There is no greater fashion confidence booster than walking out of the house in a pair of killer heels. However, I'm not one for wearing Louboutins, because a) they're too frigging expensive and b) I honestly don't know how people can walk in them without toppling over. But a good heel that I find comfortable to walk in can be a huge confidence booster for me. However, one drawback of wearing high heels all day is this - the somewhat inability of my feet being able to survive in high heels for long durations. 

A pair of white high heels on a white chest of drawers.

As I said, I love high heels. Whether it be a highish stiletto, a block heel, a wedge or a thigh-high boot, heels are my guilty pleasure. In my early twenties, I would love to wear heels for any going out occasion. From a birthday to just having a quick drink in the pub, I'd wear a heel of some sort. Nowadays, I do opt for the flatter shoe, purely for comfort reasons. I find this quite sad in a way. The confidence high heels bring out in me is second to none. I want to start wearing them again and be able to wear them for longer periods of the day. 

Now, I'm not saying that I'm going to start wearing them to hospital appointments or to put the washing out. Just when I go out out. After everything with the pandemic, going out out for me is now a coffee catch-up with friends. Can you blame me after isolating for so frigging long?! 

So yes, surviving in high heels is a physical skill for the feet, core and even posture. Your feet are put through the mill when wearing heels. So it takes time and practice to get your feet trained to wear that killer heel for more than five minutes.

A pair of white high heels

Here is a little guide to surviving and bossing wear high heels all day:  

1) Get the plasters on standby

Buy some decent plasters. Wearing new high heels in particular is a monumental task at times. You've got to wear them in and that means a little blister or two forming on the toes or by the bunion area. Have some plasters to hand, I use these gel plasters from Amazon in particular as, for me, they provide the best comfort for my poor little blistered toes. 

2) Make sure you break them in

New heels need breaking in. Simple as. Never wear new high heels outside before breaking them in first. You'll be so apologetic to your toes and feet if you don't. When you buy new heels, wear them around the house. Wear them while loading the dishwasher, hoovering or even feeding the dog. Even walking around your back garden in them to practice walking in them on concrete or grass.

3) Start off small and work your way up  

If you're looking to start wearing heels, start with a smaller inched heel and work your way up. Don't start off with a 6" stiletto. You'll never want to wear heels again otherwise. Go for a heel of 3-4 inches to start with and once you get used to them and can walk in them all day without fail, go for the 5-inch heel (that’s if you want to have the higher heel). Working your way up is key.

A pair of white high heels.

4) Know which type of heel will suit you

Stilettos are hard to walk in for long periods, so don't be afraid to go for a smaller or block heel. Block heels are so easy to walk in for me. The thicker the heel, the easier it is to walk in them. You'll have greater balance with a thicker heel. Stilettos are hard to find that balance in, that's why I suggested before to work your way up.

5) Try heels in different sizes

We all know sizes differ in some shops when it comes to clothes, but the same applies to shoes too. I know for a fact that when I've tried on shoes in different shops, sometimes I have to size up or size down from my normal size. Even flats. So try on three sizes - your normal size, a size up and a size down and see which fits you best. 

6) The heel on the ground first trick

To be able to walk in high heels with great confidence and provide better balance, put your heel on the ground first. Heels have the ability to make you walk differently. I know they do for me. One trick I learnt online is to walk in them with some success, place the heel on the ground first, then the rest of your foot. I know that sounds weird, but it works, trust me. 

A pair of white high heels and artificial flowers.

7) Practice makes perfect

Plenty of practice and you'll be bossing wearing heels and wearing them all day. Please don't give up, the practice will be worth it, I promise. Next thing you know, you'll be heading off to London Fashion Week wanting to walk on the catwalk. Just don't overthink it. It's easy for me to say relax when wearing heels, but that’s easier said than done. But honestly, you'll smash it once you practice!

