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31 October 2018

That Scared me a little

Happy Halloween peeps! It's supposedly the most scariest day of the year and I'm only expecting on average about 0-5 trick or treaters knocking on my door tonight. Luckily, I live off the main road so not many kids can be bothered to walk down my street.

I've been one to admit that I generally don't enjoy Halloween. Even when I was a kid I only ever went out once. I went out as a witch for a Halloween party. I wore those rubber witch fingers which made my real fingers drip with sweat, my top was just a black rubbish bag and I wore a witch's hat which was too big for my head. I had my pumpkin bucket with me all ready to go trick or treating, but as we walked around in a big group, I tripped over and all my sweets fell out. So then it turned into a fun game of 'Find the sweets in the pitch black'.

In the present day, I'm one of those people who hides behind their curtains when trick or treaters come to my door. On the odd occasion I do open the door, but 95% of the time I don't. My main concern is that nobody eggs my car!

Halloween gives people the chance to scare the bejesus out of you and pull scary pranks. I jump a mile when there's a loud bang or when someone suddenly comes up behind me when I got my headphones in.

This got me thinking, what are the things that I am scared of in my life? There are a few things that petrify me or just grate on me. Yes, I'm scared of some things. At the end of the day, I'm human, I wouldn't class you as a human being if you said you weren't scared of anything. Let's face it, we're all afraid of something, no matter how big or small that fear is.

Here are the things that I openly admit to being scared of:

Quite a weird fear I know, but hear me out! It all comes from a, well, I want to say a near death experience. Let's just call it a bad moment. When I was about 8 or 9 years old, me, my Mam and Dad were in the car driving along the dual carriageway (this was before it got expanded to a two lane carriageway rather than just the one) and a lorry, which had a foreign number plate, was driving towards us in our lane and he narrowly missed us when he steered into the right lane. So when I drive on the motorway or any fast road, I still get quite wary and anxious when a lorry approaches to the lane beside me or behind me.

Who doesn't like needles though, seriously? Even though I inject myself with insulin every morning and check my blood sugar on a regular basis, using needles still isn't easy. Nightmarish experiences of doctors trying in vain to find a good vein to insert a needle/long line for IV's or to just get blood samples from is one of my bad childhood memories. I always used to scream the place down, even though I had magic cream (it's really called Emla cream for deadening the skin, but I always called it magic cream) or had the cold spray on my hand to help, but it never seemed to work. I have gotten a lot better with needles, I'm able to watch the needle go into my arm or hand, years ago the thought of doing that used to send shivers down my spine. See - I've grown up!

I see a spider on the wall in my bedroom, that's me not sleeping in my bedroom for the night unless I have seen with my own eyes leave my bedroom. There's that so called myth that we swallow so many spiders whilst we're sleeping. I'm sorry if I've put you off your food or you're just about to go to bed. Ok, I might shut up now. That's why I'm glad I don't live in Australia or even want to go on holiday there.

Ok, this one might take a lot of explaining. It's not so much that I'm scared of this, but it's the sound that grates on me. When people sweep up on a hard floor, especially on concrete outside, the sound of the brush sweeping across the ground absolutely freaks me out. I can't stand it. I literally have to stay inside and put my hands over my ears until that person has finished sweeping. Even if somebody is brushing the floor on TV, I have to mute the sound until they've finished doing it! I know, very wacky and weird.

This is more of a psychological fear more than anything else. I've said this in a post before that CF is one of my biggest fears. It's the not knowing of what my health status will be in the next week, let alone the next month or even year. I'm scared of how quickly this illness can and will badly progress during my life. But I'm aiming to try and not think too much about that and just focus on the here and now and to just enjoy my life. Peace out.

What are the things that you're afraid of?

