Story of 2018: Chapter Ten (Pages 274 - 280)

P A G E  274

Well hello October! The month where Autumn really kicks in, rounded off with the scariest day of the year - Halloween.
Now that I've welcomed October with open arms, it's time to get ready. I've adhered with the exercise, I didn't feel like much of a workout just now but I'm glad I persevered. I hate missing a workout.
It really is. I'm trying to pull the head hole (as I call it) on the jumper as far apart as I can so I am able to fit my head through without scraping my makeup off on the polo neck. My god it isn't easy. But my makeup has stayed in tact. Result!
Oh my word - I am fuming right now! -
It's not like I'm asking for rocket fuel or unicorn fur! I don't really want to take it, but I have to if I want to remain a living human being.
Ok, I'm not going to drive down there just yet, otherwise I might shout or even swear at the receptionist at the GP surgery - I need to keep my dignity and standards, plus I haven't got the energy to find another doctor's surgery if they kick me out of this one.
It's 5:00pm, an hour after I left my house to go to the surgery (by this point I had calmed down) and go to the chemist to take the prescription to them, I am home with a bagful of tablets. Thank god for that!
It's late evening, I am looking at my hair, debating a different hair colour -
Let me know what you think! Right, I'm off to bed, there's sod all on the telly.

P A G E  275

No I'm not feeling 100% today, I won't lie to you. Hopefully I'll get better as the day goes on. My plans for today is to just cwtch down with a good book with a blanket wrapped around me. Bliss.
I absolutely love this jumper from NAKD. I wore this outfit yesterday, I looked better yesterday than I do today. Well, you can't look fabulous every day can you?
Ok, I'm currently obsessed with this song right now, it's one of those songs that I will have on repeat for days -
You know one of those songs that speaks a thousand words to yourself personally?
I'm getting tagged in lots of tweets at the moment, why?!
Jurgen Klopp and LFC - thank you! My beloved football club raising awareness of CF has truly made my day!

P A G E  276
It's Wednesday, which only means one thing - I'm in work today. Sigh.
Wait a minute - I've just had an email from the Lottery (I bought a Euromillions ticket for last night online) saying there's news about my ticket - could I be about to be the next multi millionaire?! PAHAHAHA! Nah - I only won £4.50! I think if I even won £450 I wouldn't go to work!
I've pulled into the car park, let's get the day over and done with!
It hasn't been too bad a day in work actually, time to check my emails -

This has certainly perked up my Wednesday! I've replied to them all in a flash, let's wait for the responses now.
Ok, Liverpool are playing, see you in 90 minutes!
*Update - a 1-0 loss.
That's me going to bed in a bad mood.

P A G E  277
A rather nice day in work today so far. I've had cake. Life is good when there's cake involved.
I've come home to some nice post today, it's nice to know it's good post and no just bills!

These vouchers shall be used and spent wisely. Who am I kidding?! They'll be gone within the next couple of weeks!

P A G E  278
I'm prepping myself, well my arm, later for my flu jab. It's that time of year again already - flu jab season. But first things first - work.

One achy arm later, I'm protected from the flu for another year. Time to head home, I know I have got two Amazon parcels waiting for me at home. For some reason, even though I've ordered stuff I want or need, but I never get overly excited about an Amazon parcel as I would a ASOS or New Look parcel. Strange.
Yes, apparently it's World Smile Day. It's always good to smile - and this has certainly brought a smile to my face!
Seriously - HUBBA HUBBA!

P A G E  279
It's raining - which means one thing -

Well, I do need to go food shopping. But that can wait till later. I need to do some exercise, I took a day off yesterday so I feel a little guilty. I hate taking rest days, but sometimes my muscles tell me to. Well, not literally, but you know what I mean.
I feel kind of silly wearing socks with reindeers and Santa's on them. But they were the first pair of socks I grabbed out of the draw. I wonder if you can get leafy patterned socks?
Right, I've poured a glass of rose, it's time for Strictly!
I love themed weeks on Strictly! It seems a little more special (not that it already isn't anyway!).

P A G E  280
I've woken up with an awful realisation -

I'm actually gutted - but thank heavens for BBC Iplayer! That shall keep me busy this mor- wait, what's that coughing noise coming from downstairs?
I'm 25 years old and I find it seriously wrong that my one parent can get sick! Parents aren't meant to be ill, it's like doctor's, it feels impossible to say that they can never be ill! Right, let's go and make mother dearest a cuppa  - if she can keep it down.
My bestie is running a half marathon today and I'm super duper proud of her! I'm sure she'll finish it in a record time!
I've had a productive Sunday so far, I'm aiming to try and get as much done as I can before the football starts at 4:30pm. I'm starting to feel quite anxious and edgy and it's only 2:45pm. I need to keep my mind busy - yes, let's do some blogging, my answer to everything these days.
Right, it's time, see you in 90 minutes!
*Update  - a 0-0 draw. After the way we played, I'll take that!
I can relax a little now, but I'm a bit cheesed off that it's an international break now for two weeks. Great.


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