I need to point out though, that wearing heels is to everybody's individual tastes. If wearing heels isn't for you (because of comfort or disability) please don't feel like you need to wear them. If you feel more comfortable wearing flats, then that's more than ok! This post isn't a forceable piece to make you feel you have to wear heels next time you go to Tesco! 

Let me know your thoughts on this guide to wearing high heels below!

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Creative block is real guys. And when it hits you, it can feel like falling down a black hole. Easy to get into, but sometimes a nightmare to get out of. The thing is, no person in this world can be consistently creative and imaginative. No one can consistently think up brilliant ideas every day. Not even my favourite content creators can be so consistent all the time. 

But that feeling of falling into that creative block slump is the worst. Creative blocks can vary in length. Maybe just stepping away from things for a short period to let the creative juices top themselves up is a good idea. But sometimes a complete break from things for days or even weeks could be the best solution for you. 

A woman with a bunch of flowers

I've been hit with a few creative blocks in the last year or so. All have varied in length of time. I've had blocks that have lasted for days. One I had near the end of last year lasted for weeks! That was quite the inconvenience I can tell you! 

One thing I've most certainly learned from having creative blocks in the past is to not force content. Let me tell you, you can sniff forced content when you read plenty of blogs a day. I won't force content unnecessarily just to please others. I would rather my readers (however many I have) read content that has come from a eureka moment I've had while driving rather than panicking that I'll lose readers because I haven't posted anything in a while.

A horrible feeling I have when I fall into a creative slump is thinking if I'll ever get back to my (sort of) creative best. That feeling of the possibility that I will never have a creative idea ever again. That niggly feeling of trying to force my brain into coming up with the slightest idea for content. But there are ways to work through a creative block.

A woman with a bunch of flowers.

So don't panic guys! If you're in a creative slump right now, here are some methods I've tried and tested to cope and manage when a creative block hits me -

1) Just chill the 'f' out

Ok, if being creative is part of your job, then I honestly can't really tell you to chill. But if you're like me and you're blogging as a hobby/side hustle, then chill. It's ok losing your blogging mojo sometimes. Your creative juices will refill in your brain again eventually! It's temporary, it won't last forever.

2) Figure out what inspires me

Sometimes looking at different sources of inspiration can really get the creative juices flowing. Pinterest is a good one, also Instagram and even Twitter can be great sources of inspo. One photo or one quote could be the epiphany moment you need.

3) Don't be so hard on oneself

It's important for me to not be hard on myself. There's no point beating myself about it because it's not going to help. I could blame my mind and brain for not thinking about ideas when they should be. But a creative block is kind of a sign that my mind needs a rest. A sign that maybe my mind needs a self-care day. Sounds weird I know, but true. 

A woman looking at a bunch of flowers

4) Step away

When the creative cogs stop turning, I step away and focus on something else. Something like self-care, work or spending time with loved ones could be what you need. Refocus, recharge and return when the creative cogs restart themselves. I've taken a break from blogging before and it honestly revitalised me and I felt so refreshed when I returned to it.

5) Check what's trending

This sounds like a weird one, but hear me out. For me, when I check what's trending on social media or in different industries eg fashion, skincare, makeup, travel etc, I sometimes get hit with a lightbulb moment and let my imagination run wild with new ideas. This method may not work for some, but it's a method that seems to work for me! 

A woman stood next to a bunch of flowers.

This is how I manage a creative block!

Seriously guys, if you're going through a creative block right now, it's going to be ok. Don't fret, don't panic and certainly don't worry yourself sick over it. It'll pass like the Sun passes by us every day. Just breathe, sit back and let the creative juices refill again. Sorry for the overuse of the phrase 'creative juices'. 

Let me know if you have any tips on how to work through a creative block!

*The flowers in this post are from Haute Florist and were sent to me as a PR product. All creative block views are my own. For more information, please read my disclaimer. Thank you for your support!

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*There are PR products in this post. See the end of the post for more details.  Creative block is real guys. And when it hits you, it can feel like falling…