29 October 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Ten (Pages 295 - 301)

P A G E  295
I need some green tea and fast. I've only managed to pull myself out of bed, I really could not find the motivation to get up this morning. Maybe a bit of time on the treadmill will wake me up a bit.
I've done quite a few jobs this morning, I've exercised, been over Spytty to pick up a parcel and buy a couple of things I needed, cleaned my makeup brushes (I know right!) and now I've settled down and started writing some blog posts.
Oops. This is what happens when you don't realise your mouse button is hovering over the 'Publish' button. I've never clicked the 'Revert to draft' button as quick as I did just then.
But it turned into a lovely couple of hours. Who doesn't love a bit of singing? Even my next door neighbour's Yorkshire Terrier has decided to join in with his constant barking.

P A G E  296
I'm feeling a tiny bit impatient this morning -
Isn't it stupid?! It's probably this will be the most exciting part of my day. Housework, washing and just getting stuff sorted isn't my ideal Tuesday! But still, at least I'm getting it all done. It's back to work tomorrow. At least it'll be a good week in work - it's my last three days then after that I got at least 10 days off - BOOM!

P A G E  297
A little bit of Wednesday Wisdom to start my day off. It's off to work I go now!
I've just arrived at the gym, I've had quite an odd day in work (which I will fill you in on later) and I've realised I have forgotten something vitally important -
This isn't good. I struggle to go a day without listening to music at the best of times but forgetting my headphones when I need them most - at the gym where I want to be in the zone and avoid talking to random sweaty gym goers at all costs, not good at all. This means I'll have to listen to the crappy gym music in the background and keep my head down at all times. But I got a feeling I won't be here for very long anyway -
I was fine in work, it seemed to develop as I was driving towards the gym, perhaps it was a sign that I shouldn't have come here, mind you, me forgetting my headphones was a definite sign as well. May be I should leave early?!
I've managed 45 minutes of working out so that's not too bad.
Oh yes, I need to tell you about my day in work! Well -
Yep, don't ask why me and the teacher suggested it! But the kids loved it and it's now the new number one favourite song in the class now. Right, I need a bath - I stink.
Liverpool are on TV now, see you later!
*Update - a 4-0 win!
I'm going to bed happy now. Goodnight!

P A G E  298
I've woken up in a fabulous mood after Liverpool's win last night. It says something how much a Liverpool win can really perk your mood, well, only if you're a Liverpool fan.
I'm scrolling through Twitter and there is one thing in particular really trending right now -

Ok, like I seriously need an excuse to eat pasta anyway! But i'm feeling the chub on my belly right now so I may leave it, I'm hoping that when I look in my cupboards now to see what I want for tea, I won't find a packet of pasta. *Opens first cupboard* - oh. Pasta.

P A G E  299
It's Friday and I have twelve days off from work after today. As you can imagine and I am terribly excited about that prospect. It's time to set off, I'm ready early which is highly unusual for me.

Woop! I can finally relax and put my feet up for a little while! But I am kind of feeling downhearted about something -
I'm bloody gutted. But still, hopefully there will be another chance for me again soon.

P A G E  300
I love getting parcels on the weekend, they seem to make more weekends just that little bit more exciting (yes, that is how sad my life has become) -

If you're wondering about the caption, ASOS used to send vouchers every now and then when you reached so many points on their A-List program. I spent quite a lot on ASOS before so I got quite a few vouchers every couple of months which definitely came in handy and we're definitely an incentive when wanting to buy clothes. I shall miss ASOS A-list vouchers, they brought so much joy into my life.
Ok, let's put the new shoes away and keep a beady eye on Liverpool's match against Cardiff this afternoon.
*Update - a 4-1 win - GET IN!
I'm more than pleased with that. Let's celebrate with a glass of rose. I'm taking it easy with the drinking this weekend as I drank just a tiny bit too much last weekend. Ok, ok, I was drunk. I won't pound my liver with alcohol this weekend like the last!
I've just noticed something rather significant on Twitter this evening -
I have reached the 2,000 follwers milestone! It's quite surreal that over 2,000 people are interested in my opinions and my weekendly Liverpool FC tweets. Ah, I feel a warmth in my heart.

