Having a morning routine definitely helps me to get motivated and tackle the upcoming day better. A morning routine may not work for some, but it can work well for many others. My morning routine does differ on a daily basis, but only slightly. It depends on if I am at work on that day or not, otherwise, it pretty much remains the same. 

A woman sitting on a bed in a pink jumpsuit.

Back in my college days, my morning routine was very specific and sort of immaculate. I had to carry out my morning routine so precisely that I'm surprised I ever got ready on time at all! I'm not joking guys, I even had to get dressed in a certain order. If I went wrong or got ready differently from what I usually would, I would automatically think my day would go horribly wrong. I think it was a bad superstition to have, but I promise guys, I'm over that now!

Nowadays, getting my morning routine right means making sure I meet my specific needs, whether that be physical or mental wellbeing. Planning your own morning routine doesn't need to be that difficult, it's just creating a routine that works best for you, your time and your needs. 

My morning routine may look completely different to that of yours. After all, I have Cystic Fibrosis, I have personal and physical needs which are a lot more different to yours. My morning routine which I'm going to describe to you now is one based on if I am not at work that day and is also on a weekday. My weekend morning routine runs a couple of hours behind cause I have a long lie-in! 

A woman sat on a bed holding a cup of tea.

So here you are, my personal and productive morning routine:

7:30am - Time To Wake Up 

This is the time I tend to wake up in the morning. I wake up like a sloth, I sloth my way to the window to open my bedroom curtains and sloth my way to the bathroom to put my lenses in. I also take a puff of my inhaler and spritz my nasal spray up my nose. I try not to grab my phone first thing as otherwise, I'd end up staying in bed a hell of a lot longer than I should! Social media can wait until my eyes have woken up and I don't feel so sleepy!

7:45am - Let's Do Some Skincare

I absolutely love my skincare routine. I will ALWAYS make time for this in the morning, this part of my morning routine that is non-negotiable. I find it very satisfying knowing I am in charge of waking up my skin and preparing it for the day ahead. My skincare routine is quite simple - cleanse, moisturise, serumise (is that a word?) and spritz. I also apply my hand and foot cream and use a glow spray to give my skin a nice glow for the day ahead. I like to take my time with it so my skin feels nourished for the next 12 hours or so. 

8:00am - Did Someone Say Morning Medications?

You read that right, don't worry. As I said a couple of paragraphs back, I have CF, which means my morning comprises of taking some medications to start the day. After my inhaler and nasal spray, I inject some insulin and start my first nebuliser of the day. This tends to take about 10-15 minutes. After this, I take my Mam to work and drive back and eat my most important meal of the day...

8:30am - How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning?

Breakfast is ultimately and scientifically proven to be the most important meal of the day. I tend to have something quick and easy for breakfast - cereal. A bowl of Shreddies will do me. I'm one of those odd people who can't eat their cereal cold...sorry guys, I warm the milk prior to pouring the cereal into the bowl. I can feel the weird looks piercing through my laptop screen. But anyway, as I'm a diabetic, it's vital for me to eat in the morning to make sure my blood glucose levels don't drop below a dangerous level. 

A woman sitting on a bed drinking a cup of tea.

8:45am - More Medication?!

Yep, more meds. Unfortunately. It doesn't stop there for me. I now inhale another nebuliser and do my physiotherapy to help my lungs clear the gunk that may have been sitting there from when I've been asleep. It's then time for one of my favourite aspects of my morning routine...

9:00am - Let's Squeeze In Some Exercise

I love exercising. My current exercise routine really works for me and I love it. Some days I don't feel like working out, but I never regret it when I do. Exercising helps to wake my body up. It gives my legs a good stretch and gets my heart rate up. Exercising doesn't just mean running a marathon before breakfast, it can be something as simple as pilates/yoga or even meditating. Exercise boosts serotonin levels, so it's definitely worth it. I try and exercise for at least 45-60 minutes a day. Exercise is a vital part of my morning routine. It's not only good for my physical wellbeing but my emotional wellbeing too!

A woman sat on a bed in a pink loungewear jumpsuit.

10:00am - Tackling My To-Do List

Now, this is where I really get stuck into my day. I usually write my to-do list the night before so I'm not faffing around trying to figure out what I need to do that morning. My to-do list consists of trying to balance the four aspects of my life - my CF life, my working life, my blogging life and my general life admin. The first hour is crucial to me. It means technology is put on silent, TV is switched off, Alexa plays my favourite songs and I crack on with things!

