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29 August 2018

Most Liked, Retweeted & Viewed - August 2018

I hate it when it's the end of August, it means my Summer Holidays are coming to an end. Going back to work is just on the horizon and I'm not ready for it!
But it has been a lovely month though, I've been focusing so much on writing and I had a lovely two day stay in my happy place. I drunk too many cocktails though - but wait, how many cocktails is too many? Actually, don't answer that!
In regards to social media, my engagement has been pretty good. I made it past the 1,100 barrier on Instagram and also the 1,900 barrier on Twitter! Hopefully they will increase again by the end of September *fingers crossed*

Anyway, here are my social media stats for August:

Top Tweet and Media Tweet:

This has got to be a first! My top tweet and top media tweet being the same one! But yes, I did receive a diabetes kit from my hospital in the post earlier this month. Also yes, this has to be the most weirdly shaped paperclip I have ever seen! It held all the books and leaflets together though!

Most Liked:

Ok, I may be dressed up a little bit like Sporty Spice ๐Ÿ™ˆ but hear me out! ✌๐Ÿป Now then, mentally, I have been feeling shit the last few days, I can’t get my head around this one thing that’s happening right now and it’s making me feel so down ๐Ÿ˜” On the other hand, physically, I feel pretty damn good right now! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’๐Ÿป‍♀️ I may be a size 10/12, I may not be the slimmest, will never have a toned belly or be an expert at fake tanning (I always miss a part on one of my legs ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿป‍♀️) but I’m HAPPY ☺️๐Ÿ’๐Ÿป‍♀️♥️ Body positivity should be when you’re proud and happy with your body, no matter what shape or size ✌๐Ÿป♥️ So read my latest post about why I took advantage of a day where I felt pretty damn good about myself! (Link in profile) P.S. - who am I with in the picture frame in the background? - who else? ๐Ÿ˜♥️⚽️
A post shared by Lucy Taylor (@lucymarytaylor) on
I tell you what I want what I really, really want, I'll te - sorry, I entered my Sporty Spice mode then after seeing this photo. But yes, I felt really good to post this on my Insta. I don't mind the fact that I don't have a toned stomach, so why should I hide it away?! I'm happy with my body and that's all that matters.

Personal Favourite:
This city I think I can now class as my second home. My happy place. I'm already thinking about going back up there before the end of the year - does that sound really sad?!

It's back to normal in regards to work in September, but hopefully more memories will be made like I have made in Summer.


27 August 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Eight (Pages 232 - 238)

P A G E  232

Yes, I'm off to my happy place today and I could not be more excited! I'm also going to finally meet my lovely blogging bestie Julia! Right, I'm all in a tizz right now, I feel like I'm forgetting something, it can't be that important, I'm sure it's something I can get in Liverpool. I'm packed! I'm ready to go to the Carvery for a big breakfast before our long road trip.
We're about to reach Birmingham, so we're halfway there, we'll be there by tw...uh oh, I've just remembered what I have forgotten!
I have a checklist when I pack, the one time I don't double check it and I forget my charger. Thank god that Tasha has one with her, I'm not sure she's too pleased that she has to share her charger with me! Ah well, I'll buy her a Peroni to make it up to her!
We're finally here! It's a bit drizzly but Liverpool is looking as grand as ever, let's get a good parking space and get into the hotel.
I need to unpack, I've just realised that there's an iron and ironing board in here, I'm very happy with this. Does this mean that I'm thinking like a fully grown adult now?
We've been here a couple of hour now, in that time we've surprised our Scouse friend with a visit and now we're about to go out in the drizzle. Anyone got an umbrella handy?
Liverpool are also playing tonight, it's a shame that they're down in London instead of at Anfield. Still, I can keep an eye on the score on my phone. I wonder if there's Sky Sports in Rev's?
I'm on my third cocktail, surely I should buy a fourth one for Liverpool's win?
I've been to Shooters bar for a game of pool, made some drunken Instagram Story videos and bought some shampoo and conditioner, all in a space of an hour. I'm blaming the cocktails.
Right, time for bed, I got a busy second day tomorrow.