P A G E  301

You got to love the clocks going back -
I know people say that it's a kind of myth and that you really don't gain that valuable extra hour in bed, but it's nice to think that we've had more time to sleep than we normally would. Ok, let's get on with Sunday!
I've been exercising this morning and I feel all, well, worked out. FYI - I love this windbreaker jacket from New Look -
£11 in the New Look sale. A bargain and it's leopard print. A win-win.
I've had a quiet afternoon of doing my normal Sunday stuff - sorting my medication for another week and doing this -
I did make a little mess on my ring finger. My other hand was even worse. I think that is one of the perks of getting your nails done by a beautician - they won't make a mess or get any polish on the skin.
I'm not sure if I got the energy or concentration to invest my life into another BBC series. I've seen the Bodyguard (the best of the bunch) , Killing Eve, The Cry and now this new series The Little Drummer Girl. Let's give it a go anyway.
Nah,, not for me. Let's watch Gavin and Stacey instead.


27 October 2018

Most Liked, Retweeted & Viewed - October 2018

October has been a very mixed and unusual month for me. There's been a few up's, but a few down's to coincide with the up's. Hopefully November will bring me better things.

Right, social media stats for this month. Ok, Instagram has been a bit of a pain in the backside. I had really good engagement for about the first half of the month, then it seemed to spiral back down to little or minimal engagement for the second half of the month. But my number of followers has increased so that I'm quite pleased about.

Twitter I'm always pleased with - it's never let me down yet. Hopefully I haven't jinxed things now. Knowing my luck I most probably have done.

Anyway, here's my social media stats for the month of October -

Top Tweet:

I loved writing this post, Well, I say I loved writing it, it's not something I would want to write about because obviously I don't want to be lumbered with a disability. But I'm glad people took note and realised that not all disabilities are visible. Thank you to those who left me lovely comments on the post as well as Twitter and Facebook.

Top Media Tweet:
This made it a very good start to October. I'm awfully grateful for any blogging opportunity that comes my way, but to get three in the same week was just amaze-balls!

Most Liked:

I do love these trousers. I have a thing about the checked pattern right now. Especially for trousers.

Personal Favourite:

I love this quote. Plus I love Desenio posters. Like this quote says, throw kindness around like confetti, it never hurts nobody.

So it's goodbye to October! Now to look forward to Bonfire Night and the lead up to Black Friday shopping. See you all next month!


24 October 2018

Blog Reads Of October

I'm writing this a little earlier this month as I got a post for Halloween! But here's my favourite blog reads of October -

1) Oversharing on your blog | How much is TMI? | Sinead Kathryn
If you're worried about what you want to share and what you think is appropriate to share online, ask yourself this - can you tell a complete stranger in public what you would like to post online? If the answer is no, then you shouldn't share it online. I'm like Sinead, I like to share my innermost thoughts, but I don't want to come across as an over-sharer, or even worse still, an attention seeker. Like Sinead says, its good to open up, you can become a relatable blogger by doing that. But obviously don't tell your readers something *too* personal.
2) 5 Lazy Day Essentials | Shannon Michelle
Who doesn't love a lazy day? I know I do from time to time. This is why I loved Shannon's post. I immediately wanted to embark on a lazy day after reading her post. All the essentials she's listed that you will need to achieve that lazy day status, from candles, to Netflix, to wearing pyjamas whilst eating comfort food, these are definitely compulsory you will need in order to have the laziest day possible.
If you want to sort out your Instagram engagement or how to spot the fake followers and bots, then please read this post. Victoria made me understand the awful algorithm better and the those pesky people who follow/unfollow. I hate people who use bots or buy fake engagement, I want to gain more followers myself rather than rely on fake followers to do that for me. I want an organic following at the end of the day, by achieving that, it shows I've worked hard.
I've been a huge fan of Viktoria's writing for a long time now. As people know, I love to exercise, and not just because I have to. If you're somebody who is struggling to find to commit to going to the gym every week or just do a daily mile, then read this post. From finding the motivation to feeling to first lot of muscle pain you'll feel after a good session, this post covers it all.
When reading Hannah's post, one sentence really stood out to me - 80% of people have stretch marks and 90% of women and 10% of men have cellulite. Which means almost every woman has them. So why am I embarrassed and sometimes ashamed of my body for giving me stretch marks and cellulite when it's not just me?! Like Hannah says, there is nothing wrong with saying you don't like your body, we're all body conscious. This post Hannah's written makes me see that we're all human and we all have flaws. I really enjoyed reading this. Plus I want those bikini's Hannah is wearing because the pattern is gorgeous.
A huge shoutout to Ellie for someone to have the guts to talk about the subject and say exactly what other blogger's are thinking - some blogger's do start blogging for the money - and there's nothing wrong with that. Blogging is all about the writing also, I know that, that's the reason I got into blogging. But you can make money off your blog, but that is your choice at the end of the day. As Ellie says, blogging is a tough industry and if you are in it for the money, you probably won't stick around long.
All us blogger's have been there. We've sat in front of the laptop, just staring at a blank screen with no clue what to write about. But Emily has written some great point of how to get yourself out of that funk and just focus on you. Don't force content, try a change of scenery, surround yourself with people who inspire and just try something new are some of the things Emily has suggested to try. I'm definitely going to try some of Emily's ideas because I hate those days where I'm stuck in a creativity rut and can't think of anything to write or take photo's of.