I'd love to know if you have a morning routine yourself and how you tackle your day! 

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Stranger - "So, when are you going to have children then?"
Me - "Umm..."

This is a topic I have never touched on before on my blog - children. This can be a delicate subject for some, especially those who dream of having children of their own. So this post may not be for some women/men. 

I started writing this post quite a while ago, it has been sat in my drafts for weeks. I was so undecided on whether to publish it or not. There was that dread of offending people or people looking at me differently. However, very recently, one of my favourite creators (ok, my favourite) Victoria from InTheFrow discussed the topic of having children on one of her latest vlogs. She spoke so openly and honestly about her thoughts on whether she could see herself having children in the future. Victoria was honest enough to say that she may not see herself being a mum in the future. 

Why It's Ok To Not Want Children

First things first, I love children. My friends have beautiful children, as do my cousins. I like being the cool aunty! I used to work in primary schools for a living and I enjoyed it so much, hearing children's wild stories from home, teaching them new things every day and learning about their favourite things to eat. It made the job a lot easier and more fulfilling. 

So, if that's the case, why don't I want children? Well, there are a few reasons. Some I won't state here. The main reason is that I just don't see myself being a mother to a baby, then child, then a teenager and then finally fully grown adult. I can't even envisage what I would look like pregnant or what I would look like holding a baby in my arms. It's never been one of my life goals or dream to have a baby. 

I know it's some women's dream to become a mother and have children of their own, but this is not a dream of mine. I love watching my friends who are Mum's adore their children, making memories with them and seeing their children look so happy when their Mum or Dad give them a hug and kiss. 

Why It's Ok To Not Want Children

Growing up with CF, I never imagined myself having a proper future. As CF is a progressive illness, I never wanted children as I couldn't face the thought of not being able to see them grow up. But since I started Kaftrio (a life-saving drug), I've been really surprised to realise that my thoughts about having children haven't changed. I don't know why, but I thought I would feel incredibly broody and want to have a baby/babies. 

Then again, I met one of my closest friends baby boy (born during lockdown) for the first time the other day and I got all broody, feeling like I wanted a baby of my own. It's like a spirit level, the bubble swings in both directions. But, eventually, it swings more in the direction of not wanting any children of my own.

The thing is, I could be perceived as being very selfish for wanting to achieve other life goals/dreams before wanting to be a mother. However, I'm very fortunate though that I have a Mum who isn't bothered whether she becomes a grandparent or not, in her own words, she has said "As long as I have you in my life, that's all that matters". To have an understanding Mum like that in my life feels like the pressure is off me and I don't have to have children or rush to have any. I know some women may not be so lucky. Some women may feel the pressure of their parents/grandparents to have children, which is wrong. 

Why It's Ok To Not Want Children

People, strangers, or loved ones, are going to ask you the infamous question - "So, when are you going to have kids" here's the thing guys - this isn't 1950. Meeting someone, getting married, having a house full of children and being a housewife isn't the norm so much in today's society. People need to remember that asking the above question can be quite insensitive, especially if you don't know a woman's particular life/health situation. I know some people mean well and don't mean to be tactless, but it does need to be taken into consideration before asking about when someone is going to start having babies. 

Some will tell me that I'll feel different when I marry the man of my dreams and I'll end up changing my mind. That may be true, but I can't be sure of that until the time comes and the subject of children arises. I wouldn't want to be pressured into having children if my heart isn't in it. 

I hate to think that there is societal pressure for women to have babies. It shouldn't be seen as compulsory for women to have children to make their lives complete. To be honest, I would rather be the best aunty to my friend's kids (I'm an only child) than be a badass mum. 

Why It's Ok To Not Want Children

My aim with this post is to diminish the stigma of others thinking you're odd, strange, weird, inhuman or selfish for making the decision of not wanting children. I do not need a baby to validate my existence. Having children isn't the only thing that is going to make me a successful woman. My career, my kindness, my honesty etc will make me successful - as it will for you.  

The main point of this post is that women should not be made to feel guilty or pressured to have children just because society thinks that you should. It's your life, it's your personal choice. You do not need to live your life pleasing others. We all have different paths that we follow, if children aren't on your path, that's ok. It could mean other greater things are ahead of you. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Let me know in the comments below!

Why It's Ok To Not Want Children

Stranger - "So, when are you going to have children then?" Me - "Umm..." This is a topic I have never touched on before on my blog - ch…