P A G E  233
I've made a decision in regards to my blog this morning -

Ah! I had you all fooled there! I want to make the most of my time in Liverpool, which means coming away from social media for a mini break and focusing on having a bloody good time!
It's a beautiful sunny day here in Liverpool, I'm about to enter Primark to get a coat and some new white trainers.
Well, I came away buying nine things for £65. I knew just buying two things wouldn't be possible in Primark. Ah well, I got some great stuff!
I'm currently walking down Bold Street, heading for Love Thy Neighbour, finally meeting my blogging bestie Julia! This walk is making me hungry, let's eat!
What a lovely hour! After chatting all things blogging, it's time to take a walk along the front and go on the Wheel of Liverpool.
I'm sweating conkers after our walk! It's a scorcher here in Liverpool and I need to get ready for our last night here. I got to make the choice between two jumpsuits - hmm...
I had to make the most of the beautiful weather and where this lovely tropical print jumpsuit. How - well - tropically.
I can't wait to for this meal and cocktails. Just so you know, my toes are in bits. I currently have six plasters on my toes, not a good look.
I'm back in the hotel after an amazing evening, I am shattered, goodnight.

P A G E  234

I do post on Monday's, Wednesday's and Saturday's. But I haven't got one prepared for today, hopefully I'll have a new one for you on Saturday. I should do.
It's home time and I don't want to leave, Liverpool, why do you do this to me?!
We've gone for one last walk down the front before we leave. It's another sunny day and I could stay down there all day. Right, let's get home and get back to normality.
After a long drive, I'm home! I've taken a record 20 minutes to unpack everything and now I'm relaxing on the sofa before I go out to F&B's tonight with my Mam and her work friend.
It's official, I already want to have another blogging lunch soon.
I've eaten a huge meal and now I'm exhausted. Bed? Is that you calling me?

P A G E  235

I'm still feeling a little drained after the last few days. But it's back to normality today which means getting back into my exercise routine!
I forgot to tell you something didn't I?! I have a new found love for Primark! -
I have never fitted into a size 8 in my life! I am actually buzzing right now! Who'd have thought?!
After an afternoon of running errands, it's time to sit down and catch up on the 'What's New' section of ASOS nd also my blogging. I shall check in with you all tomorrow!

P A G E  236
It's Friday and I need to get motivated. I'm going to the gym though, that's a start.
I've just come into Home Bargains and ended up spending £10 on other things even though I only went in for wet wipes. I can't go into Home Bargains and just get the things I need, I always buy more because the offers are so good!
I'm just about to open a bottle of rose and there's a sticker on the label -
Seriously people - go and buy Blossom Hill wine! They all got Feel Unique discount codes on them!

P A G E  237

I really needed it after all that's happened this week. Just to unwind and meditate. Right, now that I feel all chilled and relaxed, I'm going to clean out my car. Ok, it doesn't sound relaxing I know, but it needs to be done. It's apparently going to tip it down with rain tomorrow. Let's drag the hoover out then.
Oh, I forgot to tell you what I bought in Home Bargains yesterday!
I kind of wanted to keep up the with the trend by buying one of these boards. It better be worth it as it took me nearly half hour to break the letters and numbers off the plastic!
It's 5:30pm, Liverpool are playing and I'm getting nervous - see you in 90 minutes!
A 1-0 win - I'll take that! Ooh, my takeaway's here! See you tomorrow!

P A G E  238
I've had a lovely lie in this morning, but my stomach is playing up something rotten today. It has been last night. Hopefully it won't go on for too much longer *fingers crossed*
It's absolutely pouring down outside, this is not Bank Holiday weather. I expected to be sat outside in a beer garden with a nice vodka and cranberry juice, not sat inside pondering whether to put the heating on or not (just so you know - I didn't!)
These are (now) my comfy clothes and it feels like Autumn outside. I am not mentally prepared to say goodbye to Summer yet.
It's still bad guys. Hopefully it will ease by tomorrow. I want a hot water bottle but I don't feel right using one in August.
It's 9pm and I'm looking forward to this new drama on BBC1 -
I cannot wait for tomorrow's episode already!


25 August 2018

Blog Reads of August

It is true what Sophie says - jumpsuits are beautiful. As Sophie says - from the practicality of them to fact they are a timeless fashion piece. I really do love a jumpsuit, they're so comfortable and you can buy them anywhere and everywhere, well, in high street fashion stores. I recently bought this one from River Island and I honestly think it's the most comfortable thing I have ever worn in my life. One thing that Sophie says in this post is that jumpsuits don't need styling, they just style themselves. Very true.

Even though I've been blogging for nearly two years now (I know, where does the time go?!) I sometimes struggle with taking photos for my blog posts. But when I came across Fee's post, it was like the blogging photography gods were smiling down on me. Whether you're a long term blogger or just starting out in the blogging game, this post is perfect for you to pick up tips and tricks of how to perfect the flat lay photo. I have most definitely picked up a few tips from this post and I shall put them into practice next time I am struggling flat lay-wise.