Let me know your favourite blog posts from October!


22 October 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Ten (Pages 288 - 294)

P A G E  288
I'm currently sweating my buns off at the gym, I take a sneak peek at my phone, well, just to have a quick scroll through Twitter, there's some news trending -

This has truly made my day and it's not even 9:00am yet! (I know, early gym-goer) I'm so pleased for Harry and Meghan, you can't beat Royal Baby news!
Ah, now it's time to leave the gym, the sweat is dripping off me, that's a sure sign I've done more than enough.
Ok, I said last week on Twitter that I felt like I needed to make a trip to Primark to buy a trench coat, well...
I told you I wanted a trench coat and I've finally got one! It only cost £15 - a bloody bargain in my book! Also I was desperate for slippers. My feet are starting to feel chilly in the evening.
I'm kind of in a grumpy mood at the moment, I just had a call from work saying they need me in tomorrow - there goes my three day week! Let's just think of the money - half term is approaching.

P A G E  289

I can guarantee I'll be thinking that it is Wednesday all day. I'll be wanting to change the date on the white board even though I'd be rubbing out the wrong date. Ah well, hopefully today will fly by and I won't refer to it being Wednesday.
Ok, my Mam has kind of surprised me with something, which may be a little early if you ask me -
I do like the traditional Advent calendars, chocolate calendars are too tempting to open every day. There's always a small bit of excitement when you reach day 24, not only because it's Christmas Eve, but day 24 is the biggest window on the calendar, it can't be just me who thinks the same?!

P A G E  290

A little bit of Wednesday Wisdom for you all to start the morning -
Trust that bitch! Keep that in mind on your Wednesday as you head off to work, the same as I will be!
Well, I kind of played hell with my guts today after my day in work, this next tweet completely sums up my day -
What gets into kids these days?! I had to do this literally before my lunch hour - not good for my appetite.
I'm having a bad day in regards to my body, I'm having one of those days where I hate it and wish I could surgically swap it with a slim size 6 body instead as I feel like the size of an elephant and - yes, I'll shut up now.
I'm sure I'll be fine tomorrow. I'm just having one of those days. Digging a water bottle out of the toilet at work today hasn't really helped my mood.

P A G E  291
I'm pondering going to the gym for the second time in a week - very unlike me. I think I'm just too tired from work - that's what it is, my brain isn't thinking straight. Well, it rarely does anyway. But maybe more so today. Ok, let's get to work before my brain turns to mush.
I didn't end up going to the gym, my brain finally clicked into gear and decided that I should go next week instead.
I'm cwtched up on the settee now, I can't wait for it to be the weekend now. I need Liverpool and sleep. Simple.
By the way - this tune is just gorge.

