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20 February 2020

How Having A Pet Can Help Mental Health

I do say quite a lot that I will eventually end up with nine cats rather than a husband. To be honest, that hypothetical scenario is getting more and more likely to happen by the day.

I've had pets all of my life. Well, I say pets like I've had the entirety of the RSPCA and Pets At Home live in my house. 95% of my pets have been cats. The other 5% being goldfish named after trains from Thomas the Tank Engine. Yep, Thomas, Percy, Gordon and I think a Henry also.

How Having A Pet Can Help Mental Health

15 February 2020

The Topic of S-E-X

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In school, during a biology lesson, or a an PSHE lesson, I can't remember now. Anyhow, I learnt about Maslow's hierarchy of needs. It's basically a five tier triangle stating what we as humans cannot live without. The needs lower down in the hierarchy triangle must be met and satisfied before you can move up further in the triangle (I'm no science expert). The basic needs (the lowest level on the triangle) are food, water, air, shelter, sleep, clothing

Yes, I said it, sex. It's something a lot of us have on regular basis (please don't message me your sexual timetable, I don't need to know) we all need it, as Maslow's hierarchy of needs states.

The Topic of S-E-X

11 February 2020

Little Improvements I Want To Make

I'm a believer in continuous improvement. I believe that there is always room to make little fine tunings in my daily life. It could be something as simple as adding an extra task to my routine, remembering to put the recycling out, reading more or cleaning my makeup brushes more often (a very tedious task).

Now, I'm not saying completely overhaul your life because it needs a mega DIY SOS renovation, but maybe there is something you would like to improve in your life, maybe make a little change which may benefit yourself. It doesn't have to be a deadly serious choice, like deciding whether to be buried or cremated. Ok, that is a bit morbid, I apologise. But you get my drift, it could be something like spending less money on clothes, practicing self care or going for a walk every day.

Little Improvements I Want To Make

6 February 2020

My Ways Of Maintaining A Healthy & Fun Lifestyle

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I bet there were a few laughs and scoffs when you read the title. How can somebody like me, someone with a life threatening illness possibly maintain a healthy lifestyle?! But hear me out.

Maintaining a healthy and fun lifestyle doesn't have to be a chore. I know some people (including myself) have given up the goal of changing one aspect of our lifestyle a day or two after New Year. Lifestyle changes don't have to happen on January 1st. You, yes you, can make those changes at any point in the year, Maybe on your birthday, on Valentines or even on 6th August (just a random date) . They don't have to be drastic changes either. Just take a small step at a time, usually doing it that way helps you make the change more easily and you're more likely to make the change permanently.

My Ways Of Maintaining A Healthy & Fun Lifestyle

1 February 2020

Focus - My Word For 2020

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Focus. - meaning = directing a great deal of attention, interest, or activity towards a particular aim.

Yes. It's time for me to gain more focus in my life. Stop being distracted by the little things and just get tasks done, not matter how menial and tedious they are.

Focus - My Word For 2020

28 January 2020

Why I'm Focusing On My Blog In 2020

Ok, I know this happened a little while ago, but I wont my first blogging award! A day at the Dead Canary led me coming away with the 'Best Health Blog Post' at the House 21 Awards way in December (I say way back as it feels like centuries since December was here)

Why I'm Focusing On My Blog In 2020

21 January 2020

How I've Gained New Inspiration From A Camera

I've always said in the past that I would always rely and trust my iPhone to be in charge of my photography for my blog and Instagram content. Well...I kind of cheated on my iPhone and bought a camera. A Canon G7 Mark II to be exact.

I've always struggled with my photography in the past, I'm constantly relying on Pinterest to give me photo inspo on a daily basis as my brain is completely devoid of any creativity. Well, in the photography department anyway. Is there an area of your brain for that?

How I've Gained New Inspiration From A Camera

17 January 2020

New Year's Resolutions - Why Do We Still Do Them?

I'm writing whilst sweating my boobs off on the recumbent bike in my local gym. It's my first gym visit of 2020 and the gym is unsurprisingly but surprisingly busier than usual. If that makes any sense to you all. There's a hella lot of new faces to get to know in the gym today, 90% of them I'm pretty sure made it their resolution to go to the gym. Which is fine, good on them in fact. It'll be interesting to see how long it lasts for them, but I hope they do stick it out and keep to their New Year's promise.

Whilst trying to keep my legs going which are now in agony, I realise that we're halfway into January and only just starting a new decade (yep, I still find it hard to believe too). Now, what were your New Year's resolutions? See how I've used past tense there - WERE not ARE.

New Year's Resolutions - Do They Exist Anymore?

14 January 2020

People/Things I'm Thankful For

"A thankful heart is a happy heart"
I'm a great believer in showing gratitude at any given moment. From thanking someone for holding the door open for you to being grateful to someone for going to a nerve-wracking hospital appointment with you, there's always something to be thankful for.

People/Things I'm Thankful For

9 January 2020

2010 - 2019: How I've Evolved

Ok, we're a few days into 2020 and I keep finding it strange and surreal that we've just entered a new DECADE. It just seems a little hard to believe! At the start of this decade, I was in college, trying to keep up with assignment deadlines and my biggest life crisis being if I forgot to take my headphones with me anywhere.

Nowadays, a life crisis is not being able to add money to my Help To Buy ISA account or deciding whether to wear a coat or not when I go out. How times have changed. This is my point - we evolve over time, it doesn't take years or decades. It can take as little as weeks or even days for something to happen or you step out of your comfort zone. We grow and mature with age, we learn new things and we make mistakes, but we also learn from them too.

4 January 2020

The Ivy, Cardiff

Before I begin, I was never asked by The Ivy to write this post, I just wanted to write about my experience there.

Ok, now the legalities are out of the way, I can relax and casually write the night away.

So yep, I visited the Ivy in Cardiff. Not exactly headline news, but I'd appreciate if you carried on reading.

The Ivy, Cardiff

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