P A G E  232

Yes, I'm off to my happy place today and I could not be more excited! I'm also going to finally meet my lovely blogging bestie Julia! Right, I'm all in a tizz right now, I feel like I'm forgetting something, it can't be that important, I'm sure it's something I can get in Liverpool. I'm packed! I'm ready to go to the Carvery for a big breakfast before our long road trip.
We're about to reach Birmingham, so we're halfway there, we'll be there by tw...uh oh, I've just remembered what I have forgotten!
I have a checklist when I pack, the one time I don't double check it and I forget my charger. Thank god that Tasha has one with her, I'm not sure she's too pleased that she has to share her charger with me! Ah well, I'll buy her a Peroni to make it up to her!
We're finally here! It's a bit drizzly but Liverpool is looking as grand as ever, let's get a good parking space and get into the hotel.
I need to unpack, I've just realised that there's an iron and ironing board in here, I'm very happy with this. Does this mean that I'm thinking like a fully grown adult now?
We've been here a couple of hour now, in that time we've surprised our Scouse friend with a visit and now we're about to go out in the drizzle. Anyone got an umbrella handy?
Liverpool are also playing tonight, it's a shame that they're down in London instead of at Anfield. Still, I can keep an eye on the score on my phone. I wonder if there's Sky Sports in Rev's?
I'm on my third cocktail, surely I should buy a fourth one for Liverpool's win?
I've been to Shooters bar for a game of pool, made some drunken Instagram Story videos and bought some shampoo and conditioner, all in a space of an hour. I'm blaming the cocktails.
Right, time for bed, I got a busy second day tomorrow.

P A G E  233
I've made a decision in regards to my blog this morning -

Ah! I had you all fooled there! I want to make the most of my time in Liverpool, which means coming away from social media for a mini break and focusing on having a bloody good time!
It's a beautiful sunny day here in Liverpool, I'm about to enter Primark to get a coat and some new white trainers.
Well, I came away buying nine things for £65. I knew just buying two things wouldn't be possible in Primark. Ah well, I got some great stuff!
I'm currently walking down Bold Street, heading for Love Thy Neighbour, finally meeting my blogging bestie Julia! This walk is making me hungry, let's eat!
What a lovely hour! After chatting all things blogging, it's time to take a walk along the front and go on the Wheel of Liverpool.
I'm sweating conkers after our walk! It's a scorcher here in Liverpool and I need to get ready for our last night here. I got to make the choice between two jumpsuits - hmm...
I had to make the most of the beautiful weather and where this lovely tropical print jumpsuit. How - well - tropically.
I can't wait to for this meal and cocktails. Just so you know, my toes are in bits. I currently have six plasters on my toes, not a good look.
I'm back in the hotel after an amazing evening, I am shattered, goodnight.

P A G E  234

I do post on Monday's, Wednesday's and Saturday's. But I haven't got one prepared for today, hopefully I'll have a new one for you on Saturday. I should do.
It's home time and I don't want to leave, Liverpool, why do you do this to me?!
We've gone for one last walk down the front before we leave. It's another sunny day and I could stay down there all day. Right, let's get home and get back to normality.
After a long drive, I'm home! I've taken a record 20 minutes to unpack everything and now I'm relaxing on the sofa before I go out to F&B's tonight with my Mam and her work friend.
It's official, I already want to have another blogging lunch soon.
I've eaten a huge meal and now I'm exhausted. Bed? Is that you calling me?

P A G E  235

I'm still feeling a little drained after the last few days. But it's back to normality today which means getting back into my exercise routine!
I forgot to tell you something didn't I?! I have a new found love for Primark! -
I have never fitted into a size 8 in my life! I am actually buzzing right now! Who'd have thought?!
After an afternoon of running errands, it's time to sit down and catch up on the 'What's New' section of ASOS nd also my blogging. I shall check in with you all tomorrow!

P A G E  236
It's Friday and I need to get motivated. I'm going to the gym though, that's a start.
I've just come into Home Bargains and ended up spending £10 on other things even though I only went in for wet wipes. I can't go into Home Bargains and just get the things I need, I always buy more because the offers are so good!
I'm just about to open a bottle of rose and there's a sticker on the label -
Seriously people - go and buy Blossom Hill wine! They all got Feel Unique discount codes on them!

P A G E  237

I really needed it after all that's happened this week. Just to unwind and meditate. Right, now that I feel all chilled and relaxed, I'm going to clean out my car. Ok, it doesn't sound relaxing I know, but it needs to be done. It's apparently going to tip it down with rain tomorrow. Let's drag the hoover out then.
Oh, I forgot to tell you what I bought in Home Bargains yesterday!
I kind of wanted to keep up the with the trend by buying one of these boards. It better be worth it as it took me nearly half hour to break the letters and numbers off the plastic!
It's 5:30pm, Liverpool are playing and I'm getting nervous - see you in 90 minutes!
A 1-0 win - I'll take that! Ooh, my takeaway's here! See you tomorrow!

P A G E  238
I've had a lovely lie in this morning, but my stomach is playing up something rotten today. It has been last night. Hopefully it won't go on for too much longer *fingers crossed*
It's absolutely pouring down outside, this is not Bank Holiday weather. I expected to be sat outside in a beer garden with a nice vodka and cranberry juice, not sat inside pondering whether to put the heating on or not (just so you know - I didn't!)
These are (now) my comfy clothes and it feels like Autumn outside. I am not mentally prepared to say goodbye to Summer yet.
It's still bad guys. Hopefully it will ease by tomorrow. I want a hot water bottle but I don't feel right using one in August.
It's 9pm and I'm looking forward to this new drama on BBC1 -
I cannot wait for tomorrow's episode already!


Story of 2018: Chapter Eight (Pages 232 - 238)

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An email has popped up in my Gmail account, it's a brand asking me for a collaboration, which I have unfortunately have had to turn down. I turned it down because it wouldn't have fitted into my Instagram theme or blogging niche, which is ok.

Every brand that emails me may not be to my taste, or it could be something that isn't just for me. I used to feel incredibly guilty about turning down brands, I felt like I was letting them down by saying no. But I shouldn't have to feel sorry or guilt-stricken, in life you have to say no to stuff you don't want to do or don't feel comfortable in doing. I never want to be seen as a pushover.

At the end of the day, in blogging you're building up your personal/writing empire, so if a brand emails you and their product doesn't fit into that empire you're trying to build, then don't feel contrite, you've got to have guts and be totally head strong in this industry.

95% of the time, I accept collaborations with a brand because I've completely fallen in love with the product they're offering and I would love to include them on my blog and Instagram posts.

But if you're staring at the email, desperately trying to think how to reply to them saying no, just remember to be polite and reply promptly. Don't leave it until the end of the year when you're going through a clean up of your inbox and you see THE email and remember you haven't replied. The thing is, you can't please everyone. When it comes to blogging, you got to think about what's best for you and your blog. 

I know blogger's who won't work with brands unless they are offering cruelty free products to try out and promote, which is fine, actually it's more than fine, it's bloody brilliant. It shows to the brand that you have values and principals, something that you sometimes don't see nowadays.

So please, I beg of you to the lovely (clichΓ© blogging word right there) blogger reading this, don't feel guilty or feel too downhearted for turning down a brand, as long as you reply to them politely and offer to work with them again in the future if they gave you the right opportunity, you've got nothing to worry about.

Have any other bloggers got any advice about this?
Write your ideas in the comments below.

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