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27 July 2021

The Bloom App: Is It Worth It?

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Meditation is one of those form of practices which is taken in different ways. Some see it as a pointless technique and not worth the effort and time. But I am the latter - someone who loves it and sees it as a great form of self care and a great form of wellbeing practice.

The Bloom App

22 July 2021

FOREO UFO 2: My Review

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Prior to 2020 (I know it's 2021, but I'm backtracking here), face masks (the beauty ones, not the ones we wear to go into shops) were never really a part of my skincare routine. Purely because I just didn't have the time to incorporate it into my skincare routine and I just never really saw the point in them.

FOREO UFO 2: My Review

16 July 2021

Am I Inspirational For Being Disabled?

I never thought I would be talking too much about Love Island on this blog, as it's not my most favourite TV show in the world. However, this topic kind of ties in with Love Island so it needs to be mentioned.

One of Love Island's new cast members is a PE teacher from Hampshire who has a clubbed foot, which makes him the first disabled person to enter the show since it started. When it was announced, the media went into an "inspiration" frenzy and he was hailed as a hero even before entering the villa. 

Am I Inspirational For Being Disabled?

10 July 2021

How To Create A Personalised Gallery Wall

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My bedroom is my sanctuary. Whenever I feel low or just need time to myself, I head straight upstairs, lie on my bed, stick my headphones on and chill out. When lying down, it's good to know that I have art or photo's around me of what personifies my life and also prints that represent me and my personality. Before I redecorated my bedroom way back in 2017, I barely had any sort of posters or artwork hanging up anywhere, I never knew what I wanted to buy or what I could buy to add some style and personalisation to my bedroom and it's walls. Fast forward to 2021, I am always looking for new prints to represent my current mood, style and my personality. Artwork doesn't have to make your bedroom or your house look pretty, it can also mean something to you. 

how to create a personalised gallery wall with poster store

6 July 2021

Teeth Contouring: My Experience

I'm going to put it out there guys - I've always never been a massive fan of my teeth. Especially the big two at the top. It's caused me such a confidence issue ever since I can remember. Being called chipmunk and being referred to having rat teeth in school didn't really help matters either. Weirdly enough though, when I left school, it never used to hardly bother me as I thought that there wasn't much I could do about it. However, as I recorded a few IGTV videos last year, I noticed that, on camera, my two big teeth stood out - and not in a good way. With that, it started to make me feel more self conscious and I decided to take action in 2021 and get them sorted.

Teeth Contouring: My Experience

1 July 2021

FOREO LUNA 3 vs PMD Clean: A Comparison Review

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Cleansing has become a vital part of my day. Well, a vital part of my skincare routine. Obviously I got more vital issues to worry about in my day to day life eg. Cystic Fibrosis. I digress.

So yes, cleansing. I like to cleanse daily to keep my skin feeling refreshed, open my pores and just allow it to feel clean! I like to use a cleansing device when cleansing my skin. I have found that using this sort of a device has helped my facial skin so much and has made it feel so nourished afterward. I have been using two different devices in the past 12 months - the FOREO LUNA 3 and the PMD Clean. Both devices offer something different but do the same thing - and that is cleanse. 

FOREO LUNA 3 and PMD Clean devices

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