Story of 2018: Chapter Six (Pages 162 - 168)

P A G E  162
Back to it on this Monday morning. I actually don't mind going back to work today, I've had quite a boring weekend. It's set to be a scorcher today so let's get the sandals and sunscreen on!
I've just finished sweltering on the treadmill, now what shall I have for tea?
I got to be fair, this was absolutely lovely! I do prefer eating salads in the summer. It's so much quicker to cook and it's not baking hot either. I have been thinking about starting a bit of a health kick lately, maybe this is the start?
P A G E  163 
I've woken up in a weird mood. It's like I can't decide what mood I'm in. Am I happy? Am I sad? I honestly don't know! But anyway, I've had the magical email that my River Island parcel is ready to be picked up so that's perked me up a bit. Yep, I'm in a happy mood now!
Yep, Instagram decided to be a pain in the, well, bum and stop working when I come home from work. I just find it hysterical (bearing in mind I'm one of these people) that we all swarm to Twitter to check that it's not just ourselves who's Instagram is down.
I've had countless emails in the last few days about all the sales that are happening online right now. So I've ended up browsing Boux Avenue because I'm in need of some pyjama bottoms, but me being me, this happens -
Well, in my opinion, all the items were necessary. They WERE. Honestly!

P A G E  164
I've just got in from work, let me tell you all about it -

Yes, so if anyone has any vodka in their houses, please feel free to send them to me. But I've just done an order on ASOS, so that has cheered me up. Immensely.

P A G E  165
It's one of my favourite days of the year - the day the Premier League fixture list is released! I hope Liverpool get a nice home fixture to start the new season off in August -

Tidy! Bring on the 11th August!
I've come home from work in a good mood, it's been brought on even better now that the jumpsuit I have been wanting for weeks has come back in stock! Another order has gone through!

P A G E  166
I've never been so happy to see a Friday as I have done this one. It's been such an incredibly, long, dragging week, I'm need of a good bottle of wine tonight and just some sleep over the weekend. Right, let's get this day in work over with!
So I've just been stuck in terrible traffic getting home, a 15 minute journey took 45 minutes this afternoon and it's all because of the Rolling Stones (they're live in Cardiff tonight). Yes, I am actually blaming the Rolling Stones for Friday afternoon traffic jams. As you do!
But the traffic queues floated immediately out of my mind when I come home to this -

Boux Avenue underwear is just delightful and so pretty. I can't decide which new bra to wear tomorrow! Maybe I should do a debate on Twitter or Instagram stories! Hmm, perhaps not.

P A G E  167
First of all on this rainy Saturday morning, I would like to wish someone happy birthday -
Happy Birthday Jurgen! That photo was taken two years ago, I can't believe how long my hair was back then! I'm so glad I had the chop, it's a much healthier five inches shorter now.
I've finished all my chores and errands for today, I'm currently reading Sophie's blog post about her Airbnb stay in Milan, it got me a thinking -
I had the curious idea of seeing how much Airbnb's in Liverpool would cost compared to hotels. It's not much difference, also some of the flat's that are advertised look bloody gorgeous, particularly the one in the above tweet.
Yes, they have made a return. I don't mind them to be honest, it shows you've caught the sun!

P A G E  168
It's Sunday, it's - raining. Typical. But I haven't got a lot planned today so I'm not really bothered about the sound of rain. Oh yes, I just remembered what day it is -

Yep, Happy Father's Day to all the amazing Dad's, fathering role models and step Dad's. Except for mine, he doesn't deserve a Happy Father's Day. Right, let's get the bitterness out of the way and celebrate my Mam instead! Also it is somebody's birthday today -
It's Jordan Henderson's birthday! I loves our captain!
Seeing as I am not going to venture out very far today, I may as well wear no makeup. Sometimes my skin is very appreciative of it, it does need a chance to breathe.
 I VERY rarely post a no makeup selfie, but there are days when I look like this, so why not show it on social media? I like to be real and positive on social media, not post anything fake or TOO many filtered photos. It doesn't show the real you.


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