Heartbreak - a real soul destroyer. As Em says, we've all been there, crying our eyes out and feeling like we can't live without that one person. But Em gives some ways of how we can deal with heartbreak ourselves. From sleeping on it (probably my favourite one) to giving it time. I've been through my fair share of heartbreak and it doesn't get any easier. But one thing it does is that it makes you stronger than you think you are. This is such a relatable post from this lovely girl, relatable posts are more often than not the best ones.

4) How to build a writing routine - Lotte Lauv
Building a writing routine is important in blogging. Lotte gives different ways of being able to write effectively in blogging. Trying to find the distractions and removing them is one I am trying to work on. I get easily distracted by things like my phone and the TV. Well, I can't exactly leave them outside my house but I can easily switch the TV off and put my phone to the other side of the room. Writing every day is something I strive to do on a daily basis, any little idea gets written down on paper or tapped in my Notes on my phone.

5) How to get over a bad day - Sinead Kathryn
We all have our bad days. You wouldn't be human if you didn't. I love these tips that Sinead has written about what to do and how to cope if you're having an awful day. One tip I do is planning something to look forward to. It's nice to have something to look forward to if things aren't going right for me. Also treating each day like a new start is one I definitely love. There's no point dwelling on a bad day, you just got to put it behind you and carry on.

6) 18 thoughts I'm having before turning 25 - The Curvaceous Vegan
I hated turning 25. I realised that I was now going to be in my mid twenties. Oh my Lord. I still can't cope thinking about it now and my 25th birthday was three months ago! A lot of these thoughts Amie has had are like the ones I endured and thought about three months ago. I thought the same as Amie, I thought I would be in a completely different place in my life at 25. But being 25 is not how I pictured it let's say 5 years ago. A great post from this lovely girl.

I loved this post from Abbi. I think there is a pressure to always buy and have something new, especially if you class yourself as a fashion blogger. I don't have the money to be a high end fashion blogger. But as Abbi says, we can't afford to spend money on our blog all the time. There are things like food and bills we need to prioritise before buying stuff to post on our blog. I wish that I could though but that's life!

I am a person with a few habits. Biting my nails (when I'm nervous), picking at food in between meals and don't get me started on my swearing. I love these tips from Lisa on how to build good habits and sticking to them. Telling people is a good one because they won't forget after you've told them what you want to do! One thing I lack in terms of starting a good new habit is being patient and allowing myself to stick to it. I have the attitude that if it's not doing anything positive, then I'll just stop doing it. But like Lisa says, I need to stick to it and I will eventually create a new habit to stick to!

9) A little flat tour - Sophie Rosie
All I got to say about this post is that I want to live in a flat like Sophie's. It is probably the most Instagrammable friendly home I've ever seen. She has made me want to push myself to get my own place more than I ever have done before! I love the desk that is in her living room, it's such a lovely focal point. It is somewhere that would definitely motivate me to write. It's so nice to see Sophie follow her heart and move back to Liverpool.

Ellie - I need to applaud you on this post! I have heard that the word 'petite' being referred to your weight rather than your height. Who the hell started this?! I would never assume that Ellie's blog name was because of her weight. How rude and ignorant would you have to be to assume that?! Sadly Ellie is right, society has changed the way we see petite girls. I think that it's time we changed that!

Let me know your favourite blog posts you've read lately by leaving the links below!

20 August 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Eight (Pages 225 - 231)

P A G E  225
It's that time of year again -

We're getting to that time of year where Strictly contestants are starting to be revealed and you see the X Factor advert. This is the realisation that Summer is almost over and Autumn is not all too far away. I kind of hate the end of Summer cause it means my nicest clothes have to be put away for another year but then I do the colours of Autumn.
Today's plans are to sort of one of my wardrobes out as it's full of old birthday cards and my handbags, also I'm seeing one of my besties tonight for a birthday catch up, some nice plans for a Monday for once!
You know that questions thing you can do on your Insta stories? Well, sometimes you can get some right weird stuff said to you on there! But then when I get something like this said to me, it really makes me smile -
Not to blow my own trumpet, but when you get told that you're inspiring someone, you know you're doing something right.
Right, I'm going out in an hour, let's get some makeup on, wait, how long is it since I applied some foundation to my pale face?
Jeez, I think this is the longest I've gone without wearing makeup! But there's no point in putting it on if you're not going anywhere! It's just a waste of time and valuable makeup, it does cost money you know!
Ok, makeup on, hair done, changed clothes, let's shoot off for a lovely evening!
A lovely evening with my bestie, she loved her birthday presents and we reminisced about the good ol' college days. Just lovely.

