Before really establishing an evening skincare routine, I never really thought using a night cream would be so beneficial. We're constantly drummed with information about the importance of constructing a morning skincare routine, and the evening routine gets overlooked. In the past, I had focused so much on the morning skincare routine, I neglected my evening skincare. After reading Caroline Hirons's skincare book, I learned the true importance of using nighttime skincare products, such as a night cream. 

A pot of night cream

Think of it, we expose our skin to some impurities, dirt, pollution, sun rays and differing temperatures throughout the day. It's important that our skin is allowed to rejuvenate itself overnight, ready for the next day. Night cream definitely helps to aid that rejuvenation and refreshment. I think people get put off using a night cream because the texture is thick. In fact, that is the whole reason to start using it. It's thicker because, unlike moisturiser, you're not going to wear makeup straight after use. Moisturiser is a thinner texture because women usually wear makeup straight after application. A night cream is thicker as your skin has more time for it to absorb. If that makes sense! 

As I said, we're told how to create a rather extensive morning skincare routine. It's important to create just as extensive evening skincare routine. And also get a good night cream for your bedside table.

Here are the reasons why you should be using a night cream in your evening skincare:

A woman holding a pot of night cream

1) It provides extra hydration

Providing your skin with that extra hydration at night is so important. A lot of night creams contain anti-ageing properties and also vitamins, so topping up your skin with some much-needed vitamins is a good thing right?! 

2) It calms the skin down 

Like I said earlier, our skin is exposed to a lot of different things such as pollution and dirt every day, so it's important that your skin relaxes at night. A night cream is a great way to help your skin be ready for the next day. 

3) It helps combat dry skin

As night cream is so moisturising and nourishing, it's a brilliant skincare product to help combat dry skin. Applying a night cream before bedtime will allow you to wake up with much more moisturised skin in the morning.

A woman holding a pot of night cream.

4) It can help stop the acne

If heaven forbid, you suffer from acne, using a night cream can help to diminish the acne over time. It could be a long process, but it will be worth it in the long run. Obviously, I'm fully aware that it may not work for some, but it may be worth a try. 

5) It helps skin feel its best during the day

I know, I know, I should focus on the nighttime, but hear me out. Having that moisturised skin overnight by using a night cream can help it feel moisturised during the day, even after using your day moisturiser and doing your morning skincare routine.

A woman holding a pot of night cream.

So these are my reasons for using a night cream in your evening skincare routine. 

Before buying, do your research. Find one that is true to your skin type eg normal, dry, oily or combination. I've used quite a few different ones in the past, but I haven't really found my true soulmate in terms of night cream. So go by recommendations or what you think your skin would prefer. It'll be a trial and error experiment, but worth it! 

Do you use a night cream? I would love to know which one you use if you do!

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I'm a woman who does like to upload an Instagram Story on the daily. I definitely share a lot more about my life on my Stories than I do on my profile. There's so much less of an effort to post a Story than a grid post - and I actually like that. I love coming up with new Instagram Story ideas as it's so effortless. Grid posts make me feel like I need to analyse the best times to post, search for the right hashtags to use for said post and pray for good engagement and reach. Posting on my grid isn't as much fun anymore. I still do it though as I still love posting and getting creative when the mood takes me! 

an iphone showing instagram story ideas

But yes, Instagram Stories. When it got introduced back in 2016, I never fully realised how much of a welcome addition it would be to my social media life. As I said, I post at least one Story a day (I do have a break sometimes) as I like my followers getting to know the real me away from my Instagram profile I call my highlight reel. 

Knowing what to share on Instagram Stories doesn't have to be hard. The one good thing about Stories is that you don't have to put too much effort in if you don't want to. It's about knowing what you want to share and sharing what your followers would like to know. I've written in the past about how to create banging Instagram Stories here. But, if you're sitting here reading this and are stuck for inspo for Instagram Story ideas, then this post is for you!

Here are some Instagram Story ideas if you struggling for inspiration -

1) Share your thoughts on the latest trends/ news headlines

I'm all for sharing my thoughts on Stories. Before I do, I'll make sure that it's something that my followers and the people I follow are talking about. I like being careful about what I share my thoughts on. Some topics can be a trigger for someone, so it's important for me to remember that. I know that some topics trigger my mental health/anxiety. I'll immediately skip a Story if it's about a subject that's a trigger for me. But yes, get your followers involved with things like this. Ask for their opinion, reading other people's opinions is so interesting! 

An iPhone showing Instagram story ideas

2) Do a quiz about yourself

This is something I like to do every 6 months. During six months, you will get an influx of Instagram followers, however big or small. When you do, do a little quiz about yourself. It's a great way for your followers to get to know you! Ask questions that are simple and ones that are completely random! I love it when someone I follow does a quiz about themselves, it's a great way for me to get to know them!

3) Look up the national awareness days calendar

There's a national day for something every day of the year. One day it could be National Strawberry Day, then the next it could be National Give Up Smoking Day. Every day is a new national day! This sounds really organised (or weird), but at the start of the week, I like to check out the next 7 days of National Days, then think of ideas/questions of how I can post about them on my Stories. I kind of like having a planned week for Stories, but also posting random things from my day too!

4) Start a series

Love fashion? Start a fashion series. Love beauty? Start a beauty series. Love gardening? Start a - well, you know where I'm going with this now. Starting a series on Instagram Stories is a way of getting your followers to associate you with something. For example, once a week, I do a series called Weekday Wishlist, where I post clothes that I have loved online during the last 7 days or so. I do a poll for each item of clothing and ask my followers if they love the item or not. Obviously, you don't have to religiously commit to doing it weekly, but it's something you can do a couple of times a month. 

A flatlay of Instagram story ideas

5) Shoutout the favourite people that you follow

I love to give a shoutout to my favourite content creators once in a while. Especially new content creators which I have discovered and want to tell my little Instagram world about. All content creators appreciate a shoutout, so if you get the chance, shout them out!

6) Ask me anything

When all else fails, upload a question sticker with 'Ask me anything'. You're always guaranteed you'll be asked one question. 

These are some Instagram Story ideas for you!

Comment below if you have any unique Instagram Story ideas yourself!

Instagram Story Ideas If You're Really Struggling For Inspiration

I'm a woman who does like to upload an Instagram Story on the daily. I definitely share a lot more about my life on my Stories than I do on my profile.…