Secretly, I love being underestimated.

I've gone through almost my entire life, well probably since I was a chubby little thing walking into my first day at nursery, being underestimated. To be totally honest, I don't blame people for doing that.
When I was growing up, I wouldn't say boo to a goose. I used to be so quiet that people would barely notice me in the room. I just shied away in the corner, kept my head down and listened to what others had to say rather than voice my own opinions. It wasn't very often that spoke up or said what was floating around in this little brain of mine. Or even do something out of my comfort zone.
Maybe I have been misconstrued because of my youthful looks? After all, I do not look 24 and I'm only a petite 5ft 3inches in height.

In  a way, a saw the light after my first weekend in Liverpool. Something just seemed to click, and I don't mean by toes (yes, I can click my toes, but that's a story for another day). "I want to be more, I want to do more" said the little Welsh voice inside my head. And that's exactly what I did. Why should I sit back and let people believe that I have settled for the life I currently live?
I think the perfect example of me doing something outside the edges of my comfort zone was going to Liverpool on my own in May 2016. I showed a lot of people at that time what I was really made of, including family and friends. I knew I could do it, it was just having that confidence and belief in myself to just go for it! Having that independence to go and do my own thing was the best move I could have ever have done for moi.


Here's a mini revelation - I love being underestimated! I thrive from the expressions on people’s faces when I say or do something that is supposedly completely out of my persona and character. My inner feisty self does cartwheels when that happens. I take great pleasure with proving people wrong.

All I can say to people who are and have been underestimated is to go out there and blow people's minds and prove you’re as fiery and sassy as the next person! Honestly, it really can be a confidence booster.

Now, in regards to the photos I have published along with this post, this is a good example of shocking people, hopefully in a good way! I do apologise for the bruises on my dimply thighs but I am like Ross in Friends - I bruise like a peach. If you'd have told me I sit on my bed in just a jumper and showing off a teeny bit of my bra strap I'd have laughed in your faces! Time for the inner me to sit back in her chair with a glass of wine and plan my next move.

Do you feel like you're underestimated or undervalued in the big wide world?

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