P A G E  226
I cannot wake myself up this morning, even though I've had a great night's sleep, I feel like Sleepy, one of the seven dwarfs. Maybe some exercise will wake me up?
I have just done a Pilates session, I kind of don't think that has really helped my sleepiness, I nearly had a power nap on the yoga mat!
I just went over Spytty to River Island to find a jumpsuit I've been eyeing up for AGES. I go in there, scour the store and I cannot see it anywhere. I knew I should have checked the store's tock online before I went there. Sigh. I'll order it online instead, in the vain hope it'll come before the weekend.
I'm casually scrolling through Instagram, a notification flashes up from So Fragrance, saying I have won one of their competitions from their Instagram page! I'm so pleased, I never win anything! 
My last day with my little friend before his owners come home tomorrow from their holiday. I'll miss seeing these five cats everyday, I've gotten so used to seeing them on a daily basis now!

P A G E  227
I'm scrolling through the 'On This Day' feature on Facebook, how is this two years ago?! -

I can't believe how quick it has gone!
Right, let's get on with today! I'm meeting my bestie for a catch up to talk about our next adventures and just have a good old chat. I cannot wait to see her!
We've eaten, I'm absolutely stuffed, we're now having a game of pool - I will soon let you know who the winner is...
I won! I played absolutely rubbish though, it's made me realise that I am better at playing pool when I've had a few vodka's in me. Have I just made a scientific discovery?!
It's 8pm, I've just sat down, it's time for me to eat this lovely takeaway in my pyjama's and I'm going to lollop on the sofa. Goodnight!

P A G E  228
I'm feeling quite mature today and here's why -

I've been putting it off for quite a while now, but I need to bite the bullet and just do it! I'll update you later if I manage to finish it. Right, let's get to the gym before I lose the motivation to go!
I've come home and my ASOS parcel has arrived, let's open it and have a look, wait a minute! What's this?! -
I'm seething right now! I wanted these jeans before I go away on Monday! Now they've told me it will be dealt within the next twelve days! Ridiculous!
Ok, let's cool off in the bath! I'm fuming!
I'm currently doing my CV, it is really honestly testing my brain, I'm trying to make it sound so professional but I literally can't think of any big words to use in my vocabulary! Before you say it, I did go to school and no I don't have a dictionary in my house. Well, does anyone actually use a proper paper version of a dictionary?
One thing that has made me happy, is picking up this from River Island -
I honestly have fallen in love with it. It's so comfortable, it has no zip, it has no buttons, it's not tight, it fits in the right places and it's a lovely khaki colour. Is it a sign of getting older when I'm actually referring to clothes as 'comfortable'? It's quite worrying actually.
Oh yes, an update on my CV, I've finished it! I'm quite pleased with it, I still need to add some more stuff to it but I'm overall pleased with the finished article.
Let's relax with a glass of rose, it's very well deserved in my humble opinion.

P A G E  229
I've just gone downstairs, I see one of my cats sitting next to a brick that's holding the washing line down, why the hell is he looking at a brick for?! But then I take a closer look and I can see two little eyes staring at me - a little mouse! Now, it's time to put my Dr Doolittle doctors coat on and save this mouse!

He's done a runner, now I want breakfast, I'm bleeding starving!
I hate feeling like this - tired because I've done absolutely nothing all day!
Oh I forgot to mention! Do you remember a couple of days ago I won that competition on Instagram?! Well, the parcel came today!
They do smell heavenly I got to be fair.

P A G E  230

I'm so excited to get my nails done! I've already decided what colour I'm going to have! Ok, maybe I'm sounding a bit overly keen and a little too organised here.
My best friend does nails as a sideline - every girl needs a friend who does nails. She is amazing and I'd recommend her to anyone.
Right I have some packing to do...

P A G E  231
My brain is fried already and it's not even 9:30am.

I got so much to do today that I can't even think straight! But let's start the day off right - breakfast!
Right, I've done my exercise, let's go and have a ba- wait a minute!
I walk in my bedroom and she has just casually plonked herself on my suitcase! The cheeky sod! Hopefully she'll move when I have to finish my packing.
I'm just about to send off my CV to some companies and this happens -
I did save it I swear! But it Word decided to not save it for me. Highly annoying. So I have to redo it all over again, I better crack on!
I've been talking about packing a little bit haven't I? Well, I am off somewhere tomorrow...


18 August 2018

How blogging has changed me (for the better!)

What flat lay am I going to do with this post? Which filter shall I use on VSCO and Snapseed to edit the photos? When should I publish this post? Is that enough content for a post?

