I hate it when it's the end of August, it means my Summer Holidays are coming to an end. Going back to work is just on the horizon and I'm not ready for it!
But it has been a lovely month though, I've been focusing so much on writing and I had a lovely two day stay in my happy place. I drunk too many cocktails though - but wait, how many cocktails is too many? Actually, don't answer that!
In regards to social media, my engagement has been pretty good. I made it past the 1,100 barrier on Instagram and also the 1,900 barrier on Twitter! Hopefully they will increase again by the end of September *fingers crossed*

Anyway, here are my social media stats for August:

Top Tweet and Media Tweet:

This has got to be a first! My top tweet and top media tweet being the same one! But yes, I did receive a diabetes kit from my hospital in the post earlier this month. Also yes, this has to be the most weirdly shaped paperclip I have ever seen! It held all the books and leaflets together though!

Most Liked:

Ok, I may be dressed up a little bit like Sporty Spice 🙈 but hear me out! ✌🏻 Now then, mentally, I have been feeling shit the last few days, I can’t get my head around this one thing that’s happening right now and it’s making me feel so down 😔 On the other hand, physically, I feel pretty damn good right now! 💪🏻💁🏻‍♀️ I may be a size 10/12, I may not be the slimmest, will never have a toned belly or be an expert at fake tanning (I always miss a part on one of my legs 🤦🏻‍♀️) but I’m HAPPY ☺️💁🏻‍♀️♥️ Body positivity should be when you’re proud and happy with your body, no matter what shape or size ✌🏻♥️ So read my latest post about why I took advantage of a day where I felt pretty damn good about myself! (Link in profile) P.S. - who am I with in the picture frame in the background? - who else? 😏♥️⚽️
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I tell you what I want what I really, really want, I'll te - sorry, I entered my Sporty Spice mode then after seeing this photo. But yes, I felt really good to post this on my Insta. I don't mind the fact that I don't have a toned stomach, so why should I hide it away?! I'm happy with my body and that's all that matters.

Personal Favourite:
This city I think I can now class as my second home. My happy place. I'm already thinking about going back up there before the end of the year - does that sound really sad?!

It's back to normal in regards to work in September, but hopefully more memories will be made like I have made in Summer.


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What flat lay am I going to do with this post? Which filter shall I use on VSCO and Snapseed to edit the photos? When should I publish this post? Is that enough content for a post?

It's official - I've been blogging for well over 18 months and my brain has transformed into a blogger brain. Do you know how I know? Well, when I go out and about, the only thing I think about is whether there is a chance to capture a good photo, whether it be the place where I'm having my meal in or even the sunset outside, I'm always looking for a good photo opportunity. In a way, blogging has made me more perceptive.

But that's what blogging does to you, it makes you see things in a whole new light. I think I've appreciated my surroundings more.

When I buy stuff from Amazon, it's mainly blogging props I purchase rather than stuff for myself. Lighting, flat lay's, VSCO, Pinterest and engagement have become my most commonly used words in my vocabulary. It's crazy, the change in the last 18 months has even astounded me, let alone my family and friends.

Blogging has allowed my inner self to get off her arse, put her laptop on and show off her creative side through the art of writing. It's allowed me to put my stamp on the blogging world, albeit it being a small Royal Mail sized stamp.

In this day and age blogging is such a vast growing and influential industry, it's quite staggering how many new bloggers I have seen entering blogger-verse ready to make their mark and show their uniqueness through writing and pictures.

Blogging has allowed me to develop new skills, even skills I never realised I was doing until I read this post . From copywriting to editing to networking and also online marketing - see, these are skills that not only I've learnt, but you lovely bloggers have too!

Getting my first proper sponsored post a couple of weeks ago really made me feel that all the sweat and frying my brain trying to think of new content was well and truly worth it.

Would I say that blogging has changed me for the better?
Well, I've said recently that I see writing as a long-term career goal, that pretty much answers the above question doesn't it?

Has blogging made you a better person?

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