Oh, that age-old question in the blogosphere - is blogging really dying? Have people had enough of reading blogs and are favouring social media posts instead? Well, here's my take on it.

Recently, I did a blogger Q&A and a blogger asked me my thoughts on whether blogging is dying and if it'll be a washed-out industry in 2022. I found this a tricky question to answer, but, ultimately, after debating over a cuppa, I said no. I can understand why people would think this though. With social media, namely, Instagram, becoming the platform that everybody puts all their sweat into these days, it's kind of easy to think that blogging is on a downward spiral. I don't like to think of blogging as a declining industry. Honestly though, I don't think it really is. 

A pink notebook and green tea.

During 2020, when we had nothing better to do than to bake banana bread or do Zoom quizzes, blogging became a lot more popular. I think it gave blogger's new or old, to really invest time in their blogs and their content. 

I know for myself personally is that my blog has never taken a backseat nor have I allowed Instagram to take its place. I've always invested time and energy towards my blog as it means more to me than my social media accounts. I love showing my creative side through my blog rather than social media. My blog is my online personal space and it always be. I know blogging has very much evolved over the last few years since I started, but I still love it just as much. 

After an hour or two (I exaggerate) of racking my brain, thinking of reasons why blogging isn't dying, here are the reasons I came up with why blogging isn't really dying -

1) Social media will come and go

MySpace, Bebo, MSN to name a few that have disappeared from our online lives over the years. What isn't to say that Instagram, Facebook or even Twitter will vanish forever one day? And let's not forget those bloody outages *cough Instagram/Facebook cough* has on a weekly basis. Your blog is here to stay, you have a choice to keep it. I love having that little piece of the Internet. It makes me smile. Also, with a blog, I don't have to worry about algorithms not promoting or showing my posts to my followers, the onus falls on me, which is fine by me!

A woman writing in a notebook

2) You can express yourself more on a blog

For me, I feel I can open up more in a blog post than I could on a social media post. Blogging is all about being creative and being expressive, what better way to share your thoughts and feelings through writing. Twitter has limited characters on what you really want to say, Instagram kind of does and Facebook literally allows you to write your life story. But with blogging, I feel it's more personal and I feel I can connect to someone when I read a blog post of theirs. Especially if it's a topic I relate to and can aspire to. 

3) There's no sodding algorithms to worry about

I don't have to worry about publishing a blog post at a certain second to gain reach like I would on Instagram. Blogging is kind of free-spirited and there's no pressure or worrying about algorithms. Blogging alleviates the pressure in when to publish, making it a more relaxing experience. Social media can bring a kind of pressure to it, which makes it less enjoyable. 

4) Brands still love blogs

From my perspective, I know that brands still love blogs. About 90% of the brands that have reached out to me still ask for a blog post rather than a social media post. I love the fact that brands still prefer blogs today. I don't know if I'm speaking for all blogger's on this, but this is the genuine consensus that I am seeing. Maybe brands know that their product will get better reach through a blog post than an Instagram post, but that's just my personal opinion. 

A woman writing in a pink notebook

5) Blogs are the best for discovering new products

One thing I love about blog posts is discovering new brands through reviews. I find that Instagram posts for reviews feel, I don't know, kind of put on? I know when I read a review-style blog post, I feel that the blogger is being totally honest about their opinion. I've always said that Instagram is a highlight reel, and it's not very often that you see a creator rubbishing a brand in one of their Insta posts. I've always promised that I will be completely honest about products. If I don't like it or it isn't for me, I'll state that. You need to be honest with your audience, always. Speaking of audience...

6) Blogging audiences are for me, more authentic and dedicated

If people are reading my blog posts, they are genuine and genuinely want to read my content. On Instagram, sometimes it's a game of follow for a follow etc. With a blog, when somebody takes the time to read your words and leave a comment, I find that more satisfying and refreshing than a follower liking an Insta post and leaving a three-word comment (I do appreciate the love on Insta guys, I promise!). Watch me lose an influx of followers now because of that comment. 

7) There's more room to expand with a blog

Running a blog means I can still expand and make things bigger and better. I could expand on the topics I write about. I can change a theme on my blog when I want to. Also, I could (eventually) make it a full-time job if I want to. I feel you can't really expand on social media platforms. Obviously, social media platforms will introduce new features on their platform for us to use, but that's as far as it will go. 