It's official - I've been blogging for well over 18 months and my brain has transformed into a blogger brain. Do you know how I know? Well, when I go out and about, the only thing I think about is whether there is a chance to capture a good photo, whether it be the place where I'm having my meal in or even the sunset outside, I'm always looking for a good photo opportunity. In a way, blogging has made me more perceptive.

But that's what blogging does to you, it makes you see things in a whole new light. I think I've appreciated my surroundings more.

When I buy stuff from Amazon, it's mainly blogging props I purchase rather than stuff for myself. Lighting, flat lay's, VSCO, Pinterest and engagement have become my most commonly used words in my vocabulary. It's crazy, the change in the last 18 months has even astounded me, let alone my family and friends.

Blogging has allowed my inner self to get off her arse, put her laptop on and show off her creative side through the art of writing. It's allowed me to put my stamp on the blogging world, albeit it being a small Royal Mail sized stamp.

In this day and age blogging is such a vast growing and influential industry, it's quite staggering how many new bloggers I have seen entering blogger-verse ready to make their mark and show their uniqueness through writing and pictures.

Blogging has allowed me to develop new skills, even skills I never realised I was doing until I read this post . From copywriting to editing to networking and also online marketing - see, these are skills that not only I've learnt, but you lovely bloggers have too!

Getting my first proper sponsored post a couple of weeks ago really made me feel that all the sweat and frying my brain trying to think of new content was well and truly worth it.

Would I say that blogging has changed me for the better?
Well, I've said recently that I see writing as a long-term career goal, that pretty much answers the above question doesn't it?

Has blogging made you a better person?

15 August 2018

Why It's Ok To Say No To Brands

An email has popped up in my Gmail account, it's a brand asking me for a collaboration, which I have unfortunately have had to turn down. I turned it down because it wouldn't have fitted into my Instagram theme or blogging niche, which is ok.

Every brand that emails me may not be to my taste, or it could be something that isn't just for me. I used to feel incredibly guilty about turning down brands, I felt like I was letting them down by saying no. But I shouldn't have to feel sorry or guilt-stricken, in life you have to say no to stuff you don't want to do or don't feel comfortable in doing. I never want to be seen as a pushover.

At the end of the day, in blogging you're building up your personal/writing empire, so if a brand emails you and their product doesn't fit into that empire you're trying to build, then don't feel contrite, you've got to have guts and be totally head strong in this industry.

95% of the time, I accept collaborations with a brand because I've completely fallen in love with the product they're offering and I would love to include them on my blog and Instagram posts.

But if you're staring at the email, desperately trying to think how to reply to them saying no, just remember to be polite and reply promptly. Don't leave it until the end of the year when you're going through a clean up of your inbox and you see THE email and remember you haven't replied. The thing is, you can't please everyone. When it comes to blogging, you got to think about what's best for you and your blog. 

I know blogger's who won't work with brands unless they are offering cruelty free products to try out and promote, which is fine, actually it's more than fine, it's bloody brilliant. It shows to the brand that you have values and principals, something that you sometimes don't see nowadays.

So please, I beg of you to the lovely (clichรฉ blogging word right there) blogger reading this, don't feel guilty or feel too downhearted for turning down a brand, as long as you reply to them politely and offer to work with them again in the future if they gave you the right opportunity, you've got nothing to worry about.

Have any other bloggers got any advice about this?
Write your ideas in the comments below.

13 August 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Eight (Pages 218 - 224)

P A G E  218
It's Monday again. I'm up and listening to a cat howling outside my bedroom door AGAIN. I got a few things to do before I go out for tea this afternoon. Let's get going!
So after a morning of exercising, trying in vain to keep cool and helping my Mam clean the gutters, which, by the way made me realise that holding the ladder is the most tedious job in the world, it's time to have a mini lunch before I go out in a few hours.
So I've just arrived at the Llanwern Bull (second time in a week) with my Mam and Nan. Time to get stuck in! I'm looking at the menu, completely stumped in choosing what to have. I end up eating this -

It taste gorgeous. I felt like such a kid being served a fish finger sandwich. Well, it was on the adult menu so that's ok, right?
I tell my Mam about a paid collaboration I've been offered, she turns to me and delivers me a shocking revelation -
Oh my word. While my Mam and Nan are chatting, I'm trying to remember all the posts I've written and if I have mentioned her in any of them. I'm trying to pretend I'm listening to their conversation, in the last five minutes I've heard the words 'cat' and 'Warfarin'. Yep, a pretty standard type of chat you'll get with my Nan. Oh God, I haven't mentioned my Nan in my posts before have I?! Time to get my brain working again!