Seriously get this song on your play lists. If you feel down about yourself, it'll definitely make you 100 times better than you may be feeling right now.

P A G E  292
I've finished work for the week, I'm settled down with a bottle of wine and I'm kind of writing this half pissed as I've already drunk half of the bottle, but there's one thing that has truly made me day today! -

One of the reason is love my job is because if things like this. They really do make my day. Ok, I need to go to bed, I nearly fell asleep on my laptop just then.

P A G E  293
After falling asleep on my laptop, I lie in is just what I needed. I've woken up feeling refreshed and in a happy mood.

I cannot wait to watch my beloved Reds play later on. I've missed them too much over the last couple of weeks.
I've had a productive Saturday so far, I've exercised and cleaned the house, I've just dropped my Mam off at the hairdresser's, now it's time for a bit of me time for an hour or so -
Time doesn't half fly by. Time to pick my Mam up.
I've just been food shopping, I raced through the aisles like I was a contestant on Supermarket Sweep so I could get home in time for Liverpool playing. But I made it with 10 minutes to spare. A triumph.
*Update - a 1-0 win. Get in!
We didn't play well, but a win is a win. I'm happy! Time to celebrate with a glass or three of rose. Well, needs must and all that.

P A G E  294
So my last page ended with me saying that I was going to celebrate with a glass or three of rose? Well I did, but I have to confess, it was more than 3 glasses - oops. I went to bad slightly worse for wear and have woke up feeling bleh. Lesson learnt kids - don't drink alcohol. I have to try and be a role model to the modern youth. Ok, let's get on with Sunday otherwise I will never get out of bed.
I've just come out of Home Bargains with my Mam, we went to buy my cat Charlie a new cat bed for the winter (which I hope he bloody sleeps in now!) and this happens -

She was just sat there playing on her phone, whilst I'm struggling to try and open the door with just a half a foot gap to try and squeeze my body through to get to the steering wheel. Oh my days. That hurt.
Now, I've never watched any Doctor Who episode before, but for some reason I wanted to watch tonight's episode because it was set in a huge period in our history -
What a good episode that highlights what a true icon Rosa Parks was and what she did on this Earth. A great episode to educate children with.
Right, time for the Strictly results -
One of the best looking male professional dancers has been voted off and now I'm very sad. At least Alijaz is still in it though. Thank heavens.


20 October 2018

Giving Compliments

I went into work a little while back, I walked in and I was showered with compliments about my hair, the reason being that was curled with my wave wand from a couple of days previous. I never have my hair curled for work, I just straighten it as it’s easier manage then.

Anyway, it made me feel good that people took the time to say something nice to me, it brightened me up for the rest of my day.

This got me thinking - it doesn’t take more than five seconds to say something thoughtful and kind to someone, so what stops us from doing that? I mean, it can be a bit weird to just go up to a random stranger and compliment them on their hair or their parking skills in the multi-storey. But it doesn't hurt to give kind remarks to your loved ones. It’s something that we should do more often. It perked up my day having something pleasant said to me about my appearance, it even makes me feel good to say something good-natured to someone else to make their day.

17 October 2018

Having an invisible disability

"You don't look disabled"
"Why are you parked there?"
"There's nothing wrong with you!"
The amount of times I've had to hold my tongue and stop myself from telling people to eff off has been a challenge and a half over the years. But unfortunately this is my life when I go out and about in public. Well, not all the time, but the uneasiness is always there.
But this is the thing, I shouldn't have to be made to feel nervous about parking in a disabled parking space and use my Blue Badge when I need to. There are days when I feel incredibly breathless and need to be closely parked to the shop I want to go in. It's not like I want to be disabled and have that privilege. I want to be normal and healthy, but unless you can cure Cystic Fibrosis and other invisible disabilities, then bog off and leave me be.

