many wonderful places there are to visit in Europe. You definitely won't be stuck for choice when choosing your next holiday destination!

The blue book with the title "Where To Go In Europe" by Lonely Planet

What can I take to the poolside //  beach?

You always need a little entertainment when sitting by the poolside or on the beach catching those rays. On the technology side of things, why not take these Jet2 earphones to listen to your favourite tunes? A great way to tune out and relax! If you're worried about any technology you own running out of battery (worst nightmare), take this power pack with you. Are you somebody who wants to be able to take photo's underwater? Use this Yosh waterproof phone pouch to do just that! Now, if you're somebody who wants to take a break from technology, read this amazing book by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Malibu Rising. I've just started reading it and it's such a lovely book! Don't forget to pack a beach towel!

A red beach towel, a pink book, white sunglasses and large beach hat.

What if I'm stuck in my hotel room // villa?

If, for any reason, you can't get out of your hotel room, then use the Jet2 Bluetooth speaker to play some songs in your room rather than sitting there in silence! Feeling hungry? Get some snacks for your room, like these Lays crisps and these Spirit of Zing cocktails to wash them down with!

A beach hat, small bottled cocktails and a packet of crisps.

What sun protection should I use?

When packing to go anywhere, you have to have some SPF cream and after sun. Your skin is going to need it, believe me. Bondi Sands SPF30 sunscreen lotion should be at the top of your list in terms of skincare when abroad. It's water-resistant and has a good SPF. For after you peel yourself away from the sun, use Bondi Sands Aloe Vera after sun to keep your skin hydrated. It smells divine, it has a lovely, not too overpowering smell which is great. 

Two bottles of Bondi Sands. An after sun lotion and sunscreen lotion.

Now I'm home, where can I store my memories?

Memories are what make a holiday, or life for that matter. I love the classic Kodak style photo's, they're just so vintage. Take this disposable camera with you on holiday and snap away! Once home, get them developed and stick them in this gorgeous scrapbook to make the memories last. Once home, scratch off the destination you have just travelled to on this European scratch map. It will be a satisfying feeling I promise you!

A purple disposable camera, white sunglasses, a gold rolled up map and scrapobook.

What are your thoughts on the Jet2 hamper?

It's such an incredible idea and I love all the travel essentials that are included! Jet2 have really put a lot of thought into this and have come up with essentials that everybody will need. I hope that you love this Jet2 hamper as I do! 

One thing I feel I need to say though is that only travel if you feel comfortable enough and safe enough to do so. Also, please only travel to green listed countries so you don't have the faff of quarantining in a hotel on your arrival home. 

Let me know if any of these travel essentials from Jet2's hamper would make it into your suitcase!

*This is a collaborative post with Jet2 who have sent me this hamper in exchange for a blog post. All travel views are my own. For more information, please read my disclaimer. Thank you for your support as always!

A red beach towel with Jet2 holidays in white stitching.

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It's that time of year people. I don't know whether you do this too, but it's reached that time where I start looking to swap my shorts, bikinis and sandals with my jumpers, coats and boots.

I started storing clothes I don't wear in a particular season last year, with the first rotation being from Summer to Autumn/Winter. Then I made the rotation with Autumn/Winter to Spring/Summer. Now I'm about to...well, you get the idea.

How To Rotate Seasonal Clothes Effectively

Storing clothes seasonally is something I wish I had started earlier. I'm so glad I can have less of a crammed wardrobe each season rather than fighting with the coathanger rail for space and making horrific noises when screeching the hangers on the rail. Yeah, not a nice sound.

This task may sound like a ballache and tiresome, but it's a job well worth it and worth doing right. Now I'm onto my third transition and I've definitely learnt things from the first two I have already completed beforehand. Here are some of the lessons I've learnt in how to rotate seasonal clothes effectively:

Yes, storing your clothes properly is key. I store mine in some storage clothes bags which I bought from Amazon and they're HUGE. You can most definitely fit so much in them, even your biggest and thickest of coats. After I've filled the bags, I store them somewhere cool and dry, either in my wardrobe or in the spare bedroom. I wouldn't store them outside in the garage/shed etc, purely for weather and insect reasons.

How To Rotate Seasonal Clothes Effectively

When I grab the storage bags, I evaluate, analyse, reason, debate and agonise which clothes I keep and which ones I give to charity or some I just recycle cause they have holes in or the quality has gone out of it. A while ago, I read a post by Victoria from InTheFrow about tips and tricks for refreshing your wardrobe and she wrote about a system she uses when decluttering and sorting out clothes. It's a three-tiered system of items to keep, give a second chance to and clear out. Since following this method, it has become so much easier rotating my clothes and my wardrobe looks so much tidier and less crammed. Sometimes you have to be ruthless, but it's for your own good!

Even though I store my clothes properly, I get conscious that they'll smell a little, well, dusty or musty when they've been stored away for a long few months. Before making the big seasonal rotation, I take the sniff test and anything I feel needs a rinse in the machine, will get a rinse. Nothing worse than wearing clothes that smell like the equivalent of mothballs!

How To Rotate Seasonal Clothes Effectively

I honestly don't own a billion pairs of shoes; I never store them away as they don't take up too much space. But every season, I'll have a clearout (however big or small) of them and again, follow the system above. I forgot to do that before the Summer started, so a shoe clearout is well overdue!

Items such as tee's, jackets, trainers and leggings are items that can be worn all year round. Whether that be for layering etc, all it takes is a little versatility and creativity to make different outfits out of those types of clothing items in particular. Write a list when you rotate your clothes to see which items stay in the wardrobe all year round. 

How To Rotate Seasonal Clothes Effectively

Rotating clothes is one of those chores which we love to hate! It's one of those tasks where it gets worse before it gets better, but when it's finally complete, it's bloody worth it!

I'd love to know if you do the same for every new season - do you rotate your clothes? Do you store them away every season? Let me know!

How To Rotate Seasonal Clothes Effectively

It's that time of year people. I don't know whether you do this too, but it's reached that time where I start looking to swap my shorts, bikini…

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