P A G E  219
So after begrudgingly letting my annoying cat in AGAIN, it's time to go to the gym!
After eyeing up some good looking lads at the gym...what, a girl can look can't she?! It's time to wash my hair and get my hair sorted. For the last couple of weeks, my hair has been highly irritating. It hasn't seemed to want to stay straight lately. The humid weather hasn't helped matters mind.

You got to love Home Bargains! I need to start shopping in there more often.
Oh I haven't told you! I'm currently feeding my Mam's best friend's cats whilst they're away on holiday. One of her cats (she has five) decided to do this before we left -
No, really, her name is Mo! She's gorgeous and has incredibly soft fur!
P A G E  220
I've woken up and my mosquito bites are itching like mad. I've had them since Sunday and they're still here driving me up the wall! Why do they have to itch so much?!
Anyway, I got nice plans today, but before I get ready, it's a day dedicated to cats today (as I've just found out on Twitter) -

So there is a day dedicated to cats. Listen Lily and Charlie, just because it's a special day for you doesn't mean you're having the tin of salmon that's in the cupboard. Honestly!
The postman has been, I've had a little present from the hospital -
How bizarre does that paperclip look?! Ok, it's not the nicest present the hospital could give me, but I'm still grateful, I was in need of a new blood test book.
So yes, at the beginning of the entry, I wrote I had nice plans for today. Well, I'm off to Frankie & Benny's for a catch up with one of my closest friends. I'm absolutely starving, I'm not going to go crazy with the food, I prom - who am I kidding?! Of course I am!
I ended up eating a three course meal of southern chicken strips, BBQ chicken and cheese wraps with chips then finally brownies with cream. I have a food baby. Also a very bloated look, let me tell you, it's not a good look. Let's go home and literally crash out on the settee. I feel like I can't move!

P A G E  221
Right, let's get up and open the curtains - what the f**k?!

Now, I know she loves waking me up in the morning, but I never thought she'd resort to climbing on the roof! Luckily the extension roof is right below my window but still!
I know I sound like Queen Victoria, but I am really not amused. Having to be Superwoman at 9:00am in the morning to save my cat is not my idea of fun!
Right, it's time to put my cape away for another day. Let's get back to today, I'm not in a good frame of mind today, so this quote really sums up how i'm feeling right now -
Ok, I knew this was coming, but I still wasn't prepared for it (if that makes sense!) -
My favourite has left. I'm gutted but he's gone back to his home club and I couldn't be more happy for him! Ok, I need some wine to get me through this tonight. Time to go to Bargain Booze!

P A G E  222
It's Day One post Danny Ings leaving Liverpool and I am not in a great mood. I need serious cheering up - all ideas welcome!
I'm quite organised this morning so far, I got up earlier than usual because I didn't get enough sleep last night. But how could I forget this?! -

I've been that busy I completely forgot that it was delivered about an hour ago! As soon as I finish this nebuliser, I'm going to rip open the parcel! Come on Eflow!
Right, after a mad day, it's time to sit down and divulge this takeaway. Goodnight!

P A G E  223
Today is a day I have been waiting for for a long time!

I cannot wait! I've got to wait until tomorrow to see Liverpool play but at least there's other games to keep me entertained today!
I'm scrolling through Boux Avenue and I've come to a conclusion -
After doing my exercise, I've come to look outside and it's pouring with rain, which can only mean one thing -
No, I don't mean transform into a cat! I do like a rainy day sometimes, it gives me the chance to get stuff done around the house (that's if I'm in the mood to!) or just get some blogging stuff done.
I have had a productive afternoon, I've done some ironing and I've also written a blog post. That is a little Saturday achievement for myself to be happy with!
Remember when I said that I have been feeding my Mam's friends cats whilst they're on holiday? This is one of five cats I'm currently looking after -
He is gorgeous! He loves a cwtch and a tickle under the chin. I'm such a cat lover.

P A G E  224
Good morning! There's only one thing on my mind this morning -

Half past one cannot come quick enough! I'm so excited I feel like bouncing on my bed! No actually, not the best idea, knowing me I'll break my mattress, and it's already on its last legs!
It's 1:30pm, the game is just about to kick off, see you in 90 minutes!
 Biggest win in the league this weekend, I'm more than happy with that!


11 August 2018

Have I let my health hold me back without realising it?

Quite a lengthy title for a blog post I know, but I couldn't shorten the title for the life of me, so I thought this will have to do!

I was driving to the hospital the other day for an appointment, well, obviously I was, I wouldn't be going there counting all the doctors and nurses who work there would I?!

