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29 April 2018

Story: 2018 - Chapter Four (Pages 113 - 119)

P A G E  113
I've woken up to the most stinking cold. Not the bestest start to my week. One thing that does annoy me when I put my makeup on when I have a cold though -

What is the point?! When you blow your nose and it just gets rubbed off on the tissue. May as well just apply foundation around my nose!
I've just come home from work to some really lovely news -
It is so refreshing to hear some good news rather than miserable news!

27 April 2018

Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - April 2018

I've only just realised that I was off work for half of April, so no wonder the month has flown by! Thanks to the Easter Holidays, I got to enjoy the rain from the comfort of my own house instead of a classroom. I'm currently typing this when we're in the middle of a mini heatwave which I have enjoyed immensely, even if I have been in work for half of it. But yes, it is almost the end of April, we're about to enter May (my birthday month) and it's that time of month (not THAT time of month) where I look over my social media analytics from the last 30 or so days.

Social media-wise, things have been good this month. Let's have a look at my social media stats for the month of April -

25 April 2018

My Blog Reads of April

One thing I would like to do more of this year is to share the blog love and give a shout out to some of the blog posts that have had me nodding in agreement or have had me in awe of their creative writing talent!

22 April 2018

Story: 2018 - Chapter Four (Pages 106 - 112)

P A G E  106
I'm awake. It's 6:00am. I can't cope with the early alarm.
I've been up for over an hour now, I look at the clock -

No, I'm not counting at all! (A little of sarcasm there). Time to set off for my first day back!
...So I've made it through my first day back at work. It's been a busy one, but it's been lovely to see the kids and the teachers I work with! I've come to a lovely parcel from Boots though -
Yes! I love the colours, they're gorgeous and two lovely shades of pink! Thanks to everyone who recommended different nail polish brands to me in a tweet I wrote on Saturday. Essie was the eventual winner after a few people sent me DM's saying how good the brand is.

20 April 2018

Lookbook - It's Summer (well, not quite)

I wish I could say that it's Summer. But unfortunately we're at the point weather-wise where we can't decide whether we should wear a coat or risk it without. Do I? Don't I? So frustrating. But this little mini heatwave we've had in the last few days has made my decision a whole lot easier. Sandals have been worn and not a single coat has been required.

I like to be the rebel and go outside without a coat (I know, devilish right?!) but then immediately regret once I get out of the car and have to walk to wherever I am going. I certainly know that it's not shorts and t-shirt weather yet, but I wanted to Lookbook these items before they fly off the shelves just before Summer begins -
Excuse my paleness!

17 April 2018

Decisions, Decisions

Which coat do I like better? Shall I have another glass of wine? Do I watch Friends on Netflix? Do I message him first?

Decisions, decisions! Everyday we have to use our brain to choose what choice is best suited to our needs. Some decisions I make are good ones, but more often or not they’re mistakes. Then I’m left saying those awful words “I wish I didn’t do that” or “Why the hell did I think that was a good idea?!”. There’s nothing worse than living with that regret of knowing you could have made a better choice.

15 April 2018

Story: 2018 - Chapter Four (Pages 99 - 105)

P A G E  99
It's the start of a new week, I got some errands to run today, but I'm sat here, in a very wanting mood -
Yes, I have that "I want all these things but can't have them" head on today. Not the best kind of mood to start my day off with.
But then things perked up a little bit -
I bought a couple of things from ASOS last night so I can't really afford to buy anymore unless I want to go overdrawn!

12 April 2018

Sharing the blogging love

I've finally subscribed to Blogosphere Magazine and I couldn't be more thrilled! I received my first magazine in the post this week and whilst I was reading it, one thing instantly struck me - the support and love shown for bloggers everywhere. Blogosphere Magazine highlights all the wonderful qualities of bloggers. It gives me a great chance to look at other blogger's content and share their posts through my social media channels.

8 April 2018

Story: 2018 - Chapter Four (Pages 92 - 98)

P A G E  92
Happy Bank Holiday Monday to you all! I have started my day with a spot of exercise on the treadmill and also an arm workout. So I'm treadmilling away, sweating my buns off giving my lungs a good pounding, and this happens -

Surely I can't be the only one?! It's just such a random place!
I'm off out to go food shopping and I get a text from my bestie Tasha asking to meet up for a drink in Costa - well, it was going to be Costa, then I thought, where's the place that everyone goes to on a Bank Holiday? The pub, of course!
I've come home, thinking I need a couple of things from Boots. Well -
No, I am not even sorry. Now if you'll excuse me, I am about to dig in to ham and parsley sauce dinner.

6 April 2018

Lookbook - Skirts and Sliders

I'm in good preparation for my summer wardrobe. I've had a huge sort out of my clothes of late and my wardrobe looks so much more tidier and organised. It was getting to he point that I was hauling everything out just to find the top or pair of jeans I wanted to wear for that day.

So like I said, I am quite prepared for summer and I have purchased a few summer pieces already. Including all of this -
Ignore my fitness watch on my right wrist!

3 April 2018

Finding Picture Inspiration

I’m going through a “can’t think of anything to flat lay or photograph” phase right now. Yes I know, a pretty standard phase to go through in ones life.

But it’s true, I’m completely stumped at what to put in front of my iPhone 8 camera right now! I wrote a blog post about my struggle with blogging photography a few weeks back. Don't get me wrong, it's getting better, but I still have those uninspiring days.

I know they say that you shouldn’t compare yourself as a blogger to other bloggers, it just completely deflates and brings you down. Looking at other bloggers photos and literally having the heart shaped eyes emoji look on your face makes me think, “Damn, why can’t I take beautiful aesthetic photos like that?!” Now comes the sad emoji face.

1 April 2018

Story: 2018 - Chapter Three/Four (Pages 85 - 91)

P A G E  85
I've woken up this morning, freezing cold, wanting and wishing for some warm weather. Well, technically, it is British Summer Time, so when are we going to see this warm weather? Not very soon! But at least I can wear this lovely jumper for a little bit longer - 

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