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31 December 2020

How Do You Sum Up 2020?!

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Seriously, how do you sum up the sh*t show that has just happened over the last 12 months?! How do you sum up 2020?!

At the end of 2019, I made so many travel plans, I had such high hopes for the start of a new year and technically, a new decade (kind of). 

27 December 2020

Being Disabled In 2020

Approaching 10 Downing Street 
*tap on the door*
Hi Boris, it's me, I'm part of the millions of people who are vulnerable and shielding because of Covid who have been forgotten about by you and your government. Any updates on when we can have a normal life again?

There's only one way I can describe what 2020 has been like as a person with a disability - forgotten about.

18 December 2020

How To Relax Before Christmas

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Christmas, as much as it is joyous and festive and magical and special and cheery, it can sometimes be bloody stressful.

From present buying and wrapping, to running around giving gifts and seeing relatives, including long-lost Aunty Vera who lives two towns away (well, maybe not too much travelling this year) and getting the food and drink in (be prepared to see limited delivery slots on your favourite supermarkets websites), let's face it, Christmas isn't as totally joyous as those soppy Christmas films make it out to be.

14 December 2020

How To Spend Christmas 2020

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I don't think we'll have a more weirder and sombre Christmas than this one will be this year. The rules seem different in the four nations of the UK. Up to three households can meet for the Christmas period. But you can't guarantee that people will 'really' follow these rules. I can already envisage another lockdown in January. Sigh.

10 December 2020

6 Tips On What To Buy Someone Who Is Difficult To Buy For

You know that person that leaves you stumped or leaves you scratching your head and you're thinking "WTF do I buy Sandra?!"

You're wondering what on Earth they would like, you think of an idea then realise that they already have that scarf in a multitude of patterns and colours. Or it's that person who owns everything and you have no clue what they don't have unless you rummage through their house when they're not in (don't do that, that's pretty much illegal). 

6 December 2020

How To Have A Sustainable Christmas

Christmas is full of food, wrapping paper, gifts, trees, baubles and advent calendars. One thing Christmas also brings with it is a lot of WASTE.

Over the years, I've noticed how wasteful I, and so many others, can be in the festive period. Think of it, all the wrapping paper, food packaging, packaging from our gifts...the list is almost endless.

1 December 2020

Estrid Razor: A Review

As a blogger, surely at some point during the first lockdown you came across Estrid on your Instagram. In a variety of colours, Estrid is the most talked about razor on social media right now. 

Now I'm somebody who shaves my legs all year round. I don't like having hairy legs in the winter, or, in honesty, at all. I prefer shaving my legs to waxing them as it's painless (unless you knick your skin, especially on the knees or ankle area!) and much quicker, lather your legs in soap, shave, and bang, you're done.

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