Anyway, it's such a trek first thing in the morning, what normally is a 45 minute drive turns into 90 minutes in Tuesday morning rush hour traffic. So as I'm driving, my mind starts to wonder onto other things after swearing at the driver for cutting me up on the roundabout about 43 seconds before.

I started thinking about my life (maybe not the most ideal subject to delve into) and all the trips I've been on, mainly the ones in my adult life. I haven't been abroad for over 10 years. Quite a depressing thought.

8 August 2018

The Old Fashioned Photos Are Always Best

*This is a sponsored post

*Inserts last photo in new Marble print photo album*
I've finally finished. Creating new albums kind of comes with a responsibility. It's like organising your Instagram grid (I definitely have a blogger's mind). Now, this is where I channel my inner Monica Gellar. I like to organise them by roughly the time they were taken (the day not the exact time!) it sounds quite sad I know, but it's true! I don't categorise them like Monica does though, I am not THAT organised.

Before the developed photos get inserted into an album, they obviously get printed from somewhere! Now, how do I take my photos? Well, I use my iPhone 8, the camera on it is fine for me. I then get them printed off through Photobox, I can't use them touch screen machine things at Tesco, I never end up printing the photos right! I either end up chopping someone's head off Henry VIII style or print off the wrong size altogether. Cameras are just as good an investment as anything though, especially if you're a keen photographer. For instance, this mirrorless camera from Panasonic is great if you want to make that huge venture in the photography game. Also this one also from Panasonic is another great option.

Whatever you use to take photos, whether it's your phone or camera, you're making and keeping instant memories. With developed photo's, they're lifetime memories. That's why I love the old Kodak style photos the best.

Remember the days when  you went to birthday parties and there used to be a Kodak throw away camera on the tables? You'd take a photo, (making sure that you pressed the flash button as you did) then you'd have to wind round the wheel thing at the top before taking the next photo. Then you'd have to wait a few days for Asda to develop the photos before you could pick them up. Your parents would practically disown you if you got your grubby thumb or finger prints on the photos. Ah, good times.

Photos back then seemed more treasurable and valuable. You didn't have to use your fingers to zoom in on it, back then the digital iPhone era felt like light years away.

There are reasons why I love Kodak photos:

1) They're memories you can look back on in years to come.
2) If (heaven forbid) something happens to your phone or iCloud account, at least you got back ups.
3) You can hand them down to your future children/nieces/nephews etc.
4) They can be used as a source of therapy, especially when a loved one has passed away and you want a picture of them to keep or frame.
So there we are, this is the reason, or reasons rather, why I love old fashioned photos.

I'd love to know what you think, do you have an outdated, vintage mind like me?
Or do you prefer the smartphone era for photography?


*This is a sponsored post but all Kodak photo views are my own.

6 August 2018

Story of 2018: Chapter Seven/Eight (Pages 211 - 217)

P A G E  211
I have had a productive Monday morning so far. I've exercised, taken my morning meds, taken a parcel back to New Look and also written a blog post. That is very productive in my humble opinion.
As I'm scrolling through Twitter, I notice this day trending -
Happy Friendship Day to all my wonderful friends! You have all made me the person I am today so thank you so much! (and of course I love you all so much!)
I just remembered, it's the Love Island final tonight! Which means -
I literally cannot wait to look at my Twitter and not see my timeline plastered with tweets from Love Island! I've waited for this day for the last eight weeks!
Onto something completely different now, I love what I'm wearing today -
The leggings are from Stradivarius (on ASOS) and they're so comfortable! Well, leggings generally are aren't they?

P A G E  212
I haven't got anything really planned for today. Just exercising and cleaning the house. Yep, a pretty boring Tuesday. Right, let's crack on before I decide to park my backside on the sofa all day!
So I've just picked my Mam up from work, she says she's treating the both of us to tea. A nice way to end my day because before that it's been pretty dead!

I'm literally salivating over the menu at the Llanwern Bull. I've decided to have the Chicken and Bacon Ranch Club Sandwich. I only had to look at the picture of it on the menu to make me choose it because it does look stunning.
Wow, I am well and truly stuffed. I seriously cannot eat another thing today. Well, maybe a teeny tiny snack in the evening. A girl's gotta eat right?!

P A G E  213
I'm feeling very upbeat this morning, to the point where I am really looking forward to going to the gym this morning. Wow, I am feeling really good this morning if I am looking forward to setting off for the gym this morning! Right, before I lose my motivation, let's go!
I've come home, dripping with sweat, and there's a parcel waiting for me on the floor of the porch -

I am absolutely loving Treatbox's August box! I have a real thing for the palm leaf pattern/print. It's such a lovely summery pattern!
It's 7pm, is it too early open this bottle of rose?

