Blog Reads of June

Here are my favourite blog posts in June:

1) Why It's Important To Talk Health | Life With MCM
Megan is a new blogging discovery in the last few weeks and I've absolutely adored reading her posts. This particular post really struck a chord with me. It is important to talk about your health problems, there is always somebody there to listen. I know that in the past I've struggled to talk about my health problems, particularly mental health issues, with anyone. Only my doctors know absolutely every single itsy bitsy detail of my current health status. Well, they have to, I am under their care after all. Like Megan says, when you open up to someone about it, it makes you feel 100 times better, I know it does for me.
2) Beauty Problem Solver 101 | Makeup Savvy
I need all the help with makeup I can get. I am a LOT better than I used to be, but there are still makeup techniques I need to improve, and I'm always looking for tips and advice. Fee's blog is definitely one to go to for any beauty advice you need. This post has given me so many tips, from how to get rid of panda eyes to knowing what to do with my wispy baby hairs which border my hairline. The panda eye trick was like a beauty revelation for me, I can't believe I never thought of stopping applying mascara to my bottom eyelashes. Definitely a beauty must-read.
3) Giving Smaller Bloggers A Voice | Forever September
"Just because bloggers have a smaller following, doesn't mean they're inadequate" I literally applauded this sentence in Lucy's post. It's 100% true, you could have a massive following of 10,000 or just 1,000 (like someone I know who has just banged on about it on Twitter i.e. myself), we should all have a voice in the blogging community and be recognised by brands and major brand campaigns. Like Lucy said, blogging is open to anyone and everyone, so why shouldn't smaller bloggers get in on the sponsored brand post action? I know that's the brand and bloggers' own personal choice whether they want to collaborate or not, but still. A great post from Lucy, all Lucys are amazing, it must be the name.
4) Being An Introvert Is Ok | Bethany Ellen
Ah yes, the life of an introvert - and do you know what? It's ok to be one! For those who are unsure of what being an introvert means, it means when you're a shy, reticent person. Which is fine, I used to be more of an introverted person rather than an extrovert. But I have similar introvertic (if that's even an Oxford dictionary enlisted word!) qualities. I thrive in being in social situations as well as being in my own company. Like Bethany, I also love my little bit of me time and I will make time for that if need be, especially when you've had a long ass week! A lovely honest post from Bethany.
In answer to the question at the bottom of your post Pinja, I can totally relate to this! I really am a person who dresses according to my mood. I am also a person who does feel in a nicer and more cheerful mood when I'm wearing an outfit I love. I do like to plan outfits, however, but sometimes if that outfit isn't just doing it for me, I'll change it straight away. People who know me know I love buying clothes. I immediately want to throw on the newest thing I buy just to say I've worn it. I can completely associate myself with Pinja and this post. It's spot on! 

6) Those Perfect Slow Summer Moments | The Lifestyle Files
Yes, Summer has arrived in spectacular fashion as we are currently in the middle of a mini heatwave. This post inspired me to write about my favourite things of Summer post. Viktoria has named some pretty as she calls them 'slow Summer moments' and they really are summer personified. Each moment she has listed is like Summer memories you wish to make not just with your friends and family, but with yourself too. My favourite moments in Viktoria's list are watching a sunset by a lake or sea and rose with friends on a rooftop bar. Such a lovely, refreshing post to read, it gets me in the mood for Summer, big time.

7) What Does It Take To Write 1 Blog Post?  | Alina Ermilova
Reading Alina's post literally hit me like a tonne of bricks! I know it takes effort to get a blog post altogether and complete, but because I'm so used to it, I have never fully realised how many steps I need to do in order to create a blog post. But now that I have seen it here in writing, it's pretty confounding how much all of us bloggers need to do to get the perfect blog post published for people to read. Blogging is like a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week job, we never stop creating good content because we don't want to let readers and subscribers down! Thank you Alina for writing this post, it shows non-bloggers how much work we actually put in.
8) A Beginners Guide To Upping Your Instagram Game | That Kayla Girl
This is an absolutely brilliant and enlightening post from Kayla giving great advice about how to up your Instagram game. I read this and was literally taking notes on Notes on my iPhone. The wallpaper sample trick is genius! That is definitely one I will be trying out, I wonder if it's too late to go to Homebase? It's 8:30pm as I'm writing this, surely it's still open?
But seriously, if you need any tips and if you want to get your Instagram profile a little makeover, read Kayla's post for great advice.

Let me know your favourite blog posts of this month by commenting below!

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