15 October 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Ten (Pages 281 - 287)

P A G E  281
Ok, my Mam doesn't sound too good right now -

I've never been so grateful to have a flu jab! Flu can be horrendous, it's horrible seeing my Mam like this, let's go and make her a cuppa.
I've probably had THE most boring Monday on this Earth today. I've kind of been productive, but not as much as I usually am on my day off. While my Mam is sleeping on the settee, I'm going to head upstairs and get some blogging stuff done.
This is really annoying. I know it's not first world problems, before anybody bites my head off about that! Let's go and grab the extension lead, the nearest plug is just outside my bedroom door, the laptop charger doesn't reach that far.
Ok, spending time upstairs trying to type up blog posts hasn't been as productive as I thought -
Hmm, I wonder if I can squeeze a trip in to Liverpool before the end of the year? Time to get some financial planning done, I'm determined to afford it!

P A G E  282
Good morning! It's a very EARLY start for me today -

My appointment is at 9:30 and I got to the hospital at 8:45. I didn't time the morning rush hour traffic all that well. But there's one perk to come out of all this -
Usually the Wifi signal down here is pretty shit so refreshing my Twitter and scrolling through my Instagram stories is keeping me busy for those extra minutes I need to wait. I'm currently sat in the canteen and I must say my hospital has a very Instagrammable canteen. Only me would spot this. I must be bored. I think I'll head down to clinic early.
Ok, so not a great day today. This is a real kick in the guts as far as CF is concerned. Quite weird but satisfying having a throwback session with my doctor going through my X-ray's on the computer screen. Th didn't look half bad, apart from the one showing my collapsed lung from six years ago, definitely one to forget, however horrendous it looked. So I've left clinic feeling completely flat and my mind is in absolute overdrive. This 45 minute drive home now isn't going to help my mind. Hopefully the radio will play some decent tunes (well, happy ones more than anything) to keep my mind focused and upbeat.
It wasn't too long a drive after all, even though I made like three mistakes on the roundabouts Newport City Council have been working on for like forever. There's like five different lanes now, I know it's supposed to ease traffic but that's taking the piss surely?!
Hopefully this will be the start of something big - but I need to get my health in order first, I got a lot of thinking to do today. Time to head to the gym to burn off this anger - maybe I should take a hit at the punch bag?

P A G E  283
I've woken up in an okayish mood. I'm in work today so that should keep my mind occupied. My chest is feeling okayish too. I need to take my mind off things and I'm sure the kids will keep me busy! Speaking of minds -

It's World Mental Health Day. A day to remind us all that we are not alone. There's is always someone to talk to. Good mental health is so vital into allowing us a happy life and a fulfilled one. It's 2018, it shouldn't be pushed aside as not being important, it bloody well is!
Right, whilst my mental health and wellbeing has taken a hit over the last 24 hours, this has cheered me up -
It's so good and refreshing to know that the hard work and sweat and tears is paying off! Milestones like this make it all worth it. I never thought so many of you would be so interested in my writing!
Oh, these also cheered me up, I mean, just look - hubba hubba -
I cannot wait to start wearing these, even though the left shoe is a little loose on the back. I swear my left foot is a size 3 and my right is a size 4. Why do my feet have to be so bloody awkward?!

P A G E  284
I hate doing my makeup in the darker mornings. The ceiling light isn't very good lighting for applying makeup. When it turns light outside, I'll always find my foundation looks patchy on my forehead! So annoying!
Right, I've sorted my forehead out, time for work.

I seriously have bruises everywhere. I have absolutely no idea where they have materialised from either! Also this is causing me problems -
They really are. Hopefully puffing this Colomycin and a good nights sleep will ease it a bit.

P A G E  285
October 12th is a landmark day - it is the return of the boots. The work boots. Which have been sitting on the bottom of my wardrobe since about March. Looking a little scruffy, but I know my trusty boots will keep my feet dry in the shit weather I can hear outside.
I don't even have to open the curtains and I can already tell how shocking the weather is.
At least it is Friday, but I'm a little displeased about one thing this morning -

As people know, I adore the Royal Family, I find their traditions and values absolutely fascinating! I hope the weather is better in London today than it is here!
It's 3:30 and I have finished work for the weekend. But why is my body starting to be a right pain in the arse?!
It seriously is hurting and I can honestly say I don't know how I've done this to myself. Time to grab the Ibuprofen.
Now, Jamie Dornan is on the Graham Norton show - goodnight!

