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Telling yourself daily affirmations are a good way to promote your mood and positivity. But what about those days where you literally cannot think of one good thing to say to yourself, about yourself? This is where affirmation cards come into play. I have never been one to own a pack of affirmation cards. To be honest, I've never even been one to write down daily affirmations to boost my morale and mood.

Splayed white affirmation cards on a white tray.

When Mal Paper sent me their affirmation cards to try out, I wanted to make it my goal to practice daily affirmations. I wanted to start my day off in a more positive way. I truly believe that starting your day in the right mindset is key to how your day will pan out. 

Some may be wondering what are the best ways to use affirmation cards. If you're wondering if affirmation cards are really worth it or how they can best be used, here are some ideas -

Give the cards a shuffle and randomly choose one. Boom. Your daily affirmation to carry with you through the day! The good thing about affirmation cards is that you can take them with you. For example, you can keep them in your car, have them at your office desk (home or actual office) etc. Pick one before starting your workday to help set your mood for the day ahead. 

White affirmation cards splayed on a white tray.

Is there something that is getting you down? Do you have a sad feeling about something in particular which is affecting your life negatively? If you don't want to pick an affirmation card at random, go through the pack and find one that you need that reflects your mood and strive for gaining that positivity back. 

Sometimes, in meditation, you are asked by the instructor to repeat a mantra that reflects your mood. If you're unsure of what to say, grab an affirmation card and use that as your mantra!

I don't literally mean plastering your walls with cards! But maybe you can have a little section in your bedroom, living room or even on your fridge, and stick up your favourite daily affirmations to look at every day. You can then switch them around when you fancy a change.

White affirmation cards splayed on a white tray.

Stick a card on the mirror and repeat to yourself the affirmation that is written on the card. It's a lovely way to connect within yourself when you're looking at yourself in the mirror. Saying that affirmation when standing in front of the mirror is key! 

I hope this post has helped to decide whether affirmation cards are needed in your life. I'm so glad I have these cards now! They have boosted my productivity, positivity and mood for the better and I wouldn't be without them now!

Holding a white affirmation card with "I'm Capable Of Amazing Things" written in black writing.

Let me know if you use affirmation cards or write or say affirmations on a daily basis!

*These affirmation cards were sent to me from Mal Paper in exchange for a blog post. All affirmation views are my own. For more information, please read my disclaimer. Thank you for your support as always!

A black affirmation card box on a white tray.

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