Story of 2018: Chapter Six (Pages 155 - 161)

P A G E  155
It's 6am, I need to get up, but I just can't be bothered to get my body to shift out of bed. 
It honestly did. Sunshine makes me want to get out of bed and make the most of it. It's a shame I'm going to work instead of going to a beer garden isn't it? One thing that will get me through work today is knowing I'm getting my new bedroom carpet fitted at the end of the day!
Yep, it's official, I've become a real adult now. But the carpet is so soft and a lovely light grey colour!
The two lads who came to do it were so nice (looking)! One thing did make me smile though -
It did make me chuckle!
Now if you'll excuse me! Time to venture away and watch something OTHER than Love Island.

P A G E  156
Is it me or does it feel chilly this morning?! I'm nearly tempted to put my boots on! Nah, I won't take it to that extreme.
I'm glad I never wore boots, it turned out to be quite warm this afternoon!
Just one note to leave this Tuesday on -

P A G E  157
I got a fun packed day in work for today. It's Sports Day! (for the kids, not myself!).
It takes me back to my Sports Day in primary school. I barely won any races but they were always fun and always competitive.
I've come home from work, my feet are absolutely sweltering having worn trainers all day and -

Yes, I look exactly like a lobster right now. Thank god I have bought sun screen ready for tomorrow. Time to apply some, I say some, I mean A LOT of after sun cream.
I am feeling very content this evening. I feel my life is in a good balance right now, I've got the spirit level right. Finally.

P A G E  158
The clouds have made an appearance, which I am secretly quite happy with. My skin definitely needs a break from the sunshine as I got burnt yesterday. I know I'll be coming home to an ASOS parcel later on so I cannot wait for work to be over and done with.
The ASOS parcel is waiting for me, I'm super happy with it!
Now I'm feeling this -

Time for bed so I can avoid all the Love Island tweets. Goodnight!

P A G E  159
I'm in a good mood this morning. Not only because it's Friday, but I'm off to Caldicot Castle on a school trip in work today! I love school trips, it's nice to get out of the classroom environment and experience something different. From what I got told yesterday, I need to wear trainers, which means a lot of walking. We shall soon find out, I'm about to enter the school building.
Oh my word, I have never felt so tired! My legs feel incredibly heavy, they are definitely going to be painful in the morning! The kids loved it though, so that's made me happy, even if my body doesn't agree.
It's the biggest blogging event of the year, I can't wait to see who wins tonight! I hope my favourites win and good luck to everyone!

(This next tweet is very sentimental, so heartless people, look away now)

Love these girls, I don't know where I'd be without them.

P A G E  160
Oh my word. My legs are absolutely killing me this morning. I knew all that exercise yesterday would come back to bite me in the arse! I guess it's a Pilates session for me today!

I am literally so close to 1,000 followers! Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow morning to that magic number of followers *fingers crossed*
I've just come back from taking my Mam to the hairdressers in time for this -
I love these Royal Family traditions and events. It's just so truly British!

P A G E  161
Update on the condition of my legs - they are still aching! But thankfully not as bad as yesterday. So I will (eventually) force myself to go on the treadmill at some point this morning.
I'm off out to go and see some cute animals now!
There was this one cat called Baxter who I'd have loved to have adopted, but he can't be homed with other cats. That makes me sad.
I'm listening to music out in the lovely sunshine right now, there's is only one soundtrack that i'm completely and utterly obsessed with -
Yes, I haven't seen the film yet, and yes, I really, really want to watch it!


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