P A G E  286
I've woken up feeling highly motivated to do some exercise, but I have a problem -

It's been hurting since yesterday afternoon, time to take some more Ibuprofen before the exercise I guess.
I've managed to get in a full hour's worth of exercise, my back pain is easing a bit now thankfully, I might go and take a walk around Spytty for a bit.
Oops. Well, I did get paid yesterday so technically it's ok. Also I bought stuff that was in my wish list on New Look's website. It's quite unusual for me find stuff from my wish list in the store!
I've come home and changed, but for good reason (kind of) -
I'm roasting! It was supposed to be chilly today, it didn't look warm at all looking from the inside. I kind of think it's unethically wrong for it to be warm in the Autumn. It just isn't right.

P A G E  287
I've woken up to the sound of rain tapping on my window (very poetical I know) 
I don't really want to venture out in this weather, well, only to take my Nan to bingo later but that's about it.
For a lazy day which I planned at the start of the day, I have been surprisingly productive. From hoovering my bedroom to taking blog pictures to exercising (my back is better now thank goodness!) I've done quite a bit, so much for a chilled Sunday! But I really want to do something else -

I might have to take a drive to Primark tomorrow. It's on my wish list which is sat in my Notes on my phone. I do love visiting Primark. You're always guaranteed a bargain in there.
But now I'm looking at Zara's online store -

It seriously is to die for. I need to win some money so I can buy everything on there. Ah well, let's settle down for an evening of blog chats and Sunday TV.

There is a sort of beauty behind that. Drinking alcohol on a Sunday evening with no work on a Monday - heaven.


13 October 2018

Staying Organised with CF

*Closes last tablet box*

Right, that's that done. I just finished organising my tablets for another week, it's not the most enlightening jobs in the world, but its one of those things, it needs to be done. Living with Cystic Fibrosis means I have to be very organised with my day to day routine. I take so much medication that it's coming out of my ears and I have to adhere to physiotherapy and exercise workouts. I know, I honestly have no idea how I do it! I feel like I'm in pilot mode constantly and I can't switch myself away from that. Scary but true.

But I have found a few ways to keep myself organised, just little things to make my life a whole lot easier!

10 October 2018

5 ways that get me motivated to do a workout

Years ago, I never thought a health scare would be a blessing in disguise. That health scare (a collapsed lung) gave me the kick up the backside and the motivation to working out and exercising. But what I've learnt from exercising is that not only does it benefit my health, but also my state of mind. I love that feeling when you've feel like you've conquered and adhered to a good, sweaty workout. Thinking about all those calories (well, not for me personally) you've burnt, but for me personally, that feeling that I've given my lungs a good workout and also that I've not let my mind tell me to stop working out because my muscles have been burning.

8 October 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Ten (Pages 274 - 280)

P A G E  274

Well hello October! The month where Autumn really kicks in, rounded off with the scariest day of the year - Halloween.
Now that I've welcomed October with open arms, it's time to get ready. I've adhered with the exercise, I didn't feel like much of a workout just now but I'm glad I persevered. I hate missing a workout.
It really is. I'm trying to pull the head hole (as I call it) on the jumper as far apart as I can so I am able to fit my head through without scraping my makeup off on the polo neck. My god it isn't easy. But my makeup has stayed in tact. Result!
Oh my word - I am fuming right now! -
It's not like I'm asking for rocket fuel or unicorn fur! I don't really want to take it, but I have to if I want to remain a living human being.
Ok, I'm not going to drive down there just yet, otherwise I might shout or even swear at the receptionist at the GP surgery - I need to keep my dignity and standards, plus I haven't got the energy to find another doctor's surgery if they kick me out of this one.
It's 5:00pm, an hour after I left my house to go to the surgery (by this point I had calmed down) and go to the chemist to take the prescription to them, I am home with a bagful of tablets. Thank god for that!
It's late evening, I am looking at my hair, debating a different hair colour -
Let me know what you think! Right, I'm off to bed, there's sod all on the telly.

