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30 November 2019

Blog Reads of November

It's CHRISTMAS. Well, not quite, but it's the end of November, which literally means it's Christmas. Even though Christmas started for me a while ago when Christmas songs were being played on the TV music channels.

Also it's just dawned on me that we are entering 2020 in a matter of weeks - how the hell are we entering another decade?! This time 10 years ago, I was a fresh faced college student lugging around folders in a fake Michael Kors bag , as you do.

Anyway, the end of the month means it's time for my blogging round up. I'm quite surprised how much I have read this month as I've been rushed off my feet! Well, I say rushed off my feet, I basically mean drinking lots of green tea and doing a lot of procrastinating. Don't we all?!

Ok then, here goes, here are my favourite blog posts from November:

27 November 2019

My Travel Goals For 2020

I may sound a little premature talking about goals when there’s still well over a month of 2019 left, but I felt like sharing them. Sod it, it’s almost Christmas! Not that has anything to do with it *shrugs shoulders*

I’ve sort of found my rhythm with travelling in 2019, and I want that rhythm to continue in 2020. I visited Liverpool (obvs) twice, Brighton and Birmingham. All lovely cities, but all visited for different reasons.

21 November 2019

All I Want For Christmas with Boots

*This post is an AD (paid) with Boots UK. See the end of the post for details.

Is it too early to be talking about Christmas? Of course it's bleeding not! It's not just me who feels this way, Boots do too!

18 November 2019

A Little Life Update

I haven't written a life update in, well, yonks. I thought it was the right time to do so after a tumultuous couple of weeks.

It all started on a Thursday evening about 11 days back. I received two sets of heartbreaking news in the space of a few hours. Two of my friends passed away. As you can imagine, I was inconsolable, the news just broke me. To lose one friend is heartbreaking enough, but to lose two in a short space of time was beyond devastating.

14 November 2019

Don't Sugarcoat It, I'm A Diabetic

It's World Diabetes Day - and I'm writing this as I am a diabetic myself. Yes, on top of everything else I already have to put up with, my body has dealt me the diabetes hand.

I wanted to write this to give people more of an insight into life as a diabetic.

So diabetes - it basically means that my pancreas is as lazy as f**k. It's not producing enough insulin to help keep my blood glucose levels down or help with nutrition. I've been a diabetic for nearly 15 years now, 15 years of finger pricking until my fingers have gone numb, using my belly as target practice for my insulin pen and for hearing the immortal words numerous times - "Can you eat that?"

8 November 2019

How To Write The (Almost) Perfect Blog Post

Well, I say perfect. My posts are NEVER perfect. I'm always rejigging and tweaking already published content as I always think of new ideas or sentences to add or I have to correct a grammar or spelling error that I may have missed.

Believe it or not non-blogger's, there is a real process in creating a blog post. As blogger's can testify to, we all want our content to be perfect. We don't want to be publishing slapdash and average work. At the end of the day, it's going to be published on the world wide web, world wide meaning that potentially a lot of internet users may come across it at some point in their online journey. Well, not everybody, that's a wide audience, but you get what I mean.

4 November 2019

Fat Shaming - Why's It Still A Thing In 2019?

Good Lord, the amount of tweets or comments on Insta pictures fat shaming people or making lewd suggestions at their weight and body size is beyond preposterous.

Why is this still a thing in 2019? Is it down to jealousy? Nastiness? Or just dumbfoundedly thinking that it’s still ok to do so in this day and age?

I posted these pictures of me in my bra a few weeks ago, something that this time a year or even two years ago, I wouldn’t have the guts to do. There’s always that small voice of doubt that people may think I’m attention seeking or I’m setting myself up for every snide remark there is to be thought of and said.

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