Amongst the madness and surrealness that is the end of the year, it's time to sit down with a cuppa or an alcoholic beverage and reflect on the last year. 2021 has been a mixed year, and, once again, we are entering 2022 under a cloud of uncertainty. However, year in, year out, there are always life lessons that have been learnt and some I can take with me into the new year. Recognising the life lessons that the past year has taught me gives me the chance to reflect, recognise and improve for the year ahead. 

I would love to say that 2022 won't be an arsing bad year again. But if the last two years have taught us anything, is that anything is possible and we don't know what's around the corner. 

A woman in a grey and pink jumper holding a white mug.

I want to say that my 2021 has been a hopeful and life-changing year. There have been some very good moments that I will treasure. I started the life-changing CF drug Kaftrio. I got my Covid vaccines. I travelled again to my happy place of  Liverpool after so long away and I managed to see more of my family and friends again. I also had two TV appearances on BBC Wales news (just casually throws that one in there). I won't focus too much on the negatives. My mental health hasn't been brilliant this year and I also got the dreaded Covid during the Autumn and I had a hospital stay to endure. Yep, as I said, let's not go down this path.

So yes, life lessons. I have learnt quite a lot not only about myself but other's around me too. Let's delve into the life lessons that this last year has taught me:

1) I feel that there's a divide in society.

Now, this can be a little controversial to some who read this. However, I feel that there is a divide in so many aspects of our life and society now than there was pre-pandemic. I feel like we have the divide of the vaccinated/unvaccinated. The pro-vaxxers/anti-vaxxers. The way that disabled people are seen as indispensable by a small minority of the healthier. It just feels like there is such a two-way system in society now, and it's quite sad that we all can't be on the same page. Then again, the world would be a boring place if we all thought the same I suppose. 

A woman holding a white mug.

2) It's ok to not be ok

You'd think I would have learnt this by now with having a chronic illness since I was a foetus. But I think I've become somebody who just says I'm fine when I'm not feeling fine so I don't delve into how I'm really feeling. Let's be honest, that's not a really healthy thing to do. I'd definitely say in the latter stages of 2021, I have learnt to accept that it's ok to not be ok. It's just not possible for me to be happy and positive all of the time. I've learnt to admit to other's now when I'm not doing well or if I need to be with myself, which, to be honest, has been quite freeing. 

3) Cystic Fibrosis is always lurking

Oh goodness me, the new miracle drug Kaftrio has completely changed my health. I feel more energised and my lungs feel incredible. However, CF will always lurk in the background and will cause me a little bit of mayhem when it wants to. Thankfully though, it doesn't create as much havoc as it did before and I hope it stays that way!

A woman wearing a grey and white jumper holding a white mug.

4) I need to stop settling for less

Why should I, or you, settle for less? Whether that be a relationship, friendship, career, dreams etc, we should aim for what we deserve, and that's something I'm going to aim to do in 2022! 

2021 is another year that I won't forget in a hurry. One word that I could use to describe my 2021 is poignant. There have been some lows and there have been highs for me. Thankfully though, the lows I will have forgotten about and will be a distant memory. 

I'd love to know the life lessons you have learnt from the last 12 months! What word would you describe your 2021?  

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Veja trainers have been widely photographed and posted all over Instagram for months. You can't deny that Veja trainers have been incredibly popular over time now and there have been so many of my favourite creators wearing them out and about. Veja trainers seem to be the on-trend footwear right now.

Veja trainers , black sunglasses and a takeaway cup.

I thought I would treat myself to an early Christmas present and buy the Esplar style of the trainer. Now, recently, I have taken to creating more of a capsule wardrobe for myself. I will only buy pieces that I know are transitional, can be mainly used all year round and are versatile. I really believe that these Veja trainers fit into those categories and are a perfect addition to my shoe cupboard. 

So, Veja trainers, are they worth the money? Let's do a little bit of analysing, shall we?! -


Trying these on for the first time, there is very little give. This is because they're made of leather and are a little inflexible. So I do think a little bit of breaking them in around the house will definitely help. I'll have no issues in terms of blisters or discomfort once I've broken them in. I have heard that the V10's are a bit comfier than the Esplars, but they'll be a future purchase for now! 

Veja trainers on a bed.


In terms of size, if you like a snug fit, then go with your normal size. If you like a little toe room or you're wide footed, definitely size up. At the end of the day, trainers/sneakers should be comfortable!

Quality / Durability

The quality of the Veja trainers is great. You get what you pay for and these trainers should last me for years hopefully! I also love that some Veja trainers are made of vegan leather, that's a big bonus for me!


The price of Veja trainers differs. The ones I bought were £95. But the prices range from £90-£150, so it's not too highly expensive. I've known some people pay more for other big branded trainers.

The back of a Veja trainer shoe.


One thing I do love about these shoes is that they can be styled all year round and are so versatile. In the winter, I'll wear the trainers with leggings/jeans. In the Summer, I'll wear the trainers with shorts or a dress. Also, Veja trainers come in different colours and styles so there's a style that will definitely suit you. These are certainly great for everyday wear.

So, Veja trainers, are they worth the money?

The answer is yes! As I said, they do need breaking in a bit before I venture outside in them, but that's not an issue for me and I'm happy to do that as long they're made comfortable for me! Obviously, please make sure you make the purchase of these if you can afford them or if they will work with your wardrobe and everyday life. The quality of these are great, they're durable and are versatile, a win-win for me!

Veja trainers and its box.

I hope this review was helpful to you all and let me know what you think!

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