Having an invisible disability

"You don't look disabled"
"Why are you parked there?"
"There's nothing wrong with you!"
The amount of times I've had to hold my tongue and stop myself from telling people to eff off has been a challenge and a half over the years. But unfortunately this is my life when I go out and about in public. Well, not all the time, but the uneasiness is always there.
But this is the thing, I shouldn't have to be made to feel nervous about parking in a disabled parking space and use my Blue Badge when I need to. There are days when I feel incredibly breathless and need to be closely parked to the shop I want to go in. It's not like I want to be disabled and have that privilege. I want to be normal and healthy, but unless you can cure Cystic Fibrosis and other invisible disabilities, then bog off and leave me be.

I've had people have a go at me in the past asking me why I'm parked in a disabled space and telling me I don't look disabled enough to be parked there. I know I don't look it darling, but there is no need for you to point it out! One woman had a go at me once even though she was parked in a disabled space herself! The cheek of some people! Not to put a stigma on people, but older or elderly people are some of the worst for being ignorant and having a pop at me when I get out of my car. I don't like being belittled and humiliated to be honest in public to be honest.
Now, I always said to myself I would never get overly PC on my blog. Mainly because politics and me go together like chalk and cheese, it's just stuff that I don't have a clue about!  
But I shouldn't be made to feel guilty when I use my Blue Badge, it's vital for me to have one and when I need to use it, I will, regardless of the dirty looks that are thrown my way from shoppers and the general public.
My aim for this post is to make people see and understand that not all disabilities are visible. If you see someone parking in a disabled parking bay, please don't pass judgement or automatically assume they're faking it because they don't have a wheelchair or have a limb missing. At the end of the day, we're human beings and we have feelings.

This is the thing, I have a serious, progressive illness, I have Cystic Fibrosis, search it up on Google. I know, hard to believe right? See the picture below, I look pretty good right? (well, I could look better, makeup can do wonders) but inside me is a bucketful of phlegm clogging up my airways, preventing me from breathing normally and 20 multiple medications floating around in my system trying to keep CF at bay.

So, think before you speak, yeah?

Excuse me my ghost look, a non makeup day was needed

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