Story of 2018: Chapter Twelve (Pages 351 - 357)

P A G E  351

Good morning! It's Monday and my stomach is churning like a washing machine! Here's why -
It seriously does feel like D-Day. I would really love to avoid IV's, but obviously my lungs come first and if they need them, they need them. I'm keeping everything crossed it doesn't come to that though!
I've had a busy morning exercising, nebulising and Christmas present wrapping. Now it's time to set off to the hospital, yep, the moment of truth is upon me!
After a very long drive down and trying to get a parking space, I'm in the clinic room and the nurses have given me this -
It was very tasty too! It's so kind of them to do this!
Usually the WiFi signal is shit, it's so nice that they've improved it. I can now spend time on Twitter and Instagram whilst I'm waiting for the doctors to come in! Before, I used to be twiddling my thumbs waiting around. Ok, it's time for lung function...
An hour has been gone, I'm back in the car, here are the results -
I can safely say that I'm the happiest girl in Wales right now! I can fully relax now and enjoy Christmas!

P A G E  352
I've been to the gym, now I'm going to make a quick dash to town to take a pair of jeans back to Primark (something which I despise doing) and I've come to this realisation -

I don't like to say negative things about my home town because it's where I've lived all my life and where I was brought up, but I wish the council would do something about my town centre, it's shocking, it really is. One half is really poshed up, but the other half is so sorry and pathetic it's unreal. Right, let's get home and have a bath, I've got a lot to do today.
I'm really getting into the bath now, honest!
After a busy day of cleaning, writing and finished all my Christmas present wrapping, I'm off out to meet my friend Gabby for part one of my Christmas meet ups with my friends. I'm absolutely starving so it's guaranteed that a two course meal is needed to fill the gap in my stomach.
Such good laughs and gossip, now I'm home and my bed is calling me, goodnight!

P A G E  353
I will be rushing home from work this afternoon so I can catch it from the start. Who doesn't love Toy Story?! Right, before I head off to work, let's open window 19 -
Ok, I better go, see you later!
I've had a very odd but good day in work, firstly, I got given this -
Isn't this the cutest piece of cake ever?! I cannot wait to eat this with a cuppa later on! However, let's fit some exercise in before I do.
Oh yes, I did say that I had an odd but good day in work, here's why -
Yep, a pretty standard day!
A little tradition me and my Mam have done over the years, where we drive around different areas of Newport and look at everyone's Christmas lights. Surprisingly, it is very enjoyable!

P A G E  354 

It's my last day before I have 20 days off work! As you can imagine, I'm bloody excited about this! Let's go and get this day in work done, it'll probably drag!
WOOP WOOP! I skipped out of work and jumped in my car and didn't look back!
I'm to my bestie's for a long overdue catch up and some Christmas present swapping, see ya!

P A G E  355

I won't be tweeting or posting too much on social media today as I have a family friend's funeral to go to. Days like this make you think that posting statuses on social media play into complete insignificance when someone you've known for so many years passes away.

P A G E  356

I haven't had chance to do barely anything blogging-wise so far this week! At the end of the day - life comes first! I know I shouldn't have to say sorry about this, it just feels the right thing to do! Right, I've got lots to do today before I go out later with Lucy for some Christmas present swapping over some food!
I can't believe there's only two windows left to open on my Advent calendar, this month has absolutely flown by!
I have woken up in the greatest mood though this morning -
They played last night and won 2-0. We're top of the table over Christmas and this makes me too happy! Right, I seriously need to get a move on!
I have eaten two courses at Frankie & Benny's (mozzarella sticks to start then meatballs and pasta for the main course) and I am now officially stuffed. I have grown a massive food baby in the space of half an hour. I've got a feeling it won't be going away for a while yet.
I am now going to go home with my food baby in tow.
It's quarter past 11 at night, I want to go to bed, but I can't -

I don't want to go to bed whilst I have some ideas floating around in my head. I need to get them written down - and quick!
I think I can call that a productive Saturday evening. Goodnight!

P A G E  357

My body was crying out for some sleep and it's finally had some. It's certainly set me up for Sunday!
I'm just scrolling through my blogging stats, I see something very peculiar -
Hmm, a little strange. But I'll take that!
Before I get on with Sunday, I better open the last but one window on my Advent calendar -
So this is where I seem very popular in the blogging world today-
So if you are from Ireland and you want to fill me in, please do!
I'm so behind today, I'm meant to be meeting my bestie in 10 minutes and I'm just standing here in my bra and pants trying to decide what to wear! I really better get a move on.
Love this girl to pieces. We've never had a bad word to say to each other in 22 years. True friendship right there.


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