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28 June 2020

Why I Still Use Bloglovin'

That feeling when you see someone comment on your blog post and realise you've missed out on their last three posts as you forgot to check that they posted. Whoops.

Sometimes I struggle to keep up with my favourite blogger's on Twitter and I heavily rely on comment threads to keep me up to date of who's posted what new post. It's like my daily blogging news bulletin.

24 June 2020

Getting The Summer Glow with Bali Body

*The items in this post were gifted. Please read the disclaimer at the end of the post

Seeing as we're not going to be stepping foot on an aeroplane this Summer due to current circumstances, the only way that we can get that Summer, sun kissed, gorgeous glow is to get the fake tan in and walk around the garden in the pretence that we're somewhere abroad. 

Ok, it may not be the best idea. But still, we got to make the most out of a bad situation surely?! 

20 June 2020

My Biggest Health Turning Points

I nearly called this post 'My Biggest Health Milestones' but milestones is like when you start walking or your 18th birthday, not the first time you ever have a bowel blockage.

I've had Cystic Fibrosis ever since I was a foetus but I wasn't formally diagnosed until I was six weeks old. As you can imagine, I've encountered some serious ass problems along the way. Some to be expected with the severity of my illness, some really shit scary and some that have changed my life.

16 June 2020

A Letter To CF

Dear CF,

I'm not sure if that's how I should start this letter.

It's not like I'm writing to Sandra who lives in Australia (disclaimer - just a hypothetical Sandra, I don't happen to know anyone called Sandra) I'm writing to a disease, it's weird as it's not like you can write back to me.

12 June 2020

My Favourite Home Insta Accounts

One thing I cannot wait to do one day is move out. I'm already saving for a deposit on a house right now and I can't wait to move in and decorate a house to how I would like it to be.

I've scrolled endlessly through Pinterest envisioning how I would like my house to be like, what colours I would use, whether I like to approach the decorating with a minimalistic or country feel to it. I have so many ideas, if only I had a house of my own to do it in. I have a Pinterest board just for interior inspo alone, it'll be great to properly delve into that when I have a paintbrush in one hand ready to paint the house away.

8 June 2020

The Isolation Diary: Part Two

Ok, I'm slowly losing my mind. Surely this has to end soon? I can't clean my house anymore, I'm running out of things to do and I miss KFC and Gregg's terribly. If you haven't already read part one of my Isolation Diary series (I may as well call it a series now as it's slowly turning into one) give the first part a read if you want before reading this one! Here's hopefully the second (and last) part of my isolation diary:

4 June 2020

How To Create Banging Instagram Stories

I've grown to love Instagram stories over time. I have always felt that you get to see a person's authentic and true selves through what they upload on their Stories. Since Instagram Stories came into our lives in 2016, it has evolved so much. From introducing GIFs, stickers, polls and questions, it's something that most of us enjoy using everyday when we're on the app.

From what I've found, followers to look at my Stories more than like what I post on my grid. Like I said, you can get to know someone's real personality through Stories. I like to make my stories fun and engaging. I like doing polls on a weekly basis, I like to ask questions and answer my follower's responses and ask for recommendations on moisturisers.

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