Being A Female Football Fan

Quite a different post to what I would normally write, but please read on!

As everybody knows, I love watching football. Especially Liverpool FC, there’s me typing this like it’s not public knowledge. Well if you’ve been living under a rock since I joined social media, it’s true, Liverpool FC are a huge part of my life. I never miss a match when they’re playing live on TV, it’s become a part of my weekly routine.
Ah, Ingzi and Bobby, good times
But being a football supporter as a woman has never been quite so easy. When I hear a group of men talking about the latest transfer news or about how their current team are doing in the league, I wat to participate in the conversation, but something always stops me, perhaps it's the fear of being mocked. How could I even think about stating my opinion about this subject?! I always thought men would think “How dare she know anything about football?!” or worse, laugh at me.
However, I feel more confident in chiming into the conversation now.
It was at its worst in school, how could a girl love a football team as much as I did Liverpool?! I had girls trying to make me change my phone wallpaper to (saying with a slight grimacing look) Cristiano Ronaldo. Oh god, just typing the name is bad enough. He was never my idea of stunning, the likes of Fernando Torres (at the time when he was playing for Liverpool) back then - HUBBA HUBBA. I could probably name about 10 players in our current squad who I look at with heart shaped eyes like the famous emoji. Right, let's not put my foot in it any more than I have. Shut up Lucy.
But seriously, I genuinely think that men believe women only like football because of the stunning footballers. That is somewhat untrue. Don't get me wrong, it is a huge bonus. Especially when they take their shirts off at the end of the match...hmm.

Sorry, I went off in a tangent then!

Where was I? Ah yes!

I'm interested in how the player performs and if he scores goals on the pitch, that's it. It's about supporting the team I have grown to adore for so many years.

Being a football fan has empowered me in a way like no other.

To be a woman who loves football in a mostly male dominating world is quite freeing. Yes, it has given me that freedom to allow myself to be a part of this huge international sport and look at it from a different perspective - a woman’s perspective.

In a way, it's quite humorous to see men’s faces when I start talking about Liverpool, because, as you can imagine, the passion and pride seeps out of me every time I talk about the Reds. You should see their faces when I can clearly explain the offside rule, that is truly a Kodak moment. They’ve clearly underestimated me and like I’ve said in another post before, I love being underestimated.

Or they just think I'm trying to chat them up. Sometimes, yes. Most of the time, I'm just trying to get in on the banter. It doesn't make me any less of a woman to be able to participate in the football conversation or the fact that I love football itself, secretly I think men like it when a woman gets involved in the football banter. (But I don't think they'll ever admit to that!)

So am I happy in being a part of mostly male domineering world? I absolutely love it - and do you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing. I've never found it intimidating in any way. In fact, it's the exact opposite (or however you want to put it).

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  1. It always baffles me when men think that women 'just don't get' the offside rule, like it's nuclear mechanics or rocket science! You keep doing you lovely, it sounds like you're proud of your passion (as you should be) and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! I love your blog and insta 😍