Story of 2018: Chapter Five/Six (Pages 148 - 154)

P A G E  148
We have reached another Bank Holiday Monday! I don't have many major plans today. I can't do much when some of the shops aren't open. But one thing I'm glad of is that Greggs is open so I can grab some lunch. Ever tried the Chicken and Bacon toastie? - HUBBA HUBBA. Anyway, it's an afternoon of reading blogs and this -
 It looks kind of stormy outside right now, I think I'll go in and wait for Britain's Got Talent.

P A G E  149
I've got a productive day planned for today. I need to go to the bank, put air in my tyres and run my Mam around in the car so she can get her errands done. I think I should have 'TAXI' written on my car somewhere.
I've ended up at the pub with my Mam and Nan and we've spent god knows how much trying to win something on the diddler!
I've just sat down and I've checked to see what's trending on Twitter and I notice this -

Ooh I do love dunking a biscuit. My favourites are Rich Tea and Custard Creams.

P A G E  150

Not the best way to spend my Wednesday, but it needs to be done. Plus I need to have bloods taken and get a prescription down there. Kill two birds with one stone.
I'm currently halfway doing my eyebrows and the pencil breaks and I can't get any more out of it. I've still got one eyebrow to do. I've managed to wing it some how, but it'll be a trip to Boots after the hospital to get a new pencil.
It's such a long drive to and from the hospital. Even though there's barely any traffic, it still feels like it's dragging. I got my Mam feeding me crisps whilst I'm driving cause I haven't had any lunch! It's like feeding time at the zoo when we get out of the car. Crumbs everywhere!

P A G E  151
I'm doing something very exciting today which I'll fill you in on later. But right now I need to do exercise, even in this clammy, humid weather. 
I despise the way my hair looks in this sort of weather. I end up looking like Monica off Friends when she's in Barbados (IT'S THE HUMIDITY!)
Attempting nearly an hour on the treadmill and then an arm workout in this weather may not be the best idea, but needs must.
Yes, that's the exciting thing I was doing today! It may not sound very exciting to you but it is for me! I've been waiting so long for a new carpet for my bedroom! (10 YEARS)
The two men who dealt with me and my Mam were so friendly and hilarious!

P A G E  152

We are halfway through the year! It's an absolutely glorious day, I'm making the most of the sunshine by - wait for it - going to the gym. *Sigh*
I woke up this morning and the duvet was on the floor. What the hell?! I either I was kicking in my dream last night or I was very warm in my sleep last night. Mind you , I did dream that I was watching Liverpool playing West Brom and we were winning 3-2 when I woke up. Maybe I did kick my duvet off my bed when I was sleeping!
I got a lovely afternoon planned with one of my best friends. So let's get ready cause right now I'm a sweaty mess from the gym.
Yep, quite a mad Friday afternoon. But I am absolutely stuffed. I'm definitely not going to be eating one more bite of food for the rest of the day.

P A G E  153
I've woken up with the duvet ON my bed this morning unlike yesterday. That is progress (in some way). But yes, I got a few things to do this Saturday so let's crack on!
I've been to the chemist, done some exercise and I've had to clean my car AGAIN cause of a bird decided to have diarrhoea all over my car outside Frankie & Benny's yesterday afternoon *serious eye roll*
But I did have a nice surprise as I was wiping my car down -

I haven't seen him since before I passed my driving test 6 years ago! Doesn't time fly! Of course he made the point of mentioning Liverpool losing the final last weekend (he is a Man United fan). Typical Manc.
Now that I've finished cleaning my car, it's time to sit out in the garden and read this -
Now if you'll excuse me, I got some reading to do.

P A G E  154
I can't seem to get cool this morning! Maybe the session on the treadmill just now hasn't really helped? Ah, well, let's have a bath!
It's been quite a lazy day, all I've done is help my Mam read instructions cause she can't see the writing because it's too small and I've taken my Nan to and from her local club.
But now Sunday evening has arrived, something has finally dawned on me -

Oh god. That 6am alarm is not going to be fun tomorrow. But let's try and put it to the back of my mind and watch the Britain's Got Talent final.


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