P A G E  275

No I'm not feeling 100% today, I won't lie to you. Hopefully I'll get better as the day goes on. My plans for today is to just cwtch down with a good book with a blanket wrapped around me. Bliss.
I absolutely love this jumper from NAKD. I wore this outfit yesterday, I looked better yesterday than I do today. Well, you can't look fabulous every day can you?
Ok, I'm currently obsessed with this song right now, it's one of those songs that I will have on repeat for days -
You know one of those songs that speaks a thousand words to yourself personally?
I'm getting tagged in lots of tweets at the moment, why?!
Jurgen Klopp and LFC - thank you! My beloved football club raising awareness of CF has truly made my day!

P A G E  276
It's Wednesday, which only means one thing - I'm in work today. Sigh.
Wait a minute - I've just had an email from the Lottery (I bought a Euromillions ticket for last night online) saying there's news about my ticket - could I be about to be the next multi millionaire?! PAHAHAHA! Nah - I only won £4.50! I think if I even won £450 I wouldn't go to work!
I've pulled into the car park, let's get the day over and done with!
It hasn't been too bad a day in work actually, time to check my emails -

This has certainly perked up my Wednesday! I've replied to them all in a flash, let's wait for the responses now.
Ok, Liverpool are playing, see you in 90 minutes!
*Update - a 1-0 loss.
That's me going to bed in a bad mood.

P A G E  277
A rather nice day in work today so far. I've had cake. Life is good when there's cake involved.
I've come home to some nice post today, it's nice to know it's good post and no just bills!

These vouchers shall be used and spent wisely. Who am I kidding?! They'll be gone within the next couple of weeks!

P A G E  278
I'm prepping myself, well my arm, later for my flu jab. It's that time of year again already - flu jab season. But first things first - work.

One achy arm later, I'm protected from the flu for another year. Time to head home, I know I have got two Amazon parcels waiting for me at home. For some reason, even though I've ordered stuff I want or need, but I never get overly excited about an Amazon parcel as I would a ASOS or New Look parcel. Strange.
Yes, apparently it's World Smile Day. It's always good to smile - and this has certainly brought a smile to my face!
Seriously - HUBBA HUBBA!

P A G E  279
It's raining - which means one thing -

Well, I do need to go food shopping. But that can wait till later. I need to do some exercise, I took a day off yesterday so I feel a little guilty. I hate taking rest days, but sometimes my muscles tell me to. Well, not literally, but you know what I mean.
I feel kind of silly wearing socks with reindeers and Santa's on them. But they were the first pair of socks I grabbed out of the draw. I wonder if you can get leafy patterned socks?
Right, I've poured a glass of rose, it's time for Strictly!
I love themed weeks on Strictly! It seems a little more special (not that it already isn't anyway!).

P A G E  280
I've woken up with an awful realisation -

I'm actually gutted - but thank heavens for BBC Iplayer! That shall keep me busy this mor- wait, what's that coughing noise coming from downstairs?
I'm 25 years old and I find it seriously wrong that my one parent can get sick! Parents aren't meant to be ill, it's like doctor's, it feels impossible to say that they can never be ill! Right, let's go and make mother dearest a cuppa  - if she can keep it down.
My bestie is running a half marathon today and I'm super duper proud of her! I'm sure she'll finish it in a record time!
I've had a productive Sunday so far, I'm aiming to try and get as much done as I can before the football starts at 4:30pm. I'm starting to feel quite anxious and edgy and it's only 2:45pm. I need to keep my mind busy - yes, let's do some blogging, my answer to everything these days.
Right, it's time, see you in 90 minutes!
*Update  - a 0-0 draw. After the way we played, I'll take that!
I can relax a little now, but I'm a bit cheesed off that it's an international break now for two weeks. Great.

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