P A G E  214
Hmm...I was having such a lovely sleep, I turn and look at my bedside clock, its 8am. I think I'll have an extra half hour...wait, what the hell is that noise?!

What a stupid time to play in the pool! Now I'm wide awake. Thanks kids!
Seeing as I'm fully alert now than I was 5 minutes ago, I may as well get myself up and get going for the day.
My email pings just as I'm about to do a core workout, I get the most exciting news -
This has made my day already and it's not even 9:30am! It shows all the hard work is finally paying off! Now, what was I meant to be doing? Oh yeah, exercising! One sit up, two, three...
I'm having quite an odd day so far -
I'm having one of those days where my head is full of stuff and my brain is overthinking and I just want to hide away. Which is what I'll think I'll do for today.

P A G E  215
Ok, I ended yesterday's entry a little depressingly. But this morning's news isn't going to get any better -

I feel that down in the dumps that I don't want to eat breakfast. Oh my Lord, I am not myself AT ALL! I manage to gulp down a slice of toast. But that's all I can handle. Hopefully lunch time my appetite will make a speedy return. I got to do some treadmilling now, which I really don't feel like doing. I hope I snap out of this mood soon.
It really does, I had a small smile on my face whilst I was applying my foundation. I know what will cheer me up, I got a parcel from New Look and also one at M&S. Off I go!
I'm off to bed in a bit, I've gorged down a takeaway, which tasted stunning, I've finished a blog post this evening and got one ready for posting tomorrow. I do love a productive evening. Goodnight!
Let's hope I feel better tomorrow eh?

P A G E  216
It's 8am, I got another half hour sleep left in me I think...oh god, I hear a familiar sound! -

She always does this on the weekend! It's like she doesn't want me to have a lie in! She is literally lying inside the bed, budging my leg out of the way to get enough room. Sod off Lily!
I look at the clock -
A couple of people have replied to this tweet saying that they do too. I always do this at 11:11. I always wish for the same thing but you never know!

P A G E  217
There is some sad news on Twitter this morning -

Remember Chucklevision? It was so silly but we all loved it. It's so sad. To me, to you.
I'm trying to take some blogging photos and there's something missing -
They look so lovely in my bedroom. It's given the room a little bit of colour! Now that I've taken the blogging photos I need, it's time to sit out in the sunshine and get a little colour on my arms. Well, my skin turns red before tanning properly in the sun but still!


4 August 2018

Damn! I Feel Good!

Let me paint you a picture, it's Monday lunchtime, I'm taking blog photo's for another completely different blog post altogether, I'm wearing my casual/lounging about clothes, I glance at the mirror as I walk past it, I'm actually feeling pretty damn good! Not mentally as such right now, I've been on a downward spiral in terms of my mental health. I've still got lots of stuff floating around my mind, as I wrote in my Life Update a couple of weeks ago but physically I feel really good about myself.
Yes, that is a picture of me with a footballer in the background. What can I say?
This is completely unheard of and such an unforeseen thing for me to say, let alone share it on my blog.

I don't know about you, but my self esteem and confidence fluctuates quite a lot. One day I can walk outside in a crop top, yes, I repeat, a CROP TOP, feeling like one of those Instagram models that I can only dream to be as beautiful and as slim as, the next day, I could look in the mirror and just think "Nah, I shouldn't be seen out in public today, I'm a public violation" and just hide away behind my laptop browsing for things I can't afford.
All women have struggled with self esteem and body confidence at some point in their lives. I know I certainly have. But when you look in the mirror and you like the way you look that day, it can really make all the difference to your mood and confidence. You feel like you want to tell the whole world! Well, not be completely boastful about it, I don't want to come across pretentious.

This is why I took the advantage of this feeling I had on a Monday lunchtime, I grabbed my iPhone and snapped pictures of this feeling of pure happiness like there was no tomorrow.

I might possibly keep this photos saved on my phone too; whenever I have a bad day and feel like s**t, I'll just look back at them and think back to how self assured I felt that day when I looked at my iPhone camera.

There's nothing wrong in letting people know that you feel really good about yourself. It shows that your mental health is good and that you feel confident enough to be able to do the things you wouldn't normally dare to do. One thing that has helped my body positivity is writing a personal letter to my body . That felt very restorative for my mental health and body confidence.

So if you feel good, flaunt it and tell the whole world if you want to!

Let's end on a funny photo shall we?
Do you feel you should share when you're feeling body confident?
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