A woman holding a green tea

So, is blogging really dying?...

No. It won't as long as you and I don't let it. There are and there will be upcoming blog lovers who will still continue to love reading a blog post. I love that with my blog, I still have room to expand and I can still be creative with it. My blog won't be going anywhere for a while, and that makes me so happy. 

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I'm someone that declares it's Autumn on the 1st of September - even though Autumn Equinox is three weeks after that. I just love this season. Autumn is full of warm tones, cosiness and crunchy leaves. One of my other favourite things about Autumn is the fashion during this season. Give me all the jumpers, cardigans and boots and I'll wear them. You can never have too many oversized jumpers hanging in your wardrobe!

An Autumn themed flatlay.

When I make the transition of Summer into Autumn, there are always going to be what I call 'my Autumn fashion essentials' to see me through the season until, and even into the Winter. Autumn fashion is full of lovely textures, versatility, warmth and it's timeless. 

Now, I'm not going to tell you to go and buy 24 jumpers and say that's your Autumn wardrobe sorted for another year. I like to have the key essentials when it comes to Autumn fashion. I like to have a versatile and more of a capsule wardrobe these days, Autumn is the perfect place to start if you are looking to do the same. 

An Autumn themed flatlay.

If you're wondering where to start, here are my 8 Autumn fashion essentials -


I couldn't start this list without mentioning this item. Oversized jumpers are essential for any Autumn wardrobe. I tend to buy neutral based jumpers - beige, ecru, tan, brown, well, any neutral colour! I also like to have a black jumper, a white jumper and maybe a bright colour just to make an Autumn outfit pop a little. I like to buy the oversized jumper not just for an Autumn fashion essential, but for warmth and cosiness! If oversized jumpers aren't for you, a roll neck jumper is definitely the way to go. A roll neck jumper goes great with shorts, skirts and jeans. 


It wouldn't be Autumn if I didn't have a trench coat in my wardrobe. Trench coats are so versatile, plus if it starts peeing down outside when you're on an Autumnal walk, you won't get too wet! Trench coats look great over dresses, or a top, jeans and boots/flats. Speaking of shoes...

A taupe mug with 'Warm and Cozy' written on it.


Whether that be ankle boots, knee-high or thigh boots, I couldn't be without black boots during Autumn. I tend to wear black jeans/leggings during the Autumn, so black boots are essential for me. I don't mind whether the boots are flat or heeled, as long as I have a pair in my wardrobe, I'm sound. 


How can you have Autumn without a scarf or two?! I love a tartan scarf, a black scarf and a neutral one too. Not only are scarves good for looking fashionable, but I love them purely for keeping my chest warm when I'm out and about in the colder, wetter weather!


Invest in a good pair of tights - you won't be sorry! I like to opt for the more opaque pair of tights, they definitely keep your legs warmer. I know those Gucci Supreme tights are floating around on Instagram (to be fair, they are gorgeous!) but you can always find a nice pair from any fashion website, or even at your local supermarket! Tights are great with the obvious - skirts, shorts, dresses.

A black retro letterboard with "8 Autumn Fashion Essentials" on it.


If boots aren't for you, loafers and/or mules are your best friend in Autumn. I love wearing these two kinds of shoes. They're so comfortable and go with so many Autumnal outfits. Some may be unsure of mules as they fear they'll slip off when you walk around town. I find mules very comfortable and thankfully I haven't had that slip-off issue as of yet! You could always buy those anti-slip insoles if you worry about that problem, I have for heels and they do work!


An oversized jumper with leather trousers or leggings is probably my favourite outfit combo to wear in Autumn. If not, a white shirt, a blouse or roll neck jumper would look great with them too. 


Love those Autumnal walks? A pair of wellies to go walking in wouldn't go amiss! The last thing you want is to fall on your arse in the muddy woods in your nicest pair of trainers! 

An Autumn themed flatlay.

These are my Autumn fashion essentials for every Autumn season that comes and goes. I hope this has helped you with what to have in your wardrobe in this Autumn season! 

I'd love to know if these items would be on your wishlist or any others! 

8 Autumn Fashion Essentials

I'm someone that declares it's Autumn on the 1st of September - even though Autumn Equinox is three weeks after that. I just love this season. Autu…